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New Zealand Tour Operators: Licensed to Kill

Posted by te2ataria on September 29, 2008

submitted by a reader

New Zealand: Alice in Wonderland Laws

Tourist death, corporate manslaughter, even murder are treated as accidents in New Zealand. The distorted New Zealand legal system does not consider homicide caused by poorly-maintained equipment, vehicles, quad bikes, jet boats as corporate manslaughter, especially when the victims are Asians; those homicides are shrugged off as accidents.

The NZ tour operators are NEVER at fault, regardless of how many tourists are killed. If the victims are Chinese, Koreans, Japanese … [regarded as half-humans in New Zealand,] they receive little or no compensation.

The following is a brief news bulletin on the resumption of Kawarau Jet operations:

Kawarau Jet resumes after tourist death

September 29, 2008, 11:42 am (Yahoo xtra News) Kawarau Jet has resumed its operations following the death of a Chinese tourist last week.

A spokeswoman for the company says all the drivers went back on the river yesterday and followed their normal route to rebuild their confidence. She says the driver involved in Thursday’s incident has been cleared to drive the boat again, but has chosen not to get back behind the wheel for the time being.

Maritime New Zealand and police investigations are continuing into the incident, where a Kawarau Jet boat overturned after hitting a sandbar.

It is also believed there has been no drop off in numbers using the service despite the death. (Source). Copyright the author, or respective news agency.

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