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Back in the Animal Farm

Posted by te2ataria on March 28, 2010

Sent by a reader

Another Routine Weekend in the Zoo-land

German University Lecturer Killed

NZ born German Johann (“Hans”) Edge, 36, father of three young children, who was university lecturer was killed in Pakuranga when his bike struck the rear of a passenger car as the vehicle turned into a driveway.

“His work had been recognised in more than 20 scholarly publications, said Associate Professor Greg Anson, head of Auckland University’s department of sport and exercise science.” A report said.

“Last year he won a Marsden Fund research grant, one of the most prestigious awards for a young scientist.” more…

Either a really freak Accident, or a tall tale!

A baby was killed after another “tragic” driveway incident in Titirangi, west Auckland barely 4 weeks afetr she was born.

The baby’s parents had pulled into a driveway and were standing right behind their vehicle talking when it rolled back hitting the woman, who was holding the baby, and knocking her over. “She dropped the infant, who was then run over.” Media reported the police as saying.

More babies are killed in New Zealand driveways than in the rest of the world driveway added up, probably. more…

The Three Fisherman

A Polynesian fisherman was drowned and another is missing presumed drowned after a fishing expedition went wrong south of Auckland.

The three friends reportedly went fishing on mud flats at Kawakawa Bay at the Firth of Thames. more…

Kiwis have only one way to end their disputes:  Stabbing

“A 53-year-old woman was stabbed to death at a house in the upmarket suburb of Remuera last night,” a report said.

Police arrested another woman and charged her with the assault. The two women knew each other.


Sex in Someone Else’s Bed

AS IF it was a truly unique incident, an Auckland real estate agent is being investigated for having sex in a bed in a house he was selling.

The Weekend Herald reported that the agent had been accused of “misusing his client’s property.”

“The Real Estate Agents Authority, the new Crown regulatory body, has referred the case to a complaints assessment committee, which has handed it over to investigators.”

Weasel New Zealander John Jonesse charged with manslaughter

Tongan police have finally charged weasel New Zealander John Jonesse and two other people with manslaughter in the death of one of 74 passengers who drowned  in the ferry Princess Ashika after it sank last year.   More …

Kakapo and red-fronted parakeet risk fatal new disease

“Rare native parrots such as the kakapo and red-fronted parakeet could be at risk from a fatal new disease.

“Scientists from Canterbury and Massey universities, fearful that a new strain of beak and feather virus will spread, are calling for stricter screening of the critically endangered parrots. They say it is essential that monitoring and testing are done on birds chosen for breeding, or the disease – for which there is no treatment – will spread further.”  More …

Teen Gangsters

Three girls, aged 15 to 16, viciously attacked a young girl on a busy road in Hamilton.

“The young girl suffered a broken tooth and a large cut to her face in the attack which took place on a footpath on the Boundary Rd Bridge,” a report said. More …

A Mere Slap on the Wrist for Child Sex Tourists

Convoluted, twisted, incomprehensible and right down  stupid? It must be a New Zealand law.

“If someone kills someone in a bar fight [at strike three], judges will be very reluctant to give him life without parole when they can’t do the same for a first strike who has tortured, raped and murdered a child.”  More…

Teens who had had enough, beat the crap out of two cops

“One youth was armed with a pool cue, which he allegedly attacked the officers with, while others pelted them with bottles and cans.” More…

Love at First Sight, with Stepdaughter

Doctor N had a sexual relationship with a female patient who was also his receptionist and stepdaughter. The pair now live together and have two kids.  More…

Another Weekend of Death

Significant Fraction of NZ Population Murdered or killed this weekend. A few that have been reported by the police-embedded media are listed  here.

Many Drowned, Only Few Reported

A 15-year-old has gone missing after getting into trouble at Piha beach southwest of Auckland. Maybe he was saved by mermaids; maybe he wasn’t.

Meanwhile, searchers found the body of the second man who drowned while fishing southeast of Auckland. See above.

Canterbury Roads Claim Two Lives (nearly)

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car crash in Ashburton, South Canterbury early Sunday.

Motorcyclist critically injured in police pursuit

A motorcyclist was critically injured  in second police chase in less than 6 hours in Auckland Saturday night.

A 35-year-old man was knocked down his motorcycle in suburban Massey about 9.40pm.

“It was the second police chase to end badly yesterday, coming just hours after a motorist died after crashing his car while fleeing police on the outskirts of Hamilton.”  Fully spun story can be found here …

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