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New Zealand Kills SA Tourist with Deadly Bug

Posted by te2ataria on July 15, 2010

New Zealand Must Stop All Research, Development and Experimentation with Germ Warfare!

South African Tourist Tayla Storm, 29, Mysteriously Contracted the Deadly Infection

The young South African tourist, a  childcare student, who was mysteriously struck down by a deadly bug, the staphylococcus aureus infection, passed away from the ‘incurable’ infection in  Auckland City Hospital yesterday.

Tayla Storm, 29, killed in New Zealand by the deadly infection staphylococcus aureus. Photograph show the victim with her sister Kim Stone in Auckland Hospital.

Miss Storm on her first ever overseas visit arrived in New Zealand five months ago to meet her sister’s newborn baby.

She contracted the deadly bug mysteriously. Six weeks into her trip, she felt a sharp pain in her upper thigh and was taken to hospital, where doctors discovered that the deadly staphylococcus aureus infection had poisoned her blood, triggering massive organ failures.

Ms Storm’s family must NOT be cowed by New Zealand govt agents, or intimidated by the secret service in any way because of Tayla Storm’s unpaid hospital bills.

NZ Government Must Immediately

  1. Stop all research, development amd experimentation with biowarfare weapons.
  2. Compensate Ms Storm’s family by paying $25million in wrongful death reparations
  3. Pay all outstanding hospitals bills for Tayla Storm

Previously . . .

Dr Adu-Bobie, 31, an expert on meningococcal vaccines, contracted meningococcal septicaemia within days of working at New Zealand’s ESR labs.

The Victim
: Dr Jeannette Adu-Bobie, an expert on meningococcal vaccines, contracted meningitis while working in NZ govt. Wellington lab. and had both legs, left arm and the digits of her right hand amputated.

Read more …

Was Dr Adu-Bobie A Victim of Biological Warfare Experiments?


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Two Victims Called ‘Zachary’

Posted by te2ataria on July 10, 2009

Sent by JML in Auckland

Setting Records in Death

Two guys called ‘Zachary’ killed in New Zealand in medical malpractice negligence homicides

Zachary No. 1

Zachary Wilson of Hamilton NZ

Zachary Wilson was the first New Zealander to die from swine flu. Photo Supplied / NZ herald

Zachary Wilson, 19, made history by becoming the first New Zealander to die from swine flu (NZ strain) infection, NZ health health officials revealed.

Wilson, who reportedly had a history of asthma, died at home on June 28, 2009, after a three-day illness. The incompetent doctors failed to diagnosed him as having swine flu until after an autopsy was performed.

Hey, it’s better late than never!

Zachary No. 2

Zachary Gravatt

ZACHARY GRAVATT enjoyed a bit of everything ... Seen pictured at one of Ponsonby News’ favourite places on earth the legendary Stonehenge. Source: Ponsonby News. Image may be subject to copyright.

Zachary Gravatt, 20, described as a “promising young medical student” was in his third year at the University of Auckland Medical School. He broke 2 records:

First, the ‘death record’. He died within hours of contracting a mystery virus. The doctors said it might have been meningitis (!)

Second, the record for medical malpractice negligence homicides of guys called ‘Zachary’ in New Zealand. A student doctor known to friends as “Party Boy,” died at Auckland Hospital on July 8, 2009, thus breaking another record by becoming the second ‘Zachary’ to fall victim to medical malpractice negligence homicides in New Zealand within days.

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Visiting New Zealand? Headline News #5

Posted by te2ataria on July 3, 2009

send by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

A brief scan of what might be awaiting foreign tourists visiting NZ

Traveling to New Zealand? You are committing a double act of eco-terrorism.

But if you are already there, and promise NOT to go back, I’d let you read the following. It could save your life!

Health and Safety

Nearly half of New Zealand popular swimming spots are UNSAFE due to high levels of bacteria, a new water quality report shows. Never mind the weasel-worded report. The experts say nearly ALL of the New Zealand waters are UNSAFE for swimming or water activitieshttp://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2559178/Nearly-half-popular-swimming-spots-unsafe-report

There are twice as many people hospitalized with swine flu in Wellington (Population 0.4 million) than in “Australia’s swine flu capital,” Victoria (population 5.5 million) govt report said.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/swine-flu/2559871/Wellington-cases-top-Victoria

A14-year-old boy from Bannockburn, died in Dunedin Hospital on Monday night. It is highly probable that he died of meningococcal disease.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10582022

kiwi Rugby Honor

A rugby player says he was sexually assaulted [sodomized] by his club captain after a night out in Ashburton.  Ronald Forsyth, 50, from Ashburton, pleaded not guilty (!) in Timaru District Court [by virtue of genetic urge?]  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10582032

kiwi Psycho news

Leiteishia Amiee Beckham, 17, grabbed a kettle, which had just been boiled, and poured it over her mother’s back. She then ask her mother “did you like that?” before pouring more of the boiling water on her.

