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Poor Indian Farmers Sick of Imports from New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on July 30, 2010


Fat Fonterra is preying on poor Indian farmers!

“We will spill more milk, we will stone milk tankers and further intensify our agitation as we want the government to focus their attention on this issue.” A Shiv Sena official in Satara said.

Indian farmers and Shiv Sena political party activists spilled about 50,000 litres of milk earlier this week, according to India Today.

A weasel-worded version of this story is posted at Fonterra wants assurances after Indian incidents.

FAT FONTERRA profiteering means leaner Indian farming communities

Fat Fonterra Destroying Local Farming Communities in India.

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2 Dozen NZers in Climate Change Demo

Posted by te2ataria on December 21, 2009

sent by Aucklander

Protesting the leading cause of climate change in New Zealand: Dairy Factory farming

Fonterror, Crafar family, unlawful discharge of effluent, Climate Change demonstrators

On the day that Hillside Ltd a dairying company owned by the Crafar family pleaded guilty to 4 charges of unlawfully discharging effluent to land and breach of an abatement notice, 2 climate change protesters suspended themselves from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s headquarters in Wellington, protesting the leading cause of climate change in New Zealand—dairy factory farming.

Abseilers hang a climate change protest banner outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), Wellington, New Zealand, Monday, December 21, 2009. Credit: NZPA/Ross Setford. Image may be subject to copyright.

The 2 activists scaled the MFAT’s Lambton Quay headquarters earlier today, unfurling a banner with the slogan “Got Climate Change?” and a “Fonterror” logo.

They targeted MFAT because it promoted dairy giant Fonterra’s interests overseas, they said.

The two  were subsequently arrested and banned from going near the building for two years.

“They came down about 11.45am, met by police who asked them a number of questions, then trespassed them from the building – inside and out – for two years.” A report said.

It remains unclear as to who gave the police the power to ban people from buildings without a court order!

One of the climbers, John Darroch, said his protest action was targeted at Christmas shoppers. He wanted them to stop, look and, perhaps, think.

“I think it drew attention to the role dairy farming plays in climate change. Hopefully, it will inspire other people to take action,” he said.

In a similar protest in Wellington, police arrested 9 demonstrators for blocking the entrance to the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) building.

About 2 dozen people demonstrated in the noisy, colourful protest, to disrupt “the root causes of climate change”.

Meamwhile, back at the ranch…

Allan Crafar claimed he, his wife Elizabeth, and his brother Frank were being unfairly targeted concerning dirty dairying and animal welfare.

“The Crafar family, based in the Bay Of Plenty at Reporoa, built a dairying empire of 22 farms with 20,000 milking cows, 10,000 other stock, 200 staff and around $200 million of debt with Westpac, Rabobank and PGG Wrightson Finance.” A report said.

Crafar Farms are New Zealand’s biggest family-owned group of dairy farms, and were placed in receivership on October 5.

Wondering why the numbers of protesters are so pathetically low? New Zealanders are taught: “You can’t have your climate change demo and screw your tourists, too!”

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Fonterra

Posted by te2ataria on November 25, 2009

Co-written by a reader

Amnesty International calls on Fonterra and the New Zealand Government to condemn the  San Lu related executions

Geng Jinping and Zhang Yujun who were involved in San Lu tainted milk powder scandal were executed yesterday.

According to the official Xinhua news agency,  the two convicts were executed “for the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means.” Together they produced and sold about 1,700 tons of melamine-laced protein powder.

[Even in their own country Chinese women and children are unprotected against pakeha malevolence.] A Chinese mother, whose baby died from drinking tainted milk, holds a sign reading “Give me back my baby” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA). Image may be subject to copyright.

At least 6 babies died and up to 500,000 others were sickened after drinking milk intentionally tainted with melamine. Melamine, an industrial product used  in fertilizers,  plastics, and concrete,  which can cause  kidney stones, was added  to the milk to make it appear rich in protein.

Fonterra’s three directors on the Sanlu board, Bob Major, Mark Wilson and a Chinese national, Patrick Kwok, literraly got away with mass murder.

Fonterra farmers owned 43 per cent stake in the company, having invested more than $200 million in the joint venture, which has since been declared bankrupt.

Now says Fonterra should take a stand against the executions.

Amnesty New Zealand spokesperson Margaret Taylor said: “As a New Zealand company operating in China, Fonterra has an obligation to uphold the values of New Zealand through the way it conducts itself.

“Not only must it speak out against the executions, following a scandal it was so closely associated with, but it must also use its ongoing engagement with China to work on improving human rights and particularly labour rights.”

Ms Taylor said it was important the New Zealand Government also expressed its dismay at the executions to Chinese government.

Fonterra called the milk contamination scandal “a terrible tragedy,” but did not have the courage to own up their part in the conspiracy, or even comment on the executions.

