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Democide of Maori Continues

Posted by te2ataria on September 19, 2010

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MAORI: Probably the Most Oppressed People in the World

The justice system discriminates against Maori, says Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.

There are “very serious issues” that leads to the high imprisonment rate for Maori, he said.

“The over-representation of Maori begins at the apprehension stage and gradually increases through prosecution, conviction and sentencing to custody.”

“Maori are apprehended for at least three times the number of offences as Europeans and receive fewer warnings, cautions or diversions than Europeans.”

Citing a report published in 2007, Dr Sharples, a co-leader of the Maori Party, said Maori were 11 times more likely to be remanded in custody than Europeans awaiting court appearance or sentencing, adding that Maori received about twice as many custodial sentences as Europeans.

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