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Swedish Woman Killed in New Zealand Swimming with Dolphins

Posted by te2ataria on November 20, 2010

Encounter with Dolphins Kills Swedish Tourist

Swedish woman injured while swimming with dolphins near Kaikoura died in hospital

The woman was pulled under and inhaled a large amount of water while swimming with dolphins on a trip with Kaikoura tourist business Dolphin Encounter.

Police say a middle-aged Swedish woman died in hospital after getting into trouble while swimming with dolphins near Kaikoura this morning.

Constable Dean Schroeder of the Kaikoura police said her death was not being treated as suspicious and would be referred to the coroner. Source: The Marlborough Express

How the US Woman Emily May Harper Was Killed in NZ

Emily May Harper, 27, had a cardiac arrest while swimming with dolphins in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, October 20, 2009. Matthew Hawkins had proposed to Emily Harper. (Courtesy Matthew Hawkins )

In October 2009, Emily May Harper, a  27-year-old American woman, was killed in New Zealand while swimming with [agitated] dolphins.

The New Zealand authorities, worried about losing substantial income from their “eco-tourism” industry, tried to cover-up the incident, claiming that the victim had died of natural causes. More …

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kiwi Mail Triple Whammy

Posted by te2ataria on July 1, 2009

pakeha the most dishonest herd of creatures in the world

What’s a kiwi mail triple whammy?

The mail in New Zealand has three predators: The postie, your neighbors, and NZ SIS [or other secret police organizations.]

The postie is after money and valuables in the envelope; your pakeha neighbor looks for anything and everything, especially your photos and private items; the NZ SIS and secret police look for any information they could use against you.

In the latest [reported] incident a Christchurch postal worker (postie), Stephen James Cadigan, who has been employed by New Zealand Post for 35 years, admitted stealing hundreds of items of mail over the last six years.

After he was caught red handed, the 50-year-old pakeha thief  pleaded guilty to the charges.

“Cadigan was a team leader in charge of the management of the branch where he worked, with responsibility for staff including posties.

“Police prosecutor Sergeant Tu Maaka said Cadigan would unlock the branch first thing in the morning and spend 15 or 20 minutes alone with the mail before other staff arrived.” A report said.

Between January 1 to May 15 this year he admitted to stealing  30 items of mail per day.

He removed valuable items including cash, gift vouchers, or lottery tickets, and store the mail in his work locker.

“The police found that over a period this year, 559 items had been opened by Cadigan. They were found in his locker.”

He was caught in May apparently while trying to buy groceries with stolen  supermarket vouchers.

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