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The F**king Federated Farmers

Posted by te2ataria on May 31, 2009

sent by a US reader

Today’s Message to the New Zealand Federated Farmers:


The F**king Federated Farmers are bitching again!

New Zealand’s Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson has written to the US President asking “why your administration has decided to punish New Zealand for the inefficiency of American dairy farmers?”

“He warned the success of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) lobby in the United States gaining new subsidies under the Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP) ‘will cost every American family at the supermarket checkout’.” NZ’s advertising media reported.

You let us worry about our grocery bill. In this country [U.S.] people have a habit of consuming untainted milk, and dairy products.

“Mr Nicolson said that primary product contributed 64 per cent of everything New Zealand exported, and that the farmer-owned cooperative, Fonterra, which controls about 40 per cent of international dairy trade, does not receive NZ Government subsidies.”

That’s your problem, not ours.

“Like farmers in the United States, we have seen the value of whole milkpowder collapse by over 50 per cent,” he said. “Unlike American farm lobbyists we are not seeking government support or protection from the market place.”

Perhaps, you quit lacing your milk with harmful stuff, and your luck might change.

“Despite this, we still outperform subsidised farmers in America and Europe, with a lower carbon foot print.”

BULLSHIT! The report you are referring to is FALSE and a FORGERY [or else written by a bunch of quacks!]

“If we are poor at running our farm businesses we go out of business.”

Don’t worry! You WILL [go out of business, soon!]

“What makes the American dairy industry immune from the global marketplace and business norms?”


[Every kilogram of New Zealand’s tainted dairy products, poisoned meat, chemically altered wine… exported half way across the world produces at least 10 times its weight in greenhouse gasses. TEAA]

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NZ among most corrupt nations in the world

Posted by te2ataria on March 31, 2009

NZ least corrupt nation in the world joke revisited

In September, the blowing-pakeha-trumpet NZPA and its sidekick Stuff NZ dot CO published a disinformation piece titled ‘NZ least corrupt nation in the world.’


The Moderator couldn’t stop laughing loud for a couple of hours, and replied

You must be bloody joking!

Transparency International, reportedly a George Soros brainchild (or is it child brain), was apparently behind that farcical misreport. [Compare with this report for legitimacy.]

Seriously, if the extreme corruption by NZ government, judiciary, military, police [and security intelligence service -sic,] NZ branches of UN organizations… the corporate fraud by companies like Fonterra … as well as the dishonest gene of perfidious pakeha could be ignored just for a moment, as impossible as it is, then of course New Zealand could appear as if it’s as little corrupted as Finland!

In case you are wondering why the Moderator indulged in a revisit, see the recent developments in the following areas:

Where Transparency International fails to back its ridiculous statement about this country being among least corrupt nations, this blog provides ample information as to why New Zealand is among the most corrupt nations in the world.

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Fate of Foreign Students in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 10, 2009

sent by a reader

International Students in New Zealand: Class 2009

May the force protect you against being mugged, kidnapped, raped and murdered in New Zealand!

The New Zealand herald headline read: Students feel the force of ‘powerful’ welcome.

I bet they will. Ask them at the end of the year, if they are still there in one piece,  and they will tell you just how much force they felt.

About 1600 foreign students [of an annual total of about 50,000] were given a “special welcome” to Auckland at the Aotea Centre, the article said.


About 1600 international students were given a special welcome to Auckland at the Aotea Centre. Photo: Dean Purcell. Image may be subject to copyright.

The naive victims were each given a bag of “goodies” containing tainted local products like Crunchie chocolate bars and L&P drinks. Most of these kids haven’t even heard of Fronterra or their melamine contaminated milk products.

“Aside from the excellent financial benefits this brings, it’s great having these students from around the world living here and adding to our diverse communities,” said Tourism Auckland chief executive Graeme Osborne.

I bet they do, you shameless, ugly vampire.

“Speaking at the ceremony, he told the 1600 students that the welcome extended was not only for the period of their studies but also beyond and suggested they invite their parents and friends to visit them in New Zealand.”

Yes, why not, the more blood spilled  the merrier.

Probably all of the 1,600 foreign students are totally unaware that they are potentially prime victims and before the years end each and every single one of the colored students among them will have experienced racial insults and discrimination in the banks, post offices, shops… .

Of each 1,600 students [a total of about 50,000 foreign students come to NZ each year,] about 280 of them will have fallen victim to being one or more of the following:

  • Robbed
  • Assaulted
  • Mugged
  • Seriously assaulted
  • Stabbed
  • Kidnapped
  • Raped
  • Receive near-fatal injuries
  • Killed on New Zealand’s Death Roads
  • Shot by the police
  • Murdered violently

If they had any idea about the extent of violent crimes in New Zealand, they would never come here. Ask their respective country’s embassy and consulate staff and they would tell you what the score is!

