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Female kiwi urinates in fountain on camera

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2009

kiwi antisocial gene, ‘pakeha pete gene,’ prevails EVERY TIME!

Female pakeha who was caught on camera urinating in St John’s Cathedral fountain off Hastings Street, Napier, New Zealand, was let off with a warning after she turned herself in.

She handed herself in to Napier police because she had no choice. Her snapshots were distriburted all over the town.

“The incident was reminiscent of a young man dubbed ‘the Piddler on the Roof’ caught urinating into a pay and park meter from the upper floor of a Napier parking building last July.” A report said.

The criminal ‘piddler’ was reportedly fined $200.

Napier city is said to be monitored by eight 360-degree closed circuit security cameras.  

pakeha pete gene also compels them to cause the highest numbers or rates of:

Foreigners murdered [in any single country not at war, including race-related murders]
Road deaths
Gang rapes, rapes, sexual assaults, especially on the foreign tourists 
Violent assaults and muggings, especially on the foreign tourists
Under 15 abortions
Farm animal abuse
Animal cruelty
Aggrevated rubbery

Make, create, have, sell, apply, use:

More harmful products added to the milk
Dairy products unfit for human consumption
Spray pesticides indiscriminately 
Deadly poison 1080 [the largest user in the world]
Polluted coastal waters

[Search the blog content for the entries in each area.]

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Another Woman Snatched and Raped in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 15, 2009

One More Woman Snatched and Raped in New Plymouth

Another Kiwi rapist dragged a woman off a New Plymouth street and raped her as she screamed for help

Despite her screams for help during the attack, which lasted about 20 minutes, no one went to her rescue.

The 21-year-old woman, who may be a foreign student or tourist,  was walking along Frankley Rd, between Clawton and Waimea streets yesterday morning when she was grabbed from behind, pushed on to the pavement and raped.

“She was pushed into a nearby walkway and sexually assaulted,” Defective Sue Ashton said.

The woman received multiple injuries during the rape ordeal and required medical treatment.

“Ms Ashton said the attacker was a male [could you believe the brain-dead police?] but could not give any further description.”


Another Snatch and Attempted Rape in Blenheim [New Zealand’s City of Incest]

Meanwhile, a teenage girl in a Blenheim street was attacked today.  The 15-year-old schoolgirl was grabbed from behind just after 8am, on her way to  Marlborough Girls’ College, while walking on Beaver Road.  The attacker fled this time before he could rape his victim.


And Another Girl Sexually Assaulted by a “Vanload of Boys” in Wellington [NZ’s Sewage Capital and Crime City]

The incompetent New Zealand police [whose members are responsible for a large number of rapes each year] also revealed that a teenage girl was sexually assaulted in central Wellington “by a vanload of boys” early yesterday. The incident occurred in Courtenay Place, Wellington.

“The white van was full of young males,” all of whom where Caucasians, police said.

First man who got out of the van, approached the young woman, “grabbed the victim and indecently assaulted her.”

“The victim locked herself in a public toilet cubicle…and waited until the offenders left.”


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The Defective Gene – Alcohol Vicious Circle

Posted by te2ataria on June 8, 2009

Alcohol is known to worsen antisocial behavior caused by defective genes

A 13-year-old boy who was found in an alcohol-induced coma is reportedly “recovering” in hospital.

The psychpathic boy downed  a one-litre bottle of 35 percent proof Jagermeister spirits in 30 minutes while at a New Zealand Snowsports junior sports training camp in Wanaka on Saturday night.

The alcohol content of the bottle is said to be equivalent to 28 standard drinks.

“Wanaka police were investigating an alleged theft of a bottle of alcohol from the bar of a backpackers by a 15-year-old boy.”  A report said.

The psychopath was said to be in a “stable (!) condition” in Dunedin hospital.

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