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Scumbag kiwi of the Week: Joseph Martin Reekers

Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

Scumbag kiwi Rapist and Murderer Gets only 15 years

Joseph Martin Reekers raped and murdered Auckland hairdresser Marie Jamieson in 2001, but will only serve 15 years behind bars, and the evil  Justice Lynton Stevens calls that a life-sentence.

The Murder Victim Marie Jamieson: Why did I have to get killed forever, and the In-Justice Lynton Stevens only gives him 15 years?

The Scumbag kiwi Rapist and Murderer Joseph Martin Reekers.

Wondered what Marie Jamieson would have opted for if the murderer had given her the option of 15 years behind the bars and death?

Marie Jamieson, 23, was last seen alive on February 10 2001, and her naked body was discovered behind a West Auckland factory nine days later.  She had been raped and stabbed 4 times.

Thanks to New Zealand’s Thick Blue Line the murder remained unsolved for seven years. It’s believed that the mystery was finally solved by a retired detective from Scotland yard.

The prosecutor said Reekers had shown “incredible brutality and callousness” in the killing of Marie Jamieson.

“The last moments of this young woman’s life must have been terrifying.”

Evil Justice Stevens said: “I found these statements to be deeply moving and portray meaningfully the various ways your actions in killing Miss Jamieson had devastated their lives.

“She had suffered at least three stab wounds to the chest and it appeared she had also suffered a throat injury.

“Despite the advanced state of decomposition the injury around her throat was consistent with it being slit.”

Reekers had 90 previous convictions, the judge acknowledged, starting with a conviction for rape and indecent assault in 1978, which he served 5 and 1/2 years in prison for, Justice Stevens said.

Ms Jamieson’s sister, Linda Palmer, told the court the day her sister’s body discovered in 2001 was “the most mind-numbing experience of my life”.

“I could not fathom how somebody so twisted could do something like that to another human being.”

However, despite all of the above, the evil judge failed to hand out a just sentence.

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