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Canadian Tourist Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 8, 2011

Another day, Another Tourist Killed in NZ

Canadian tourist killed after powerboat collided with buoy near Matakana Island

Thanks to the 5.6m runabout skipper and the rescuers, it took 20 minutes before the body of the Canadian tourist was finally recovered.

UPDATE: The dead Canadian tourist has since been identified as Richard Evans, 63, whose NZ death clock rang out.

The passenger on the 5.6m runabout died after the boat struck a channel marker buoy near Matakana Island, northwest of Mount Maunganui, about 1.50pm yesterday. It is understood the man who died was a Canadian tourist in his 60s.

The 65-year-old skipper was taken to Tauranga Hospital with lacerations to his face and serious injuries.

Immediately after the collision a boatie in a nearby yacht named Wind Rose put out a mayday signal and tethered the yacht to the upturned boat.

Harbour warden Brian Rogers, who was third on the scene after responding to the call, said rescuers were not immediately aware of how many people were involved in the collision.

Clearly, they needed Einstein to suggest a quick search under the capsized boat.

“There was initially some confusion … [the rescued man] was clearly dazed and confused so the searchers weren’t sure whether they were looking for a second person or not.

“He was in shock, understandably, so he wasn’t very coherent,” the warden said.

A crewman from the Port of Tauranga pilot boat dived under the capsized hull and emerged with an unconscious body.

Mr Rogers pulled the man on to his vessel and, with a colleague, performed CPR on him for 10 minutes.

“Then the coastguard told us to stop. He’d been under the water for 20 minutes and had a massive head injury. I don’t think there was anything that could be done for him.”

The coast guard who had finally noticed the “seriousness of the injuries” said, the pair must have been “travelling at a high speed,” the report said.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,023 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 7 February 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

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Another Wave of Deaths Hits New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 9, 2011

More Visitors Are Killed in New Zealand

An Indonesian man was killed during a lifeboat exercise aboard a cruise ship in Lyttelton Harbour Saturday, according to the police farce.

The victim, 29, is said to have fallen into the water after a cable snapped during a lifeboat exercise on the Volendam, a Holland-American line cruise ship.

The cruise ship sailed for Wellington last night as if nothing had happened.

The Indonesian victim was at least the 2,003th foreigner killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 2,003 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 9 January 2011 [About 10,000 others seriously injured.]

Meanwhile, at least 8 people have been killed on New Zealand roads so far this weekend, more than half of them are believed to be foreign visitors.

Other Reported Deaths

No wonder Tourism NZ (Tourist Deathtrap) say they are targeting you!

Tourism NZ targets “YOU”

Tourism New Zealand is personalising its message with a new campaign, “100 Percent Pure You”.

Chief executive Kevin Bowler said campaign was the next step from the highly successful “100 Percent Pure New Zealand” after research indicated New Zealand could increase its appeal by focusing on more than stunning landscapes.

“We have identified people around the world already considering travelling to New Zealand who have the financial means to make the trip, Mr Bowler said.

“The addition of ‘You’ to the successful “100 Percent Pure New Zealand” advertising message is a logical next step that will benefit New Zealand’s tourism industry by highlighting the many individual experiences on offer.”

The campaign starts in Australia today. (NZPA)

A reader commenting on a message board said:

Come meet some really pure thieves, rapists and murderers. Then perhaps swim with pure poo’s and jellyfish before relaxing under our pure hole in the ozone. In the afternoon you could catch a trout from one of our streams (cow urine and fertiliser catchment chanels) then enjoy sitting in a traffic jam for four hours breathing heavy metal fumes. Pure you after that?

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Dumbass kiwis shafted by Avatar

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2010

sent by kiwi moviegoer from Dunedin

Avatar sales reach $1.6 billion, kiwis get one finger salute

The Government handed over nearly $45 million in taxpayer money to the film producers

NOT only NZ government handed over nearly $45 million in taxpayer money to the filmmakers, it’s now defending the scheme that threw away the much needed cash amid growing poverty in New Zealand.

Avatar recently dominated the Golden Globe awards, with sales of more than $1.6 billion. You would have thought the production company would have paid back the money with a fee or interest; they gave the one finger salute to New Zealanders, instead.

“Much of the digital post-production work was done in New Zealand via Weta Digital, and the makers received $44.69 million from the Large Budget Screen Production Grant (LBSPG).” Reports said.

The Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee [Brownnose] said today the grant delivered more than $307 million in tourist expenditure to the New Zealand economy.

“Attracting large budget film productions here offers wider benefits to the economy, including increased opportunities for New Zealanders as well as tourism benefits from having New Zealand locations shown to an international audience,” he said.

“Avatar has set a new standard for visual effects and this showcases our capability in what is a high value, high technology sector of our economy.”


