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Driver with Israeli ties, who nearly killed 4, goes scot-free

Posted by te2ataria on February 18, 2010

Edited by D.H.

This Judge Must Be Hanged by His Tiny ****

But is there a surgical remedy, other than lobotomy, to rein in driver aggression in New Zealand?

Holy F**ked-up judiciary, $4,000 and six months disqualification for nearly killing 4 people?

Surely it can’t be that f**king judge Eddie Paul again? NO! Really? Nah, stop pulling my leg, bro!

Jennifer Speakman, 20, mowed down  a group of cyclists as she drove on the infamous Tamaki Drive, the deadly Auckland waterfront route in September 2009, but  was disqualified from driving only for 180 days and ordered to pay $1,000 to each to her four critically injured victims.

Greg Paterson, one of the four victims,  “suffered skull fractures, brain injuries and paralysis to the left-hand side of his body in the crash – described as ‘absolute carnage’ – and spent months in a head injury rehabilitation centre.” NZH said.

The other three victims in the group dubbed ‘Pickled Pedallers’ suffered broken bones, deep cuts and extensive bruising.

“The consequences are significant, but in terms of what the court can do there is a limit,” the f**king Judge Eddie Paul said. “It is apparent that there were no aggravating features to her driving, that is her speed, bad driving or substances being involved.”

The truth is there are three sets of laws for different people in New Zealand. Jeniffer Speakman is in group A, which includes the chosen few, especially those with strong  ties to Israel.

Pickled Pedallers spokesman John Carter expressing the group’s frustration, said:

“Given the seriousness of this incident, we are disappointed with the sentence handed down to Miss Speakman, regardless of her plea of guilty to the four charges of careless driving levelled against her.”

The f**king Judge Eddie Paul must be one of the most corrupt judges in New Zealand.

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