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Another prominent NZer on Child Rape Charge

Posted by te2ataria on April 9, 2010

Innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re a kiwi

Is there a prominent New Zealander out there who hasn’t raped a child?

Another prominent New Zealand artist was granted interim name suppression by Judge Jeremy Doogue after being arrested for raping a 12-year-old girl.

Three of the charges are historic and relate to dates in 1978 when he allegedly raped a 12-yer-old, and one is a representative charge, a report said.

The complainant, now 44,  reported the rape last year, but the accused was arrested more than a year later on March 30.

The prominent child rapist will reappear for a post-committal conference at Auckland District Court later this month.

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I thought My Partner Had Shrunk Again!

Posted by te2ataria on December 20, 2009

sent by Aucklander

Name Suppression for Child Sex Comedian

Prominent comedian facing a child sex charge after raping his 4-yo says he was drunk and mistook the girl for her mum!

He has been granted name suppression by judge Eddie Paul, and was bailed to a friend’s home during a preliminary hearing at Auckland District Court on Tuesday.

The comedian is charged with “unlawful sexual connection with a child under 12.” The victim is believed to be his 4-yo daughter.

Having had a “few drinks,” he returned home and went into the bedroom where his partner slept with their daughter.

“The next thing he knows is when he wakes up and [his partner] is yelling, ‘What the hell are you doing?'” The friend added.

“He got the shock of his life and went ‘oh God’. [His partner] kicked him out of the bedroom and the house and then called the cops.”

“All his mates have rallied around,” the friend added.

The friend, another media personality, told the Star-Times the accused was “scared” but “trying to keep his spirits up”.

He was “devastated”, and particularly upset because his partner didn’t give him the chance to explain himself before calling police, his friend said adding that the couple’s relationship was “going through a rocky patch”.

“He’s trying to remain calm and confident that he will clear his name. All of his friends know he is innocent and would not be capable of this,” the media personality said.

“They totally have faith in him and they know he is innocent so they want to clear his name. But the problem is his professional life – you can only imagine what he is going through.”

The friend said the comedian was in a poor mental state, but was slowly recovering, according to a report.

“The good thing is he is getting determined that he has to clear his name and so I think he is better now, but I have never seen anyone that low before – it is an absolutely terrible thing.”

The family of the accused are said to be aware of the allegation and were showing their support,  however, the comedian is “gutted” because he wasn’t allowed to see “his daughters.”

According to another friend, even if the comedian get off  the charge, his career “is over”.

“His career has been ruined by this, there is no doubt about it. How could he possibly come back when people know about this?

“The allegations have spread like wildfire; everybody knows who he is, even though his name is suppressed.

The comedian’s partner, refused to make a detailed statement but said:  “I don’t want to talk, there are children involved. Please respect our privacy as if it was one of your own children involved here.”

The comedian has hired famed criminal barrister Marie [“anti-freeze”] Dyhrbergis to represent him.

“I have been around the media a very long time so I am saying absolutely nothing at all about anything,” she said.

The comedian has been ordered to stay welll away from his daughter, partner and a third female, believed to be his partner’s daughter with another man [here lies another sensational story,] and not to make direct contact with any children under 16 unless under the supervision of an adult who is not a witness in the case.

Would the comedian’s life be ruined if he were to be convicted for making an innocent mistake, again?

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kiwi Males Believe in Birthright to BJ on Demand

Posted by te2ataria on November 24, 2009

Previously You Read:

A Personal Message to Judge Eddie Paul

sent by a local reader

Now Everyone is Talking About the ‘Top Kiwi Musician’ Forcing a Teen for a BJ, and Demanding to Know His ID

Something wrong in a major way with the national psyche of this country, with a discourse that freely empowers the kiwi male, while simultaneously betraying their female counterparts, that they have a birthright to get anything they want from anyone, especially the women, children and tourists, anyplace, anytime!

The narrative, fortified by abundant hereditary myths and unfounded elitism, is constantly reinforced by the government, its corrupt judiciary and the criminal police force, as well as the corporate media.

Apart from the Prime Minister, and a few million others, no one else seems to know the flipper’s identity.

PM John Key: He asked me, too, but I didn’t make too much fuss over it! Photo: Alan Gibson. Image may be subject to copyright.

John Key PM of NZ says he knows the identity of the criminal who thrusted his genitals on to a teenage girl’s face demanding a ‘blow job.’ Since this information is hardly a state secret and unlikely to damage national security, the readers are advised to email Key asking him to share his information—confidentially of course!

You can email Key on john.key@national.org.nz or j.key@ministers.govt.nz

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