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Aussies valued 1.5 times kiwis

Posted by te2ataria on June 2, 2012

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]

OZ minimum wage rises to $AU15.96 an hour

Australia has increased its minimum wage to $AU15.96 an hour [NZ$20.53], based on a 38 hour week, further widening the wage gap between the two countries, and kiwis aren’t welcome.

The minimum wage in New Zealand is only $13.50 making minimum-wage Aussies worth 1.52 times their lesser neighbours.

Skilled workers across the ditch receive twice as much as their kiwi counterparts would for doing the same work in New Zealand.

What are NZ workers unions doing about it?


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kiwis are BAD NEWS

Posted by te2ataria on June 7, 2009

sent by an Indian reader [Edited by TEAA]

kiwis carry death with them, wherever they go

Nine times out of ten they kill other nationalities; then the kiwi collective bad karma, or the curse of Hinenui-te-pō kicks in

kicks in

New Zealander Cameron John Clow became the latest victim of kiwi collective bad karma in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia!

Cameron John Clow, 29, a Taranaki “multisport competitor” was killed in Bahrain while out training on his bike.

Mr Clow moved from New Plymouth to Bahrain with his fiancee Kate and was working as a schoolteacher. He and his fiancee were due to be married soon.


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