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Another Japanese Man Missing in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on September 6, 2009

New Zealand Police Farce: Media Releases

Asian Male Missing In Orewa, New Zealand

5 September, 2009 – 14:01

Rodney Police say they have grave concerns for the well being of a 22 year old Asian male who is missing in Orewa. A description of the young man has been issued.

Masashi Hayama
Photo of Masashi Hayama from His facebook account.

Asian Male – Aged 22 years.
Height – 165 cm tall, thin build
Hair – shoulder length straight black hair
Clothing – unknown – generally dresses in black and his jeans always look like they are falling down. He is not in possession of his wallet or his cell phone.

HAYAMA-MORETON was last seen at about midnight on Tuesday 1 September 2009 at the Orewa Beach Holiday Camp. At the time he was in his Silver BMW car which was full of clothing. The vehicle is not being sought. There have been no further sightings of the 22 year old man since.

Mr Hayama has New Zealand residency. He has not returned to his regular home in the North Shore suburb of Bayswater, he has not contacted his family, or any of his friends. Police have carried out an extensive search for the man since he was reported missing by his parents on Wednesday 2 September 2009.

He is known to frequent the Takapuna area and generally stays within the North Shore. Friends have described his recent behaviour as erratic, however his disappearance is considered to be out of character.

[Note the preemptive stroke, preparing the public for the second phase: “Police said his death was not suspicious” statement that would probably follow soon, which means they already know he is dead! TEAA]

Police are appealing to the public for assistance in locating this missing man, and if anyone has any sightings they are urged to contact the Orewa Police on 09 426 4555 as soon as possible. –

Anyone with information contact the police:

Phone: +64 9 488 9758

This is the first news blog in New Zealand to spend a few minutes searching for and publishing a photo of the missing Japanese man, Masashi Hayama. [NZ police didn’t bother publishing the victim’s photo probably because they already knew he was dead.]

We hope he would be found alive and well, in the face of all odds and despite the murder trend against the Asians in New Zealand …

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Dolphins and penguins are dying too!

Posted by te2ataria on August 7, 2009

sent by a reader

The Deadly, Toxic-Algae-Green New Zealand

First read:

Dogs in Rigor Mortis and Dead Pilchards…

Health authorities now say toxic algae may be the most likely cause of death and illness in dogs walking on the Auckland beaches; they had initially suspected malicious poisoning, and for good reasons too. Murdering people and animals by poisoning them with powerful poisons such as 1080, Brodifacoum [dubbed “bloody-f*ck-em”] and the likes, are all too common everyday occurrences in New Zealand.

It has since been revealed that dead dolphins and penguins have also been found on Auckland beaches. See excerpts from a new story breaking out:

auckland mass deaths
Scientists are trying to find out whether there is a link between dog deaths on the beaches and dying dolphins, penguins and pilchards. Photo /Greg Bowker. Image may be subject to copyright.

Toxic algae prime killing suspect

A spokeswoman for the Auckland Regional Public Health Service said officials believed a dog-poisoner was at work when they first heard reports of sick dogs, two months ago on Kohimarama beach. The dogs had been seen eating something above the high-tide mark so natural toxins seemed unlikely, she said.

Reports of sick dogs in Blockhouse Bay parks last year turned out to be deliberate poisoning with laced sausages.

A dog-poisoner was again suspected when two dogs were reported dead at Narrow Neck beach, said medical officer of health Denise Barnfather.

It was not until health officials heard of sick dogs at Waiheke and Browns Bay and deaths of other wildlife, on Monday, that they suspected something was in the seawater.

About the same time, the Department of Conservation connected the dog deaths to increasing numbers of dead penguins in the past week.

Scientists are trying to find the link, if any, between the dog deaths and unusually high numbers of dead dolphins, penguins and pilchards in the Hauraki Gulf.

Andy James, who lives locally, had “reported to the Department of Conservation of seeing up to 40 dead little blue penguins in the past two weeks on beaches north of Auckland at Mangawhai, Pakiri, and Te Arai.” Nzherald said.

Russell resident Alan Wilkinson found five dead little blue penguins at Brick Bay and nearby Tapeka Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Another reader reported seeing eight large jellyfish, possibly Lion’s Manes – a large pink-red creature whose venom can affect the respiratory system – at Takapuna yesterday.

However, Michael Beasley, from the National Poisons Centre, said jellyfish stings would be unlikely to cause the kind of symptoms reported in the ill dogs. The medical toxicologist suggested algal poisoning was more likely, although he stressed he was not an expert in the area.

He listed several symptoms of algal poisoning matching those of the dead and ill dogs. People and dogs can become ill if they eat shellfish or other marine animals that feed on toxic algae.

Shellfish can accumulate much toxins , without being harmed, and pass it on up the food chain. Victims’ symptoms may include weakness, paralysis of limbs, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties, possibly seizures and death.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is believed to be treating toxic algae as the most likely cause of the dog deaths, although a spokeswoman stressed that the only cause ruled out was 1080 or Brodifacoum poisoning.

Meanwhile the Ministry completed the third of three drops of the rat poison Brodifacoum on Rangitoto and Motutapu islands yesterday, Nzh said.

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