More kiwi Psycho news

A teenager bailed on a murder charge hijacked a car at gunpoint, prompting the ever-willing police farce to give a high-speed pursuit in the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10582252nd.

kiwi Psycho drivers news

Three teens aged between 16 and 19 were killed in Invercargill crash. They crashed into the side of a commercial building, but it could have been YOU they crashed into.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10582254

The TranzAlpine express has been severely delayed because the train engineer had a steel rod embedded in his leg. The engineer slipped onto the metal rod as the train was at the Otira railway station.   http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2563004/Train-engineers-leg-impaled-on-rod

South Island roads closed after snow, freezing weather. Freezing weather is moving across the country causing major disruption on South Island roads today. Schools are closed.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2561737/South-Island-roads-closed-after-snow

More children are hurt and killed in New Zealand driveways than in any other country.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/2560883/Injury-blackspot-easily-avoided

kiwi “brainer”

Family loses home after cat knocks over candle http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10581870

NZ Sheep farmers shafted by sharks http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10581968

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Swine Flu Paralyzes New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 24, 2009

sent by a reader

New Zealand Flu Paralyzes the Swines

WELCOME to all of you foreign visitors who are visiting New Zealand this winter. We can’t guarantee you a warm welcome because too many of our intellectually challenged staff are down with New Zealand flu. However we can guarantee you a bout of nasty New Zealand flu to last you throughout your stay here and beyond.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for sharing our New Zealand flu viral mutations.

“New Zealand’s swine flu tally rose to 386 yesterday, though health officials say the real number is likely to be in the [tens of ] thousands, as regional authorities have stopped routine testing.” The Dominion Post Said.

Absence rates at Wellington region schools this week:

  • Bishop Viard College 45 per cent
  • Hutt Valley High School 30 per cent
  • Upper Hutt College 30 per cent
  • St Bernard’s College 28 per cent
  • Wainuiomata High School 26 per cent
  • Naenae College 26 per cent
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate School (Whitby) 23 per cent [Source: Dominion Post ]

Come to New Zealand. Sample our New Zealand flu viral mutations. Try one, or a combo, for yourself. The more the merrier.


Don’t fly our flag-carrier because other disasters could beat the swine flu virus!

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Best News of the Day: NZ Tourism Down 50%

Posted by te2ataria on June 22, 2009

The Curse of the curse of Hinenui-te-pō is keeping tourists away from New Zealand

Inordinate numbers  of murders, road deaths, rapes, serious assaults, muggings and viral disease epidemics are keeping tourists away from New Zealand

“If you look at numbers out of places like Japan, Korea and China there has been quite a significant reduction in arrivals in the last month or so, it is down about 50 percent,” said John Key, New Zealand CEO [PM.]

key - tourism minister
John Key, the owner of the biggest nose in NZ, who has been appointed both as PM and Tourism Minister said:  “The tourism industry is being hurt by swine flu as travelers in some countries put holidays on hold.”

And if you ever wondered whether Aussies are intelligent people, here is your answer:

“The one millionth Australian visitor is a major milestone for the New Zealand tourism industry and a great achievement given the challenges being faced at the moment.”

[So it’s more than one challenge, challenges, and NOT just the swine flu, you dishonorable b*stard!]

The blog Moderator and contributors sincerely hope that they have been successful in their efforts, warning foreign visitors, especially the Asians,to avoid New Zealand.

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Japanese Students Say “NO!” to New Zealand Homestay

Posted by te2ataria on May 6, 2009

sent by a reader

Thousands of Japanese homestay students have so far canceled winter trips to New Zealand

Thousands of Japanese homestay students have so far canceled winter trips to New Zealand, reportedly due to the flu scare.

It very reassuring that the PM John Key is unable to do simple arithmetical, despite years of working in a bank. John [Pinocchio] Key earlier asserted that “one or two” Japanese tourists had also canceled their visit to New Zealand, after learning that the Indian government had advised people not to travel to New Zealand.

“The cancellations are disastrous for homestay businesses and the hundreds of Waikato families who rely on homestay students for top-up income.” Waikato Times said.

