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White New Zealand Male Massively Handicapped

Posted by te2ataria on May 5, 2010

sent by a reader [Edited by New Zeelend Moderators]

New Zealand male are half the men they never were!

During the Brisbane fertility conference that was held in October 2008, prominent  international fertility researchers reported that the sperm count carried by the average white New Zealand male had dropped from about 110 million to 50 million per millilitre in a 20-year period between 1987 and 2007.

Recently a group of researchers in my university conducted their own unofficial research and found that the actual sperm count carried by the average white New Zealand male had dropped to about a quarter of the count reported two year ago, i.e., only about 13 million per millilitre. These are preliminary results, and further tests and sampling would be needed before any conclusive claims can be made.

This means that the average New Zealand male now has about a half of the normal level  [way below the danger mark] of more than 20 million sperm.

According to a colleague who reads psychology, however, there are deep psychological implications associated with such massive deterioration in the quality of male sperm.

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More Proof kiwi Antisocial Behavior Gene Related

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2009

The Scumbag Brothers Prove kiwi  Thuggery Has Genetic Roots

Two kiwi brothers who battered their partners were sent to prison, “with both being sentenced on the same day.”

Joseph Reily Grace, 31, of New Plymouth, received a two-year prison sentence for ” injuring with intent, assaulting a child, threatening to kill, willful damage and breaching a protection order,” the Taranaki Daily News said .

His younger sibling, Osborne Grace, 30, of Bell Block, was jailed for two-years  and four months for battering his partner.

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