The Multi-billion Dollar ‘International Student’ Recruitment Racket

‘International students’ recruitment racket (ISRR) is big business in New Zealand and staff of the foreign embassies have a big stake in the swindle. The total expenditure by all international students studying in New Zealand, including the expenses incurred by their families who visit their kids, is about NZ$3.5 billion [revised figure] each year.

Foreign students do NOT accidentally turn up halfway across the world to enroll in New Zealand schools to learn English [imagine speaking with the ridiculously incomprehensible New Zealand accent;] they are mercilessly recruited by “education agents” who have no concern for the students’ mental and physical safety, or general welfare. ISRR is extremely profitable. About 15 percent of all school fees paid by foreign students is claimed by those agents. Who are the agents? The so-called education attachés, diplomats, or their representatives at the foreign embassies in New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly, those foreign diplomats who profit from ISRR in New Zealand, would never kill the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs. Instead of warning their governments about the inordinate violence and advising them against sending their nationals to New Zealand, they go out of their way to promote the “foreign relations” scam by way of the multi-billion dollar international student recruitment racket!

Mr Jae Hyeon Kim’s head was chopped off with a spade in late 2003. He was buried for five years before the police was forced to search for his body after they received an anonymous tip.

Watch out for pakeha with the spade

“South Korean student Ken Park, 18, said he didn’t know Maori existed before coming here and found the powhiri to be a ‘very powerful welcome.'”

Never mind the powhiri and Maori, my Korean friend, it’s the pakeha with the spade you’ve got to worry about. And don’t let the racist teachers taunt you into stabbing them. Racism is not a crime in New Zealand, self defense by ‘colored’ people is!

[Note: pakeha are the European land thieves who occupy New Zealand. They are neither a race nor a nation, just a group of murderous mercenaries claiming ‘racial’ supremacy. Moderator]

Ask Bhagubhai Vaghela RIP

“Whitireia Polytechnic student Amandeep Singh, 22, from India, said his parents chose New Zealand because it was his father’s dream country.” The report said.

Mr Singh, did your father ever hear of Bhagubhai Vaghela, grandfather of two little girls, a qualified engineer and hard-working Indian who immigrated to New Zealand in search of his dreams?

I bet he didn’t! How about the plight of hundreds of other Indian, Chinese, Koraen, Japanese, Arabs … and all other colored peoples?

About 35 percent as many foreigners were killed in New Zealand as did the US troops in Iraq

“Brazilian Francyny Lima Alves, who came last month, said her time in New Zealand so far has been ‘like living in a dream.'”

Unfortunately, Ms. Alves, just about every dream turns into a nightmare in New Zealand. Did you know that between January 1, 2000 and January 30, 2009  at least 1,475 foreigners were killed in New Zealand?  That is about 35 percent of all US troops killed in Iraq in a comparable period.

“A report commissioned by the Auckland City Council indicates that around 50,000 international students contribute $1 billion  annually to the Auckland economy [a total of about $3.5billion to the ailing NZ economy.]” NZ Herald said.

Foreign students contribute about $3.5 billion to New Zealand economy, both directly and indirectly.

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The following massage was addressed to the  diplomats and staff at the S. Korean embassy and consulate; however, it should be echoed to reach all  foreign embassies  diplomats and staff  whose nationals potentially face danger by visiting New Zealand. Moderator.

To All Foreign Diplomats, Embassy and Consulate Staff in New Zealand:

YOU are put on notice henceforth that YOU are jointly responsible, together with the NZ perpetrators,  for any harm inflicted on YOUR fellow nationals who may be visiting/ studying in New Zealand.  YOU  have for too long masked the truth about the depth of racism in New Zealand, for personal interests, hiding  the severity of violent crimes perpetrated by New Zealanders against YOUR fellow citizens.

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NZ least corrupt nation? [ROFWL]

Posted by te2ataria on September 24, 2008

You must be bloody joking!

Don’t exactly know what sort of bribery was involved here, or how much was paid to the con artists, but NO ONE could call New Zealand “one of the three least corrupt nations on Earth” while keeping a straight face.

A cut-and-paste organization, the so called Transparency International [sounds like a mule from George Soros stables,] has named New Zealand alongside Denmark and Sweden as the world’s least corrupt nations.

This faux nomination comes amid the corruption scandal that lead  to corporate manslaughter committed by Fonterra, one of New Zealand’s major companies, which also involves New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Helen Clark, and her sidekick, the “Multiple” Minister, Phil Goff.

Dream on, New Zealand, but don’t give other countries like Sweden and Denmark a bad name by association!

If you can read the story while keeping a straight face, and without a snicker, here’s a link.

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