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New Zealand ZioNazi Rulers NOT Hypocrites

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2009

sent by a reader

The ZioNazi mafia that rules this country are guilty of just about every crime and misdemeanor, but racist hypocrisy

So the little snots boycotted the anti-racism UN meeting. They found it hard to sit with other nations, look world indigenous peoples in the eye and condemn racism, while at the same time continuing with systemic genocide of Maori.

New Zealand’s ZioNazi ruling class have two things in common with Israel, Australia, and Canada, the new countries that are up in arms against anti-racism:

1. They are a part of the same Israel-first cabal that play by ZioNazi rules (a far cry from the Marquess of Queensberry rules!)

2. Like Israel, they have committed genocide and are conducting mass extermination of their indigenous peoples on whose stolen lands the live.

And the most laughable over-use of a word?

Under orders from Jewish mafia, they repeatedly referred to the conference as “anti-Semitic” despite the fact that it’s attended by many Arab countries!

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Zionist New Zealand Happy with Gaza Massacre

Posted by te2ataria on January 4, 2009

Submitted by a reader:

New Zealand and Israel: Zionist and Illegitimate States

New Zealand and Israel have more in common than they both having jewish governments:

Firstly, they are both Zionist sates.
Secondly, both governments are illegitimate states.
Thirdly, they are both murderous states.
Fourthly, they are illegally occupying other peoples’ lands.

Here is what News Talx ZB said:

Jewish community supports Israel


The Jewish community in New Zealand is confident Israel’s increased military action against Hamas is appropriate. Israel today stepped up its attack on the Gaza Strip with a ground offensive.

Former president of the Jewish Council, Wendy Ross, says Israel has suffered since it pulled out of Gaza three years ago. She says while the loss of life is tragic, Israel cannot continue to tolerate the ongoing rocket fire from Hamas .

Ms Ross says peace will not come as long as Hamas controls Gaza.
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Surprise, Surprise!

NZ Zionist Govt rejects Gaza crisis criticism

New Zealand’s  Zionist Government says the Green Party’s criticism of their handling of the crisis in the Gaza strip is unwarranted.

Israel unleashed a massive bombardment following the end of a six-month ceasefire on December 19, aimed at weakening Hamas and in response to persistent rocket fire from the enclave.

Israeli rockets have targeted government buildings, mosques, universities, police stations and other civilian buildings in the deadliest conflict in Gaza in four decades. …

Yesterday Green Party MP Keith Locke called on the Government to issue a response to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip, following the deaths of more than 400 Palestinians and four Israelis. More…

About 500 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and up to 3,000 others injured.

Poor Mr Locke! At best, he is naive; at worst, he is playing good cop, bad cop, while making a name for himself.

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