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1. New Zealand Starts 2010 Violently

Posted by te2ataria on January 1, 2010

sent by BJM

New Year Violence UP!

New Year violence was up throughout New Zealand, though the police suppressed most of the news

Nelson police reported:

  • Three rapes
  • One stabbing
  • 59 people were arrested
  • An attempted murder
  • An indecent assault
  • Three counts of male assaults female
  • Two common assaults

Those were the stats for last night. “I am also expecting further reported offences to be made this morning when partygoers awake.” A policeman said.

Total number of revelers were about 3,000.


More than 200 people were arrested at Whangamata and Whitianga.

There were hundreds of arrests in other areas too, but the police declared that the revellers nationwide had largely behaved themselves. What double speak!

Source: NZPA censored news

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“Dr Kim McGregor, of Rape Prevention Education, said a separate survey in 2006 found that only 9 per cent of all sexual offences were reported to the police ,” … this contrasted with the police saying to the researchers that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false.

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The Day of the Scumbags

Posted by te2ataria on September 15, 2009

Scumbag pakeha Murderer Weatherston Gets only 18 Years

Clayton Weatherston, 33, the well-connected psycho killer, a member of pakeha elite, received only 18 years for the frenzied murder.

Weatherston was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 18 years for stabbing Sophie Elliott to death 216 times, and mutilating her body afterward  in the bedroom of her Dunedin, New Zealand,  home on January 9, 2008.

Mark my words: He’d be out in less than 6 years time!

Sophie Elliott’s death sentence meant her life was taken away permanently with no chance of parole—EVER!

How heinous  a crime must pakeha elite commit, before they could receive a life-means-life sentence?

Perhaps justice Judith Potter, who must have been torn between her various allegiances </sarcasm>, could  answer that!

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Who Killed Annie Le?

News of murder of Annie Le, the Vietnamese woman who was killed at Yale University a few days ago,  coincided with the sentencing of scumbag Weatherston, which in turn followed a number of high profile murders committed by scumbag pakeha.

Instinctively, you know her murderer was either a pakeha, or someone with an identical psychopathology. Will wait and see!

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A Pair of Scumbags Confess to Ripping off Birds’ Heads

The most immediate thought that comes to mind is: What sort of lowlife [other than pakeha] would commit despicable acts  like that?

Two men have pleaded guilty to killing more than 30 birds at a South Canterbury aviary. Jonathan Fleming and Simiona John admitted they ripped the heads off parrots, galahs and other exotic birds at the Temuka Bird Zoo last month. A third accused, Michael Kircaldie, has not yet entered a plea.

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24 Hours in poxy New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on September 8, 2009

Stay Alive!

Don’t Let New Zealand Take Your Breath Away

Here’s a list of a fraction of reported incidents that happen in 24 hours or less in New Zealand:

Human trafficking an issue in NZ – lawyer

Two Ukranian victims of human trafficking have been prosecuted for passport fraud when they should be receiving help from New Zealand authorities, their lawyer says.

Police carry out autopsy on one of the two woman found under Wainoni house

Police found the bodies of two women under the house on Friday. One of the women was thought to be the 35-year-old wife of the Wainoni Rd homeowner and the other is believed to be that of Tisha Lowry, who disappeared almost a year ago and lived at the next-door property.

tisha Lowry
Tisha Lowry who lived next door went missing a year ago.

Christchurch police investigate unusual stabbing

A man was seriously injured when he was stabbed with a pair of old-style wool shears in central Christchurch, police said today.

Burglar Turns Kidnapper

Billy Jack Anderson, 23, faces charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping and injuring with intent … The charges follow burglary at a house in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast … when a man was attacked and a 25-year-old woman kidnapped from the house …

Violent Waikato robberies possibly connected

Waikato police are investigating armed robberies in the Waipa District on Saturday night, described by police as particularly violent.

Another fistfight turns fatal

A homicide investigation is under way after a man died following a fight in the West Coast township of Kumara overnight.

Partying teen dies in caravan fire

A [mutant kiwi] teenager died after fire broke out in a caravan in which he was sleeping following an 18th birthday party. The fire was not thought to be suspicious.  [Many mutant kiwi teenagers are too violent to live beyond their teens.]

Senior police officer twice legal limit when pulled over

John Gualter, an [driving ?] instructor at the police college in Porirua, north of Wellington, stopped for driving erratically after leaving a police bar was so drunk he had to lean on his car to support himself, according to court documents.

Mutant kiwi Teens seek breast boost

[Mutant] kiwi girls as young as 13 are approaching plastic surgeons for “boob job” price lists. … And other teens are racking up bills of thousands of dollars with banks and finance companies in a bid to achieve Hollywood-style physical “perfection”.

Woman mugged in ‘vicious’ Wellington attack

A man armed with a long wooden pole viciously assaulted and robbed a young woman in central Wellington last night. The 21-year-old woman had been walking down Wallace St carrying pizzas when the man shouted and swore at her before striking her with a wooden tree-stake about 8pm …

At least 6 people die on New Zealand Death Roads in less than 24 hours [Not all incidents have been reported.]

Search internet for New Zealand road death tolls.

Police talk to residents over Palmerston North death

Police investigating the death of a man in Palmerston North are interviewing the residents of a block of flats that his body was found outside.

Body of missing man found washed up on rocks

The body of an Asian man who went missing in Auckland has been found washed up on rocks. Masashi Hayama-Moreton, 22, was last seen around midnight on Tuesday at the Orewa Beach Holiday Camp.

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