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Chinese watchdog had it right, first!

Posted by te2ataria on August 29, 2010

New Zealand food products are UNSAFE!

China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision originally acted correctly by blacklisting cosmetics from New Zealand.

It defies logic and sanity why they had to remove New Zealand from their blacklist.

Chinese people should be entitled to use safe  products from other countries.

China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision last week published on its website a blacklist of food and cosmetic products from a number of nations, including New Zealand.

It said the products posed potential health risks and had been destroyed, returned or converted to other uses.

[Unfortunately] the Chinese watchdog has since removed the list from its website. NZPA

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UK’s Waitrose: NO NZ Hoki

Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

For the original story click on the below link:

UK’s Waitrose refuses to stock NZ-caught hoki

NZ hoki - nz gov photo
Waitrose supermarkets say “NO” to NZ-caught hoki. Image NZ govt.


Fishing for hoki – The deep-sea fish hoki, also known as blue hake or blue grenadier, is one of New Zealand’s biggest fish exports. Hoki fishing began in the Tasman Sea, but has expanded to include Cook Strait, the Chatham Rise and subantarctic waters. In the decade to 2002 the annual quota for the catch was 200,000 tonnes. In 2004 the Tasman Sea stock was estimated to be down to about 13% of the biomass before fishing developed in 1972, with a warming trend in the Tasman likely to be a contributing factor. The quota was reduced to 180,000, then to 100,000 tonnes in 2004. Caption: NZ govt.

“There are some MSC fisheries that we don’t stock, such as the MSC New Zealand hoki fishery, which conducts bottom trawling,” Jeremy Langley, specialist fish buyer for Waitrose said in a report by Seafoodsource.com.

At least a dozen other supermarket chains in Europe and North America have also removed New Zealand caught orange roughy from their shelves because it goes against their sustainability policies. “Orange roughy is also caught by bottom trawling, dragging large, weighted nets across the ocean floor which lays waste to seabed communities, particularly on the seamounts where some fish species gather to feed and reproduce, and is considered one of the most destructive forms of fishing.” A report said.

“Waitrose has also pledged to buy only pole-and-line caught canned tuna.” Seafood News said.

Interestingly, NZ Govt has admitted that Waitrose hoki ban was not widely reported in UK’s Big Brother media.

Must Read [Link added Sept 12, 2009]

Why Do People Still Buy New Zealand Lamb, Pork and Other Bio-Chemically Altered Food products from Nastyland?

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    Johnny Rotten Disgusted With Anchor Butter

    Posted by te2ataria on May 18, 2009

    New Zealand Farmers Say ‘Up Yours’ to Rotten British Consumers!

    New Zealand farmers say  Johnny Rotten’s campaign to sway customers from New Zealand’s Anchor butter doesn’t scare them. They say “half-arsed witless Poms” are  too addicted to New Zealand’s Anchor butter to eat anything else.

    “Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, is fronting a campaign to sway customers from New Zealand’s Anchor butter in favour of a local brand, Dairy Crest’s Country Life.” NZPA reported.

    “Rotten is trying to set the record straight for the 39 percent of Britons who believe the New Zealand-made brand is British.”

    Unsurprisingly, thanks to advertising parasites like saatchi and Saatchi, 37 percent of Brittons still consume the tainted New Zealand lamb.

    New Zealand’s evil dairy giant Fonterra, the people directly responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of Chinese infants, and sickening of about 500,000 babies, which owns Anchor, was reported as saying it was “not concerned by the campaign.”

    “It doesn’t matter whether it’s viewed as being British or New Zealand, I think the quality of the product is what counts most,” shareholders’ council chairman Blue Read said.

    He said focusing on the homegrown issue was wrong, NZPA reported.

    “You know we’ve proven time and time again that the air miles thing, or the export of product from New Zealand, is much less expensive than producing it in the UK,” Mr Read told Radio New Zealand.

    “So I think [those mad British dogs are]  barking up the wrong tree quite frankly.”

    Federated Farmers Dairy chairman Lachlan McKenzie was also reporetd as saing that the campaign was not a threat and that the taste of New Zealand’s butter spoke louder than the campaign, but refused to elaborate. [If we can beat those noviced in Rugby, we can beat them at anything.]

    “Our butter from New Zealand, because of the higher fat content and how we feed out animals [and the way we treat them, look at our battery chickens, tortured pigs and tainted lamb,] does have more flavour, so some people will prefer the flavour of the Anchor brand than the UK brand.”

    Do your kids afavor, don’t touch new Zealand food products until you read the information linked to below.

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    Plumbing Depth of Depravity: Bestiality with Animals

    Posted by feww on February 28, 2008

    [Submitted by Guest Writer]

    Man admits trying to have sex with goat

    Once Again New Zealand tops its own chart of depravity. A 68-year-old man [suspected to be a former employee of the Security “Intelligence” Service, SIS,] pleaded guilty in a New Zealand District Court to attempting to commit bestiality with a goat.

    The Judge who is an animal lover remanded the convict on bail until March 12 for sentencing. Original Report

    Irish Goat
    Irish Goat: ‘Shame on YOU New Zealand!’

    To Jewish and Muslim readers who consume New Zealand meat products:

    At what point the meat you eat ceases to be “Kosher” or “Halal”?

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