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Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2010

A survey of two dozen people from 5 countries ranks New Zealand 5th

What happens when you put a dozen kiwis, an Irish goat, half dozen Aussies, a six-pack, two Frenchwomen, a Swiss banker and a German tour operator in a room?

They all come out smiling after a couple of days [except for the goat] declaring France the top and New Zealand bottom of the list of 5 countries fit for living.

The so called “Quality of Life Index” is published by a US-owned, Ireland-based group of con artists.

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You Vicious Bitch!

Posted by te2ataria on September 28, 2009

The Vicious, ‘Flesh-eating’ pakeha Women …

“I bit down on her finger. It was instinct and wasn’t deliberate.” —The flesh-eating woman, Donna Gillie

No, it’s not just the rugby louts; old pakeha female are often every bite as vicious!

Beatrice Manumua - Photo Northern Advocate
Beatrice Manumua. Photo: Northern Advocate. Image may be subject to copyright.

A Northland woman lost a finger when her neighbor’s bit it off during a dispute over a lawnmower.

Details of the bizarre confrontation between Donna Gillie and Beatrice Manumua emerged in the Whangarei District Court yesterday where Gillie pleaded guilty to a charge of assault.

The two old women who “live two doors from each other in a cul-de-sac off Smeaton Drive, in Raumanga, Whangarei,” apparently have a history of animosity between them, “but it was a request by Gillie to use Mrs Manumua’s lawnmower that sparked the finger-biting fiasco.” The Northern Advocate reported.

Like a  vicious animal, Gillie bit off Mrs Manumua’s little finger on February 27, 2009, just  two days before Manumua’s 60th birthday.

Mrs Manumua says her finger was bitten off because she refused to loan her lawnmower.

She says she can remember pain shooting through her hand when Gillie bit off  the tip of her pinkie on the left hand.

“My finger was jagged and yucky looking. She bit it  off and just spat it out on the grass.

“Blood was pouring out everywhere.”

The fingertip was recovered, put on ice in a child’s lunchbox and taken by Mrs Manumua in the ambulance to Whangarei hospital.

She refused to have her finger sewn back on because, she says, it was already turning black.

Her finger was amputated at the next knuckle and stitched the next day.

“I’m pretty self-conscious about it because it’s damn ugly,” Mrs Manumua said.

Yesterday in the Whangarei District Court, police withdrew a charge of wounding with intent to injure and laid a charge of assault to which Gillie pleaded guilty.

The tipsy-brain Judge ruled that “Gillie was initially not the aggressor and she had been chased up the driveway and grabbed from behind by Mrs Manumua.”

His ruling came despite the fact that “Gillie had an extensive criminal record and was  serving 12 months’ supervision which was to finish in April next year.” The NA reported.

Gillie, who has a 2-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, said she bit off her neighbor’s finger because she had scratched her face and was clawing at her  mouth. “I bit down on her finger. It was instinct and wasn’t deliberate.”

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More Proof kiwi Antisocial Behavior Gene Related

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2009

The Scumbag Brothers Prove kiwi  Thuggery Has Genetic Roots

Two kiwi brothers who battered their partners were sent to prison, “with both being sentenced on the same day.”

Joseph Reily Grace, 31, of New Plymouth, received a two-year prison sentence for ” injuring with intent, assaulting a child, threatening to kill, willful damage and breaching a protection order,” the Taranaki Daily News said .

His younger sibling, Osborne Grace, 30, of Bell Block, was jailed for two-years  and four months for battering his partner.

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One More Tourist Beaten to Near Death in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 14, 2009

Another tourist  in intensive care after near fatal assault

A 19-year-old tourist, believed to be Irish, was rushed to intensive care after he was beaten to near death in Christchurch, New Zealand, Defective Senior Sergeant David Harvey of the local police farce was reported as saying.

Four people were seen escaping the crime scene.

Two foreigners were the only people who helped the vitim after the assault.

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Another old age pensioner violently beaten

Posted by te2ataria on April 10, 2009

sent by a reader in Auckland

Louis Watts: A victim of a culture of extreme violence he created in New Zealand

It must be very reassuring for the old-age pensioners who move to “retirement villages” that they are 100 percent safe (!)

Louis Watts, 85, was brutally attacked in his own home.

Ask Louis Watts, for example. He was attacked in his Wiri retirement village and suffered multiple injuries, including a broken cheek, a broken jaw bone, cuts and bruises to the back of the head.

Watts, 85, was watching television in his home “when a man appeared out of nowhere” and attacked him, according to a police [defective senile sergeant.]

He claims that his attacker was middle aged (!) “fat” Maori or a Polynesian.

Of course, Mr Watts is no stranger to violence. He was a Second World War veteran. He must have fired a few shots in anger, perhaps even killed a Jerry or two. And what about those daring soldier reports you read? The ones about super heroes who cut off the dead soldiers’ ears and private parts to strike fear in the heart of the enemy? Don’t look at him like this, lying in hospital bed with his face all smashed up, feeling miserable and sorry for himself; he was quite a lad in his time, a one-man killing machine.

Louis Watt’s grandson Adam Little, left, and son-in-law Keith Oddy lecture the media about the attack. Photo: Kim Ruscoe. Image maybe subject to copyright.

Mr Watts military record aside, there’s an interesting twist to this story:

Mr Watts’ son-in-law, Keith Oddy, says he was shocked when he learned about the attack and thought:  “The scumbags are at it again.”

Clearly he thinks Maori and “fat” Maori [Polynesians] are scumbags.  Mr Oddy who is an Australian, says he chose to raise his family in New Zealand [instead of  raising them in Australia] because it was a “good, safe country.”  What immediately smacks you in the face is that Australia is NOT a “good, safe country!”

So, Mr Oddy [is it short for  Oddball,] have you ever wondered which “scumbags” might have ruined “Australia” rendering it an “un-good,” unsafe country?

Surely it couldn’t have been THE “scumbags?” Even a roo-brain like you couldn’t blame the Aborigines for the violence in Australia, could they?

Oddy goes on to say: “Hopefully the New Zealand Government and the public will do something about it.”

Yes, there are still a few thousand Maori and “fat” Maori around, which the New Zealand Government and the public haven’t come around to annahilating. Any suggestions, roo-brain?

As for the rest of you daring expats who are not too worried about toxic poisoning and catastrophic earthquakes, and are bravely planning a move to New Zealand:

WELCOME to pakeha house of horror!

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