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New Zealand Openly Discriminates Against Asians

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2010

Asians Must Lose Identity to Get a Job Interview

Today, Asians Are Changing Their Names; Tomorrow they’ll have to Bleach Their Skin Just to Get a Job Interview

And so what if they got a job interview, they’ll never be offered a proper job!

The rate of unemployment among Asians in apartheid New Zealand is about twice as high as that of the white population.

“Massey University researcher Paul Spoonley says New Zealand employers, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, tend to eliminate Asian applicants very early in the process through surname discrimination.” NZHerald said.

“We have a lot of research and anecdotal evidence that New Zealand employers are reluctant to employ Asians, so changing surnames is a novel way of getting a CV read,” Spoonley said.

Asian immigrants told the Weekend Herald they changed their names in a desperate attempt to find work.

Anti-Asian discrimination is significant among New Zealand employers, according to the findings of a University of Auckland School of Business survey conducted in 2005. found.

Having a Chinese or Indian name significantly increased chances of being considered unsuitable, the survey found.

Asian immigrants told the Weekend Herald they changed their names in a desperate attempt to find work.

In the last 12 months 2029 immigrants registered to change their names including 264 Chinese, 152 Indians, 98 Iraqis and 97 Malaysians, Herald reported

A Chinese university graduate officially changed her name to Brenda Jones just to get a job interview. She did so because she couldn’t land a single job interview, while  her former classmates, white New Zealanders who graduated from the same IT course, were getting employed.

I was feeling very desperate and very small. Changing my name is not something I am proud of doing, but I really didn’t know what else to do.

New Zealand’s Internal Affairs [Gestapo] says only New Zealand citizens or permanent residents with indefinite visas can register for an official name change.

What is the Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres, doing about the blatant apartheid in New Zealand? With his head still stuck between his legs,  he probably thinks the discrimination is not as bad as it was in South Africa.

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Ku Klux Klan cartoon angers Aussies

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2010

sent by a reader in England


Aussie reaction to the KKK cartoon another expression of racism: “How dare they, those *&^%#* Indians?”


India’s Mail Today ran the cartoon depicting a policeman with a Victoria state  police badge and a pointed KKK-style white hood.

Australia’s acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she had not seen the KKK cartoon but condemned it as ”deeply offensive.”

“Any suggestion of the kind is deeply offensive [specially when coming from Indians] and I would condemn the making of such comment.”

Julia Gillard to the Indian Community: “Let me define your rights …

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Two Foreign Doctors Quit New Zealand Hospital

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2009

sent be a reader

Doctors Christian Kratz and Mwe Chao quit Wellington hospital after only six months

Husband-and-wife team,  consultant pediatric oncologists, who arrived from Germany with their family in October, have now decided to call it a day.

You can imagine the trauma that they and their family must have suffered.

“An international recruitment search was under way to find suitable specialists to fill the permanent positions.” A report said.

It’s difficult to see how intelligent doctors could stay in New Zealand for any period of time, especially if they are ‘colored’ or have a young family.

“Child Cancer Foundation central region chairman John Robson said Drs Chao and Kratz had provided excellent treatment …”

Dr Chao was not prepared to discuss why they were quitting, but said she and her husband were “really sorry it’s not working out”.

Thank you, Dr Chao, and good luck with your family and career. Better late than never! You may have just saved your and your family members’ lives.

Please feel free to contact blog author and the team of contributors in the strictest confidence.

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In Thuggery They Trust

Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2009

Chipped Off the Old Smelly Stick

How the Fat pakeha Train Their Little B*stards to Be White Supremacist Scumbags

As if anyone needed ‘evidence’ how the fat pakeha train their little b*stards to ‘carry the torch,’ Mount Aspiring College lights the way.

And all of this is happening at a time when the  President of the ‘most powerful country on Earth’ is a black man!

Boy do these scumbag pakea love the Americans !!


New Zealand Toga Thuggery. Photo: Otago Daily Times. Image may be subject to copyright.

White supremacy party innocent mistake – school
7:36AM Friday Apr 03, 2009

A Wanaka principal says a ‘white supremacy’-themed after-ball party was an innocent mistake and not meant to cause offence.

The party, organised by Mount Aspiring College students in connection with their school, has shocked students and their parents.

One parent said the theme was “completely inappropriate” and immediately contacted school principal Wayne Bosley to complain, the Southland Times reported.

Mr Bosley hadn’t known about the theme before the tickets were printed, the woman said.

“My question is, how did it get through staff before printing?

“It was marketed as all white but you don’t use that wording. The name is just completely inappropriate for any school project,” she said.

Sales of the tickets were stopped last night and new tickets were being printed with the theme `White Out’.

A student on the organising committee told the they hadn’t realised the connotations of the name.

The party was supposed to have the theme of wearing white clothing, and white boiler suits at Wanaka’s Mitre 10 store had nearly sold out.

“When we were deciding on the name it didn’t even cross our minds. The way it is written, ‘White Supreeemacy’, was supposed to be like white supreme, white the dominant colour of the night. But once it was pointed out to us we thought we’d better change it,” the student said.   Copyright NZPA/ NZ Herald.

NZ women aged 21 or under rate highest for STIs

Between 2003 and  2007, the number of chlamydia and gonorrhoea cases diagnosed at New Zealand’s “sexual health” clinics rose by about 20 percent and 56 percent, respectively.

Of the reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases including 72 per cent of chlamydia, 62 per cent of gonorrhea, 43.2 per cent of genital herpes and 62.3 per cent of genital warts cases were in people aged under 25. (See link below).

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The Plight of Chinese Living in or Visiting New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 1, 2008

New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians.

New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and all other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese. In the past few weeks at least 4 Chinese women were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.

The following is a recent, incomplete list of atrocities committed against the Asians, especially the Chinese who live or visit New Zealand, or are otherwise easy targets for abuse by New Zealanders.

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