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Q. Who is the SIS answerable to?

Posted by te2ataria on August 10, 2009

sent by a reader

Answer: Not to the People of New Zealand!

You can’t call it a democracy, if a group of mercenaries that are trained by agents of another country are allowed to spy on your politicians, academics, and ordinary people!

Following a long, litany of  criminal offences and autocratic misdeeds perpetrated by the SIS against the people in New Zealand, it has just been revealed that the “Canadian-trained” NS Security [sic] Intelligence [sic] Service [sic,] SIS, are also spying on academics.

Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey. Image may be subject to copyright.

The following article was published in stuff.co.nz today:

Concern over SIS ‘spying’ on academics

The Tertiary Education Union (TEU) is concerned academics are being spied on by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) for simply for doing their jobs.

The SIS has been under fire from Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey, a critic of free-trade policies, who is fighting to have her file released.

Dr Kelsey applied for her file in November after seeing her name mentioned in documents released to others such as Green MP Keith Locke, but the SIS would not confirm whether they held information on her.

A complaint to the Privacy Commissioner saw the release of just three pages – a far cry from the folders given to others. The commission agreed with the SIS that information in her file could “disclose knowledge about NZSIS’ operations or capabilities or modus operandi”.

TEU president Tom Ryan said the news Dr Kelsey had been spied on because of her professional work was “intimidating” for all academics.

“A chilling aspect of Dr Kelsey’s case is that the SIS appears to have been spying on her simply because of her views on our country’s economic and trade policies (a topic on which she has published books) rather than any real concern that she might pose a physical or military risk. And much of the spying appears to have occurred in her university workplace.”

He said the union believed a commission of inquiry into the SIS was needed and the TEU would be speaking with other university stakeholders about their concerns.

“Our democracy will be weakened if tertiary researchers and teachers are scared off from questioning official policies in their own fields of expertise.”

The New Zealand Union of Students Association (NZUSA) co-president Jordan King said student leaders were “outraged” that academics who posed no security risk could be spied on.

“NZUSA supports calls made by the TEU for a commission of inquiry into the activities of the SIS. . . Academic staff, students and the public have a right to accountability from the SIS and need assurance that the agency is acting within the law and not targeting those who are simply wishing to make a contribution to public debate.” © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Ltd


Disband the SIS! It only represents foreign and minority interests in New Zealand.

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