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How New Zealand Police Farce [and Rape Army] Nearly Started WW III

Posted by te2ataria on May 10, 2009

… Over a Marijuana Plant

sent by a reader [edited and complemented by Moderator. TEAA]

Meet former pakeha Jan!

pakeha jan
Victim No 1. Photographed
outside the “hobbit house” he built in his backyard, which he also called it the “council beater” because it was small enough to avoid building regulations.

Jan Molenaar, like all pakeha, grew up learning that he had the inalienable rights to

  • Kill Maori.
  • Defend his illegitimate / ill-gained property.
  • Grow his own food and ‘medicine.’
  • Take things without paying for.

His army training reinforced those beliefs. Molenaar, spent six years in the Territorial Army in the armoured corps of the Hawkes Bay Wellington Regiment. However, he left the territorials in 1988 and did not have any further involvement with the Army afterward. He had realized what the Army was all about, and couldn’t continue his involvement.

“As a territorial, Molenaar would have undergone physical training and learned first aid, field work and basic combat tactics.He would have been trained to use weapons including rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenades and light anti-tank weapons.” Stuff NZ wrote.

Mr Roser, a friend of  Molenaar said the victim had been interested in guns “but not from a psycho angle”.

“But he knew enough about the world that if any circumstance arose he could take care of his and his own.”

On the day of shooting, Molenaar arrived home to find the police interrogating his Maori partner. He warned them and told them to leave… and the rest is now another page in NZ police farce’s shamefaced history.

“One local teenager, Alex Cunliffe, 16, said Molenaar had been unhappy with police, believing they had a racist attitude towards his Maori partner,” Stuff NZ reported.

The three policemen provoked Molenaar and pushed him to the braking point. He snapped and shot them!

In a free country [NOT a police state like New Zealand,] Molennar’s action would be regarded as self-defense.

Molenaar’s friend Moore speaks (video)

New Zealand Police Farce (and the Rape Military)

  1. The function of New Zealand police and military is to protect the establishment and its wealthy members against everyone else!
  2. To keep the costs down, however, New Zealand police farce are one of the most poorly trained “police forces” anywhere.
  3. Bearing in mind the above premises (1) and (2), those who are attracted by the the NZ police farce and its rape military,  are aggressive, macho, pakeha Pete type  “Rambos” with no respect for ordinary people. [This description fits the general profile, but is not meant to offend the grieving family or friends of the deceased policeman Len Snee, who may have been an exception to the rule.]
  4. In fact, had Jan Molenaar not mended his ways, he would have been the “perfect” candidate to join the NZ Police Farce.
  5. New Zealand Police Farce are probably the most racist “force of bullies” in the world.
  6. Ordinary people hate the NZ police.
  7. When people who still have some spunk left in them are provoked to the edge by the bullying police, they snap and retaliate.

Unlucky Mr Snee
Victim No 2. Deceased Policeman. Mr Len Snee. The deceased and two other equally untrained policemen were sent to intimidate Jan Molenaar. They waited until Molenaar had left home, then pushed their way into his house and interrogated his Maori partner, allegedly over a marijuana plant.

Napier shooting 1
The incompetent bullies: the police farce, NZ Rape Army, Special forces assassins… They all came to Napier to justify their stinking existence and “prove” how desperately ordinary New Zealanders needed them [sic.]

army monster bulldozer
A military show of force: “OUT OF THE  WAY, you cockroaches!”  The establishment keeping ordinary people in fear by the excessive display of military might. Does it make you laugh, or cry?

napier 2
Another few regiments out of their barracks, and both China and Russia would have been on standby to defend against the New Zealand military!!

pakeha canoe
You decide the caption![Hint: We didn’t become ponces so we could travel inside a car, like ordinary people!]

paras dressed as paras
More Pathetic Paras dressed as … Pathetic Paras!

New Zealand astros
Even the frigging New Zealand space invaders parachuted in to Napier to take a potshot at Jan Molennar.

[Copyright notice: Photos on this page come mainly from commercial sources. Images may by subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice!]

Even after the police had bullied Molenaar into a corner, a skilled negotiator could have prevented his unnecessary death! [But, the establishment wanted his blood!]

The establishment would go out of its way to preserve the false image of the its incompetent cowboy cops as “super heroes,” and that usually entails putting words  into the dead “villain’s”  mouth: Lies and half truths.

FYI, Jan Molenaar didn’t commit suicide as the establishment wants you to believe. He was murdered by a paramilitary marksman.

Jan Molenaar could have been a joyrider, and he would have still ended up dead at the end of the day. For such is our evil police farce’s policy: Don’t let them come out of it alive!

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Resign, Bitch, Resign!

Posted by te2ataria on May 7, 2009

sent by an angry reader

Once again the nincompoop New Zealand police turn a routine inquiry into a national farce—TEAA

A member of the public and three plods were shot in Napier this morning, at least one was killed, trying to seize a “silly marijuana plant.”

“Senior Constable Len Snee of Taradale Police was believed to have been killed. Constable Bruce Miller and Constable Grant Diver were both in a serious condition in Hawke’s Bay regional hospital. A member of the public was also shot and was in hospital being operated on.” The Dominion Post reported.

Licensed-to-Kill cowboys with large guns [aka Armed Offenders Squad members] move in. God help the bystanders, now!
Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

The “Fat  B*stard” [the fat, freeloading, incompetent Police Commissioner, Howard Broad] contacted Puffy [the overweight, overbearing, Police Minister, Judith Collins,] his domineering mistress,  to tell her police officers had been shot.

Collins was reportedly in Queenstown playing with police blue lights. “I am extremely shocked and concerned. I’ll be cancelling all my appointments tomorrow and moving straight to Napier to be with our police and their families,” the incompetent minister reportedly said.

What’s this? The “Rescue Helicopter” used to ferry in the paramilitary police. The arrogant b*stards wouldn’t be seen dead in other forms of transport! Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

“I’m not going today…because police are dealing with an extraordinarily difficult situation right now and I want to make sure that they are focused on that, not worrying about their minister getting in the way.”

Collins reportedly said  she believed the public had high respect for the police because they were among the best in the world.

Wrong on all counts! The poorly trained cowboys are among the worst police farce in the world.

“I think there is, however, an element in New Zealand , in our society, that respects no one,” she said.

PUFFY the Police Minister [dying for a good sha*]
– Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Bitch, you are right on that one.  Respect is a two-way street. Your cowboys have/are causing too much harm to a lot of us. They show zero respect to anyone outside their own circle. They treat Maori and ordinary pakeha like dirt.

“Unfortunately, the police have to deal with those people all the time.”

What’s this we business? Shut the f*ck up and resign now! Better still, take the Fat Bastard wit you and DISAPPEAR! Get Lost! GET!


Police Commissioner Howard [Fat B*stard] Broad told media today that police had been attempting to recover Mr Snee [Dead policeman] from the scene without success.

“I understand a number of my officers have attempted to do so under direct fire from the house,” he said.

“The fact we have got an officer we cannot get out from the situation, we cannot confirm finally that the man is dead is deeply distressing.

“He is in a position where we can say with reasonable certainty that he must be dead, but no one has been able to get there close to him and check that.”

That speaks volume about the chicken sh*t b*stards, they don’t recover the body of their mate because they are too afraid! [We’ll never know if he could have been saved, had the p*ssies acted bravely!]

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