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Collective Bad Karma Claims Tycoon’s Son

Posted by te2ataria on March 13, 2010

Hoppers Could probably Save Two Remaining Kids

But they’ll have to work hard to wipe clean the karma slate

The heir to a property empire was burned to death, after he crashed his plane, which then burst into flames on Friday.

Stacey Hopper, 27, was flying a Yak-52, when the single-engine plane clipped a van and crashed at 3.55pm yesterday at the Marsden Cove Marina in One Tree Point, at a private air-strip about 40 kilometers southeast of Whangarei.

“As Gray Hopper ran toward the wreckage, he had just enough time to call their father Leigh and say: ‘Stace has had a bad crash. His plane has gone down.’ He then saw fuel leaking from a broken line and the plane was engulfed in flames.”

Mr Shanahan said the crash had devastated the Hopper family.

“Especially for Gray. To have to watch your older brother perish in such a way is horrifying. You would feel an overwhelming sense of futility,” he said.

Stacey Hopper was a project manager with Hopper Developments  responsible for development of the Marsden Cove residential marina. He was being groomed to become head of the family business empire. Photo:  Report

Mr Hopper’s brother Gray, 24, and two others who were traveling in a Volkswagen van, suffered only minor injuries after the vehicle rolled as a result of the impact.

“Family friend and spokesman Paul Shanahan said the Hopper family had no idea what caused the crash that killed the eldest of their three children.” A report said.

The Hopper family own Hopper Developments, New Zealand’s largest coastal land development company, involved in major developments at Pauanui and Whitianga in Coromandel. The family also owns Hopper Construction, a civil engineering company.

Well, Mr Shanahan, APA the Maori seer has news for you. He says tell your friends that  it was “collective bad karma” that killed their son.

“Their other son Gray was spared just this once,” He says. “Tell them also that the only way to save the two kids would be by giving […] giving away everything they have taken […]  and leave it at that.”

APA says the next “karma wave” could claim one of the two kids of a “truly evil politician” in this country.

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