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Jack and Jill Got a Bum Deal

Posted by te2ataria on November 29, 2009

sent by a bean counter

Jack and Jill NOT Short of Skill

But they Have NO Money in the Till

Jack  and Jill can’t pay their Bill. They both work their asses off, but aren’t paid enough for a square meal.

Jack [Terry Victory, 37,] and Jill [Donna, 34,] both work and earn a combined income of $933 a week after tax. After mortgage payment savages their wallet [they bought a modest house for just under $280,000, in Papatoetoe, a suburb of Manukau City, one of the four cities that make up Auckland,] they have only $33 a week left for food, petrol and all other living costs.

Jack and Jill have no money to drive up the hill to get a pail of water, or a proper meal for 14-yo Shontelle, Donna’s daughter.

“We rely on Terry’s overtime to be able to make ends meet,” Mrs Victory said.

But that was never guaranteed. In fact, they were forced to borrow money twice from Mrs Victory’s parents this year, to pay their bills and make ends meet.

Jack and Jill couldn’t afford to buy a pail, or the petrol to drive up the hill to get some water. So they borrowed some money from Jill’s mother, to buy food for Jill’s daughter.

Why buy a new car if you can’t afford one?

“We had to get a new car because the car we had was costing us $500 for repairs every second warrant …”

What’s the excuse for a new fridge and washing machine?

Mrs victory says  the fridge she owned since her daughter was a baby finally stopped working and the washing machine died on her, too.

“We had to get new ones on hire purchase because we didn’t have the cash,” she said.

Initially they received Labour’s Working for Families payments, which  helped a bit. But they soon lost entitlement because Mr Victory’s clocked up some overtime.

“Because he did overtime it got to the point where they were ringing us saying your income is more than you said, and we ended up with a $2500 bill at the end of the financial year,” Mrs Victory said.

“Then we were eligible for $9 a week, and ended up with another bill at the end of that financial year. So I said, ‘Just don’t pay us anything until the end of the financial year’.

“We don’t earn low enough to get Government help, and we don’t earn high enough to get by,” she said. “We are stuck in the middle.”

But they are still better off than many. Mrs Victory will join a school support staff march up Queen St tomorrow in support of colleagues who start on just $12.94 an hour and are forced to work two jobs, often moonlighting as caregivers for the disabled or the elderly.”

“They leave school at 2.45pm and go to work starting at 3pm at another job and work until 9 or 10pm. Some of them do sleepovers and come to work the next morning, and they have husbands who work as well. That’s how hard it is to survive.”

Ironically, because they both work, they don’t qualify for state benefit. You would have thought they get a tax relief.

“They asked, ‘Are you on a benefit?’ ‘No, we both work,”‘ she said. “‘Well, you don’t qualify’ they said.

“So then we thought about trying to buy our own house and were lucky enough to get a mortgage broker who secured it against my parents’ house. We had no deposit. We had huge loans from our wedding. We consolidated the loans into the mortgage.”

Compare and Contrast

Hey what’s happening here? If we are doing so bad economically, how come our appointed Prime Minister “is among 134 men, eight women and 42 families on the Rich List who have a combined wealth of $44.426 billion?”

John Key, the Prime Minister

According to NBR Mr Key owns properties in Auckland, Omaha Beach, Wellington, London and Hawaii, and is a heavy investor in the Dairy Investment Fund, a private equity investor focused on deregulating the dairy sector.

Wait a minute! I thought you said he comes from a humble beginning, and he certainly isn’t academically qualified for a top job, nor has he any particular skills that Jack and Jill lack. Why is he at least $50 million richer?

John Key at his palatial home, reportedly worth $9 million, in St Stevens Ave, Parnell, Auckland. Photo: Geoff Dale. Image may be subject to copyright

Mr Key,  one of  the richest people in the country, “is among 134 men, eight women and 42 families on the Rich List who have a combined wealth of $44.426 billion.” That’s   $10,000 for every man woman and kid in the country.

The Rich List shows that despite tough economic times, New Zealand’s rich have got richer and the country now has a record eight billionaires.”

But why John Key? He hasn’t done an honest day’s work in all his life. I mean, let’s face it all he has ever done is playing with [stealing] other people’s money. Why should he be made super rich?

Good bye Jack, Good bye Jill, and better luck in the next lifetime, still.

Well, it’s time to go to bed now. Perhaps, you can work it all out by yourselves when you wake up. Good Night Dears, God Bless and Happy Dreams!

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