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New Zealand Murder Victim Thai Prostitute

Posted by te2ataria on June 17, 2009

Blog Revealed the Murder Victim’s Ethnicity a Month Ago!

On May 15 Blog’s government insider advised that the Auckland’s Warwick Street murder victim was an Asian woman

Today, Auckland District Court judge ruled that the victim’s identity could finally be revealed.

The murder victim was identified as Nuttidar Vaikaen, 48, said to be a Thai Prostitute.

An  47-year-old Auckland man, said to be a  computer programmer, has been charged with her murder.


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Fox guarding the henhouse

Posted by te2ataria on April 1, 2009

sent by G.A.

UN Policy: Don’t Ask; don’t tell—too bad if it’s already common knowledge

Helen Clark has been confirmed as new head of the United Nations Development Program UNDP

UNDP has a budget of about NZ$9 billion and provides training, advice support and all other intangible services for developing countries.

“I guess this is another of those moments,” Helen [Caligula] Clark said.

“… the sort of sense of ‘gee,’ ‘golly,’ ‘gosh’ is almost immediately replaced by ‘there’s an awful lot of things to do’.” [I bet there is.]

Drought threatens Africa, but they need the other type of dyke for their agriculture!

It’s not known how many of her female companions she will take on her business trips. Will UNDP pay for all her expenses? OF COURSE THEY WILL!

Three Reasons Why Clark’s UN Appointment Must Be Annulled

1. Helen Clark has amassed much more wealth than a NZ career politician could on wages and investment, during her career as a NZ ‘politician’ [and former PM.]

2. Helen Clark’s character is morally objectionable. Her lacking in moral fiber influences her ability and character to run a large organization effectively.

3. During her 8-year stint as Prime Minister, New Zealand became a “destination country” for the trafficking of women for sex from Malaysia, Hong Kong and China …

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It’s Time to Shut Down UN and Replace it with Something else that Works for 99 percent of the world population—NOT just for the 1 percent fat cats.

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