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Bomb Scares in New Zealand Are Costly

Posted by te2ataria on April 23, 2010

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Another Bomb Scare in Dunedin Cause Road Chaos

A New Wave of Bomb Scares in New Zealand Stop the Police from Functioning ‘Normally’

Police were called to the home of a Birkdale women this morning after she was found dead in her home by friends, Police cordoned off several properties as they investagated the scene, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand, Sunday, January 14, 2007. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought. Image may be subject to copyright.

While the bomb scares keep police busy and prevent them from carrying out their usual shoot-to-kill and chase-to-kill operations, they are also affecting businesses and the ordinary people.

Dunedin’s second bomb scare in 24 hours closed State Highway 1 to traffic leaving south of the city for a number of hours.

“The road was closed around 10am after police found what was described an improvised explosive device under an overbridge on the Green Island motorway near Dunedin, Police Sergeant Chris George said.” A report said.

“The lane south was currently blocked and traffic going south was forced to go through the main street of Green Island, a police spokesperson said.”

“Bomb experts were expected to arrive this afternoon but it was still uncertain when the lane would reopen, police said. The lane was not expected to reopen before 3pm.”

Mr George was quoted as saying that  there were “bound to be” traffic delays, given that the road was  main highway south of Dunedin.

The incident was “major hassle”, he said.

Dunedin’s motorway was reopened just before 3.00p.m.

“The highway was closed mid-morning and the bomb squad called, after the discovery of what appeared to be an improvised explosive device,” according to another  report.

The second  scare comes less than 24 hours after Dunedin airport was closed due to an earlier bomb scare, which proved to be a hoax.

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Intellectually Stunted NZ Students Riot, Again

Posted by te2ataria on September 12, 2009

Scores of Dunedin residents injured in student riot

Many Dunedin residents and several police farce-rs were injured when riot broke out as pathetic Canterbury University students arrived in the town’s Castle St in their annual Undie 500 drunken car rally.

Dunedin Police in riot gear advance on the crowd about 1.20am. Photos by Stephen Jaquiery/ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

More than 1,000  students pelted the police and bystanders with bricks, bottles, metal bolts and bicycle parts in North Dunedin.

Dunedin police were forced to don riot gear and use pepper spray to disperse student mobs during overnight partying after the controversial Undie 500 rally arrived in the city.

Castle St burns, again! The crowd takes over in Castle St, Dunedin, last night, setting fires and pushing police out of the area. Photo: ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

Up to 100 police farce-rs took  more than two hours to disperse the students. To down play the serious riot however, they only made 20 arrests “for range of offences including disorderly behaviour, breaching the liquor ban and setting fire to property.” A report said.

Council workers have been cleaning up broken glass and other debris and are removing burned out cars.

The police were heavily outnumbered by the rioting students and failed to enforce a liquor ban, the city mayor said.

He hopes there will be no further trouble tonight and is urging anyone taking part in Undie 500-related events not to do anything they will regret for the rest of their lives.

The so-called “Undie 500” event was organized by Canterbury University students, and involves a pub crawl from Christchurch to Dunedin, driving cars worth under NZ$500.

Despite the cancellation of  last year’s Undie 500 event, which was prompted by serious rioting and public disorder in the city resulting in 69 arrests in 2007, an unofficial version of the event still ran leading to another round of rioting and disorder and 30 arrests.

Most of those arrested were Otago University students, Dunedin Area Commander Infector Dave Campbell said.

They faced a variety of charges, ranging from disorderly behaviour and breaching the liquor ban to wilfully setting fire to property.

Police Farce Infector Alistair Dickie said:  “We are happy we have been able to stabilise the crowd without exerting our authority too much … We could have sparked something here… Hopefully, I don’t eat my words.”

Videos of the riots:

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Three More Women Raped in New Zealand, Fourth Lucky!

Posted by te2ataria on January 19, 2009

At least three more women, possibly all tourists, were raped on the weekend in New Zealand

In the first incident a female tourist, 20,  was gang-raped in Matamata, North island, New Zealand. Her nationality is still a police secret.

“At this stage we would like to acknowledge the assistance of three women who went to the aid of the victim during the assault,” nincompoop Detective Sergeant Rod Carpinter said.

In the second rape incident another 20-year-old woman was forced into Blacket Lane, between Moray Place and George Street, Dunedin, and raped.

“The offender was described as a male Caucasian about 25 years old, 180cm tall and of skinny, muscular build with long straight brown hair.”

In the third rape incident another woman, also 20, was attacked and raped at a South Road address yesterday.

The rapist “was a Caucasian in his early 20s, with shoulder length brown hair.”

A fourth woman, an Australian tourist, screamed and fought back, repelling the would-be rapist in Nelson.

“Things could have ended very, very differently for her if she hadn’t fought back and if these people hadn’t helped her out,” a nincompoop police detective told the media.

“A broad daylight attack like that is a very worrying thing,” he said.

Probably as much as 80 percent of tourist rapes in New Zealand go unreported.

All attackers were pakeha [European occupiers of New Zealand.]

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