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New Zealand Earthquake Warnings by Fire-Earth

Posted by te2ataria on March 7, 2011

Fire-Earth Blog has just posted the following:

New Zealand Earthquake Warnings – 7 March 2011

Posted by feww on March 7, 2011

New Zealand Earthquakes: Summary and Links to Warnings Issued by FIRE-EARTH

on March 4, 2011 at 1:44 am in reply to a comment FIRE-EARTH said:

Thanks for update.
Our advice to YOU and all intelligent people in Wellington area
1. There’s a frighteningly large buildup of tectonic stress energy right under your feet.
2. RUN while you’re still alive, before the next exodus bottleneck makes it impossible to flee the danger zone.
For additional FIRE-EARTH comments on NZ seismic hazards, see also

on March 1, 2011 at 11:29 am in reply to a comment FIRE-EARTH said:

Moderators are aware of a M4.7 that occurred at 09:07UTC about 15km NW of Wellington, New Zealand.
Earthquakes are natural phenomenons (as opposed to sci-fi action you alluded) and as such constitute part of the earth’s natural defense mechanism, among other functions. What you’re witnessing is a planetary response to harms caused by humans.

In “Christchurch Earthquake and ‘Somali Pirates’” posted on February 27, 2011 FIRE-EARTH issued the following warning:

[SEISMIC HAZARD WARNING: Areas in and around the Golden Bay, the Tasman Bay, the region north and south of the Cook Strait, the entire northern seaboard of North Island, especially the Hauraki Gulf area, as well as the western and eastern seaboards of the NI are believed to be among NZ’s potential disaster hotpots. FIRE-EARTH]


In “Christchurch Earthquake UPDATE Feb 26″ Posted on February 26, 2011, FIRE-EARTH said:

[NOTE: Areas in and around the Golden Bay, the Tasman Bay and the region north and south of the Cook Strait are believed to be among NZ’s potential disaster hotpots. FIRE-EARTH]

In reply to a reader comment, posted on February 25, FIRE-EARTH said:
“FIRE-EARTH believes that unprecedented cataclysmic geophysical events [seismic, volcanic …] WILL destroy much of New Zealand islands within the next few years.”

IF you’re interested about saving lives, these are the sort of messages that you really ought to spread, NOT the sci-fi nonsense about “mega weapons.”

on February 25, 2011 at 12:39 am in reply to a comment FIRE-EARTH said:

Why did YOUR govt bury earthquake warnings which were meant to alert people, especially foreign tourists/students visiting New Zealand?
See links below:

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/global-travel-warning/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/earthquake-cluster-closes-in-on-new-zealand/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/new-zealand-region-earthquake-warning/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/powerful-quake-strikes-christchurch-nz/#comment-10624

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/a-magnitude-7-earthquake-hits-kermadec-islands/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/new-round-of-geo-assualt/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/07/15/powerful-7-8-m-quake-strikes-new-zealand-region/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/an-open-letter-to-google-management-employees/

See also the following message posted by te2ataria on July 17, 2009

Truth is the bottom line, income from tourism, is more important to your government than human lives.

“and our govt are just people, citizens, like ourselves…”

REALLY? Are you a multimillionaire like your PM John Key?

Your PM is a greedy individual who has amassed a massive fortune, albeit from “immoral activities,” and who has shown no interest in the livelihood of quarter of a million NZ kids living in abject poverty.

That’s what you call democracy?


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More Murders, Quakes and Conspiracies in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on January 15, 2011

First the Conspiracies …

NZ’s Prime Murderester, Mr Key, says the Pike River Coal mine should be sealed, even though the bodies of the 29 hapless victims have not been recovered.

When the blog moderators wrote the following

They concluded that the next step after the “closure” must be the “cleanup,”  the removal [burial] of any and all evidence that the explosives, which was used to kill the miners, would have left behind.

Then came the subsequent explosions, flooding and fire, but Mr Key was still worried.

A good forensic expert could have still sifted through the rubble and found sufficient incriminating evidence to show that the miners were probably killed as a result of army explosives that were used to blow up the mine.

Mr Key says there are no options on the recovery, and the mine has to be sealed .

The GAG machine “has blown its guts”, He said.

“It’s not working. That has actually failed and the mine rescue teams from Australia and New Zealand have refused to go into the mine”.

NOW, more unanswered questions are popping out:

The EPMU national secretary has said:

  • The mine was understood to now be stable and had been for some days
  • The GAG machine had therefore successfully completed its work
  • The first phase of the recovery operation had been successfully completed and preparations for the second re-entry phrase could now commence. [Quoted from NZPA]

Mr Key, YOU ARE responsible for the murder of 29 Pike River Coal miners and you should face an international court to answer the charges. Your ill-gotten wealth and Zionist heritage must not be allowed to provide automatic protection against the charge of murder.

The Murdered Miners of Pike River. Source of photos: WPNZ. Click here to enlarge the photos.

Five foreigners were among the victims. The two Australians were William Joynson, 49, and Joshua Ufer, 25. The two Britons were Malcolm Campbell, 43, and Peter Rodger, 40. The South African miner was Jacobus Jonker, 47.

Speaking of Murders…

Two more people believe to be Chinese were killed in Auckland.

Two men have been killed at an upmarket residence in Stilwell Road on the northern slopes of Mt Albert, a report said.

Thanks to New Zealand immigration policy, per capita, New Zealand harbours more murderers, rapists, gangsters, hoods, crooks, drug pushers and criminals from China, South Korea and elsewhere in the world, than any other country.

The third probable murder involves Malcolm Widdilove, a British resident, whose yacht was found submerged north of the North Island and police say he probably drowned at sea.

Now, to the Quakes …

As significant earthquakes continue to rattle both our North and South islands,  Fire Earth blog has posted the following earthquake warning for New Zealand:

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