“New Zealand was one of the first countries to have confirmed cases of swine flu and this was widely reported, and exaggerated, in overseas media.”

The truth is, “where there’s smoke… ” well you ought to know the rest of that!

“Cambridge-based farmstay business Rural Tourism Holdings is usually gearing up for large groups of Japanese students at this time of year, but the flu scare has them cancelling trips.” [Ouch!]

“Manager Melissa Earby said four groups, or 700 people, had canceled so far.” [And that’s in Waikato, alone!]

“We sat down yesterday and worked it out and each group cancelling costs us about $40,000,” Ms Earby said.

[That figure does not include the full impact on the false ‘economy,’ does it?]

“Half of the company’s business is based on Japanese tour groups, who land in Auckland, spend a few days on farm for the experience and head off to other regional tourist attractions, such as the Waitomo Caves.” WT reported.

“They’re reading headlines over there that are saying swine flu could potentially affect 50,000 New Zealanders, but that’s simply not the case,” Ms Earby said.

She said 300-plus families around the Waikato would miss out on homestay income. “We’ve seen this happen before with Sars and the bird flu. The Japanese, especially, are a cautious nation. They will cancel at the drop of a hat if they see any risk. You can’t blame them when you see those kind of headlines. We try and send that message out there, that we are a safe place, but it’s hard to change people’s views sometimes.”

[It’s amazing Ms Earby managed to say all of that without once insulting the Japanese!]

“Mountain View Farmstay in Tamahere had also fallen victim to the downturn in tourism interest, said owner Brenda Bern.”

“I’ve had three bookings from Japan cancelled. The three groups of four people were to stay three nights each on May 14, May 21 and the beginning of June.

“I’m very disappointed. It came through the travel agent, who did all they could to reassure them that it was safe.”

[They would try, wouldn’t they, those lying ****]

Let’s hope the Koreans, Chinese … read a page from the Indian and Japanese book of “Sensible Holidaying!”

And to all Asians who are in doubt about going to New Zealand:

Don’t cancel your trip just because of the flu scare, far worse evils await you in that country!

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New Zealand UNSAFE for Tourists

Posted by te2ataria on April 29, 2009

Despite PM John Key doing the wrong bark, New Zealand Still UNSAFE for foreigners

The Indian government has acted prudently telling people not to travel to New Zealand.

If you were to believe John Key, “one or two” Japanese tourists have also canceled their visit to New Zealand. The actual number? At least EIGHT planeload of Japanese tourists have so far canceled their trip to New Zealand, according to informed sources.

Pinocchio: New Zealand is still a safe place to travel, despite having confirmed cases of swine flu. Original Photo: Yahoo News/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Also when the Sars virus came out the Japanese were particularly sensitive to those issues.” he said.

Mr Key was to meet with the Japanese Foreign Minister earlier today, saying that the topic of swine flu “may well come up in the conversation”.

“I’ll just give him assurance that New Zealand is doing everything it can, that we’ve got a world class health system here, we’ve got large stocks of Tamiflu and that we’re encouraging any New Zealander that shows any signs of influenza to seek the help of their doctor.”

Why bother, Mr Key if only “one or two” Japanese tourists have canceled their flights?

Key also accused the [“the ugly, dark, bastards” ] Indians of exaggerating the risks of traveling to New Zealand.

“Swine flu is going to be in a lot of countries around the world.

“Anything that deters tourists is negative. But the good news is I don’t think we’re in a position that’s different to what most other countries find themselves in.”

“He said it was good that the young people affected in New Zealand were recovering” media reported, “and said no one outside of Mexico had died of swine flu.” he would know the score won’t he!

“We’ve just got to work hard now to contain it as best as we can and make sure people get treatment.”


Mr Key, do you know what happened to Pinocchio when he told lies? His nose grew even longer!

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TB cases, Swine flu in poxy New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2009

55 test positive for TB germs in poxy New Zealand

Fifty-five people  have tested positive for the tuberculosis germs that cause the potentially deadly disease, media reported

Health authorities identified 263 people and want to track down another 20 people for screening.


Kiwis may have swine flue [so, what’s new?]

A group of  school students from Auckland is being tested for swine flu virus after returning from Mexico with flu-like symptoms, Swines NZ reported.

“Three teachers and 22 senior students at Rangitoto College, New Zealand’s largest secondary school, on Auckland’s North Shore, yesterday returned to Auckland on a flight from Los Angeles, after a three week trip to Mexico.”

It’s not known whether the group was responsible for any spread of the virus in California.


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