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”Staph bug” kills another teen in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on August 13, 2013

Deadly infection claims teen surfer’s life

Adam Clegg, 16, of New Plymouth died in Auckland’s Starship Hospital this morning after being rushed to hospital at the weekend with a severe infection from Staphylococcus aureus, said New Plymouth Boys High School headmaster.

The bug usually colonises in the nostrils and respiratory tract, and if it travels beyond the skin’s surface, it can be fatal.

The teen’s condition started with influenza which then led to the infection, Doctors insisted.

The bug affected Adam’s body at an extremely rapid rate, they said.

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New Zealand, Rugby Fans, Deadly Diseases

Posted by te2ataria on July 18, 2010

sent by a blog reader

British Rugby Writer Peter Bills says New Zealanders Are “Rip-off” Merchants!

That’s a fact that most everyone in the world who has heard anything about the [poxy,] sodomite country knows by now, though the word cutthroat precedes the fleecing adjective.

But Mr Bills should also warn his readers about the inordinate number of foreigners who are killed in New Zealand, and which this blog has reported.

The chances are more  visiting rugby fans would catch deadly diseases, seriously sickened, or killed during Rugby Cup 2011 in New Zealand than have in any previous sport tournament anywhere in the world.

Additionally, New Zealand’s deadly roads would claim many more lives in 2011 than ever before.

More rugby fans would also be robbed, assaulted, raped, or killed in 2011 than have in any previous year.

UNFORTUNATELY, we may never know the exact number of rugby 2011 casualties in New Zealand.

Reporter slams ‘rip-off’ New Zealand


British rugby writer Peter Bills has slammed New Zealand for its “horrifyingly” high prices.

The journalist has labelled Aotearoa “a rip-off” and says he’s shocked at the steep prices charged by bars, restaurants, hotels and care hire outlets.

In a piece written for the NZ Herald, Bills reveals his concern that tourists arriving for the 2011 Rugby World Cup will be put off by the whopping price tags on ordinary goods.

“This place is becoming one of the most expensive I visit, one giant rip-off,” he says.

“True, petrol is much cheaper than in Britain. But in just about every other field, hotels, car hire, restaurant food, wine, clothes or whatever, you’re the victims of massive overcharging.”

He goes on to detail many instances during his time in NZ when he’s paid over the odds for parking, drinks, meals and hotels.

Bills says he’s worried visitors to NZ are “being fleeced” – and word is getting out.

“Does any of this matter?” he asks. “After all, it’s only tourists who might get fleeced and they won’t be back every year. And the Rugby World Cup which is being held here next year might be the last time it is hosted exclusively by New Zealand.

“So hey guys, grab what you can in hiked up profits, make a fortune and smile all the way to the bank. Right? No, wrong, dead wrong.

“International travellers are not fools; fewer will come if New Zealand is known as too expensive.”

[UK visitors to football world cup in South Africa received free condoms courtesy of the British government. But how will they protect their rugby fans against Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria), meningococcal septicaemia, and staphylococcus aureus. Moderator]

English tourist robbed in Gisborne


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How Many Toxic Sites in New Zealand?

Posted by te2ataria on October 10, 2009

sent by a reader

Have you ever wondered how many toxic sites are out there, or whether your home, office/shop, school, hospital… are built on one?

According to our contact in the government, “pious pakeha 1,” there are probably as many as 130,000 contaminated sites in the country.

“[T]he number of potentially contaminated rural sites has not been formally assessed, there may be as many as 1,000 storage and dump sites containing unwanted pesticides and herbicides and a further 1,000 private and farm landfills (Ministry for the Environment, 1992b). New Zealand may also have several thousand contaminated sheep and cattle dip sites if the Australian example is any guide. A large number of Australian dip sites that were used before 1965 have high DDT and arsenic concentrations.” [36] (emphasis added) …” a  report said.

Take Hawke’s Bay, for example. It took 14 years and a ruling by the ombudsman’s office, before Hawke’s Bay Regional Council would release a partial list of contaminated sites in Hawke’s Bay. That’s right, 14 years.

Where are these sites located?

The list is very telling, but it’s by no means complete. It “includes schools, the old Napier Hospital, agricultural contractors, hotels, transport operators, garages, retailers, dry cleaners, tanneries and old landfills. Many activities are still operating but some have become residential sites.”

The council had originally destroyed the details, or hadn’t registered them at all. “The list, compiled for the council in 1995 by Worley Consultants using a broad desktop study that drew on phone book data from as far back as the 1930s, originally contained 3102 sites.”

Dominion Post said:

Following the ombudsman’s ruling in August, council staff began investigating (!) sites on the list and ruled many out, narrowing the list down to 1494 sites.

The Report added:

Until now landowners had never been informed their property was on the list. The council had said it believed property values could be affected … “

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New Zealand Racial Stinkpot Boils Again

Posted by te2ataria on March 7, 2009

Poxy New Zealand is an apartheid country infested by supremacist pakeha and Zionazi thugs

If you thought the racist incident in which xenophobic teacher taunted his Korean student to the point of stabbing him was an isolated episode, think again!

Street fight erupts after racial taunting

Source: The Timaru Herald

Timaru police were called to stop fighting between two groups of youths wielding baseball bats and pipes sparked the previous evening after offensive racist comments were made to a group of Asian teenagers.

The pakeha teens later drove off with an Asian man on the bonnet of their car. A witness said: “I told the boys to drive the car [while he was on the bonnet.]”

He shrugged off The Timaru Herald’s question of “whether he had considered the person on the bonnet could have been killed had they fallen off the moving car.”

“Nah, well, he was going to smash the front windscreen.”

“What else are you meant to do? Let him smash it?”

Read more of this report at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/2033105

NOTE: In the original article the pakeha group are introduced as ‘Europeans’ in an attempt to gather support sympathy for them, and so that they could hide their ugly faces behind the Europeans’ backsides. It’s true, of course, that pakeha are of European descent, but that doesn’t make every European a pakeha [anymore than it makes every Londoner Jack the Ripper.] In Moderator’s experience, the average pakeha, the worst murderous land thieves, rustlers and monsters that ever walked the earth, are the lowest form of life. Furthermore, pakeha are neither a race, nor a nation. They are an incompetent mercenary group that occupy other people’s land through the sheer force of their numbers. Any adverse remark made against them, therefore, would be neither racist, nor anti-European.  [It’s acknowledged that a handful of ‘pious pakeha’ live among the vast majority of these thieves and assassins.]

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Afghani Taxidriver Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on December 6, 2008

New Zealand’s war on “colored” people!

Afghani man, 39, was murdered by stabbing in Christchurch, poxy New Zealand

New Zealand: A “Colored” People’s Slaughterhouse

Father of five Afghani murder victim Abdulrahman Ikhtiari was described by colleagues  as a “lovely guy” and  “a peaceful man.”

Abdulrahman Ikhtiari’s chances of survival  in Afghanistan:  > 99.9875% [greater than than 8,000 to 1]

His chances of survival in New Zealand: YOU work it out!

“One worker in the industry who did not want to be named, said the driver would not have been antagonizing or provoking the people who stabbed him.”

Pandemic of Murder: New Zealand holds the world record for the murder of “colored” [and foreign] visitors/ workers.

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