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How NZ judges are awarded for perverting justice

Posted by te2ataria on October 24, 2010

Expensive perks for perverting justice

The cost of NZ judges’ perks for perverting justice is TOO HIGH

NZ judges spent about $1 million dollars of public funds on 1st class flights and lavish conferences in 2 years.

The CORRUPT anti-American Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias traveled  first class to 5 destinations in that period, at a cost of about $75,000. She took along her husband, Hugh Fletcher, on two of the all-expense-paid visits.

Evil Trio
The corrupt anti-American Chief Justice Sian Elias (center) seen in this undated photo flanked by her “cousins”  Nathan Guy MP, and John Key, NZ’s corrupt PM. [Source NZNationalParty via flickr. Some rights reserved.  flickr.com/photos/nznationalparty/3637356002/]

Here’s the rest of the corrupt NZ judges pigs at the trough story:

Jetting judges fly at taxpayer expense


Globe-trotting judges have clocked up almost $350,000 on international taxpayer-funded travel in the past two years – including business class airfares with their spouses.

Locations travelled to on the Kiwi taxpayer – at a cost of $348,949.53 in the 24-month period ending June this year – include London, New York, Florence, Boston, Tunisia, Denver in Colorado, and Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias attended five trips in that period, costing $74,490. On two of them, to Melbourne and London, she took along her husband, Hugh Fletcher.

Elias attended a Council of Chief Justices conference in Adelaide, a Supreme and Federal Court judges conference in Canberra, and a Council of Chief Justices meeting in Melbourne. She endured the long haul to Europe for a “judicial academic conference”, a sitting of the House of Lords and the Yale Global Constitutionalism Seminar.

The Sunday Star-Times twice requested an interview with Elias to discuss the judiciary travel bill. Her spokesman, Neil Billington, said: “I am sure you will get a response as soon as she is free to consider your request.”

A judge from the Supreme Court travelled to Vietnam in 2009 at a cost of $8343 to attend a LawAsia conference. Official documents show representatives of the Court of Appeal attended nine events at a cost of $35,419, including visits to Seoul for the International Association of Women Judges Biennial international conference and the West Indies island territory of Turks and Caicos for the Commonwealth Magistrates Judges Association conference.

High Court judges attended $38,007 worth of meetings in mainly Australian cities.

Meanwhile, District Court judges travelled to 16 destinations such as Florence, Tunisia and the Turks and Caicos for events about subjects like “international child abduction”, “therapeutic courts” and “rights for child” at a cost of $136,511. The Maori Land Court spent $32,609 on travel and the Institute of Judicial Studies $23,569.

There was no international jet-setting undertaken by Employment Court judges.

Justice Ministry acting deputy chief executive Christine Stevenson confirmed judges were allowed to travel business class for all journeys that exceeded four hours.

There was controversy last year when it was announced up to 30 Justice Ministry staff were to lose their jobs just two months after around $330,000 was spent on two luxury hotel conferences for Kiwi judges.

A three-day conference for district court judges and partners at Rotorua’s Millenium Hotel in March 2009 cost $220,000. The same week a three-day judges’ conference in Tauranga cost $120,000.
Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4267918/Jetting-judges-fly-at-taxpayer-expense

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Another *&^%** Judge Let’s Banker Off the Hook

Posted by te2ataria on December 5, 2009

Selling something that isn’t yours to sell?

That’s what makes the thieving kiwis the lying, miserable, feckless bunch they are, and separates them from decent people!

Provided your actions had an element of malice against, or hostility toward Maori, you may rest assured of the pakeha system of corrupt justice to afford full protection and sympathy.

Craig Nisbet, 45, an investment banker from the sewage city (Wellington), who sold a bach that wasn’t his, walked out of the court a free man after handing over a check for $27,500 to his partners in crime at the sentencing in Hamilton District Court, though he had been convicted of theft. thieving kiwi

[Note: Pronounced Batch, and also known as a Crib, a bach normally refers to a small beach house or holiday home.]

The *&^%** Judge Melanie Harland even sympathized with convict saying Nesbit was a “good man” [and that she would be prepared to give him … anytime.]

Conspiring against Maori in a united front, she said that Nisbet was obviously stressed during the development.

[In other words, although he stole from other people, he really wasn’t a thief. This argument is the norm and consistent with pakeha “logic,”  and is a perfectly valid defense for what the pakeha have done/do in this country, but usually works only against Maori.]

The local Iwi protested against the developers when the bulldozers moved in because the area was a culturally significant site.

In a further exchange of solidarity with the thief, the *&^%** Judge Harland said “it had been a ‘long road’ to get to this point and she knew it had been frustrating for Nisbet.”

Uh … poor Nisbet!

“During the lengthy defended hearing – which was heard in Gisborne, Wairoa and Wellington – Mr Sainsbury said that stress, coupled with the bach problem, led to poor decision-making. There was never any malice involved.” A report said.

Who Paid Noel Sainsbury’s Fees? Is he one of the lawyers under investigation for legal aid fraud?

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