Mr Brownhead said overseas movie and television productions had spent at least $1.42 billion in New Zealand, and New Zealand government had paid out grants to film production companies worth $189.4 million, so far Year end June 2009).

Liar! How come 219,627 New Zealand Children live in poverty?

“New Zealand’s connection to the success of Avatar will continue to deliver huge benefits to the country and will help to attract more large budget productions here in the future.” Mr Brownnose said.

“The film includes a thank-you to the New Zealand Government in its credits.” He added.

Hey, not bad for $45 million!

Other films that have received grants in the year to June 30 2009 include Wolverine, Jumper, The Day the Earth Stood Still, They Came From Upstairs, Underworld 3 and Prince Caspian, as well as the latest in the Power Rangers television series, reports said.

Previously King Kong and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe were also made at New Zealand taxpayers expense.

Here’s another reason why ONE in SIX New Zealanders live in poverty. NZ government prefers foreign movies to food for the poor.

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Two More Tourists Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on December 22, 2009

The 1,759th and 1,760th Tourists to be killed in New Zealand since January 2000 were a European couple

The two tourists, a couple in their 30s, were killed when their campervan collided with another vehicle in on State Highway One about 4 km north of Towai, south of Kawakawa, Northland,  New Zealand.

Police said the pair died at the scene, but refused to say how long the emergency services took before they arrived at the scene.

The accident occurred about 10.40am this morning when a southbound truck collided into the northbound campervan driven by one of the tourists.

According to the reports, the truck driver was uninjured. A woman and child in a third vehicle, which ploughed into the campervan from behind, received only moderate injuries.


Australian tourist critically injured

Earlier today, an Australian tourist was critically injured in Rotorua.  It’s believed that she was hit by car when she tried to cross  a street.

Rotorua Hospital emergency department, which are unable to deal with severe head injuries, asked the Baytrust Rescue Helicopter to fly the victim to Waikato Hospital.

Meanwhile …

In another crash in North Canterbury which occurred on the State Highway 7, on Mouse Point Rd, about 100km northwest of Christchurch, another person was killed. The victim’s identity has not been released.


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Brits Life Much Cheaper Than Israelis in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on August 26, 2009

sent by a UK/kiwi reader

Emily Jordan’s Family Victimized Twice!

When Israelis are killed in New Zealand, their families hit the 8-figure compensation jackpot; the Brits get peanuts [and probably a pair of discounted air tickets.]

emily jordan

Miss Jordan, who graduated from Swansea University , drowned after becoming trapped beneath underwater rocks for 20 minutes.

Chris Jordan, father of Emily Jordan who was drowned in the Kawarau River Gorge in Central Otago in April 2008, received $80,000 [£33,600] in reparations for his “special Daughter’s) negligent homicide. It had cost the family about 10 times as much to raise her.

It’s not known why he agreed to the micky-mouse death compensation, unless the media aren’t telling us everything.

The company, Mad Dog River Boarding, responsible for the victim’s death, was fined $66,000 for Emily Jordan’s negligent homicide.

Emily Jordan’s father told The Otago Daily Times: “We have got to get something out of this, otherwise Emily’s death would be for nothing.

“Many activities in New Zealand carry little or no regulation.

“I have a major problem with this. If anyone wanted to, say, start up a new activity tomorrow going down a river on your head, it would be permissible.”

If indeed NZ Govt hasn’t secretly topped up the reparations to the Jordan family, then they should sue the government.

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You’re guilty as hell and should pay damages

Posted by te2ataria on February 20, 2009

Denial is a key characteristic of cowards. Pakeha would never admit to their guilt. How could they, their very existence is ridden with guilt!

sent by Tami in Wales

Adventure sports company denies guilt after Midland student drowns river-boarding

An adventure sports company and its director have pleaded not guilty to breaching New Zealand health and safety laws nine months after a 21-year-old Midlands woman died in a river-boarding tragedy.

Law graduate Emily Jordan, of Trimpley, Worcestershire, drowned when she became trapped between rocks in the Kawarau River Gorge, near Queenstown, on New Zealand’s South Island, last April. Emily had been riding on a body board on an organised trip in fast-flowing rapids when she died.

Emily, who had a first-class degree in law from the University of Swansea, was on the trip with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jonny Armour.

Maritime New Zealand laid three charges against Black Sheep Adventures Ltd, which trades as Mad Dog River Surfing, and three charges against its director, Brad Alexander McLeod.

The charges relate to the Health and Safety Employment Act of 1992 and each one carries a maximum fine of $NZ250,000 or £90,000.

A spokeswoman for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice told the Birmingham Post that the defendants entered not guilty pleas on February 5.

She added: “The Defendants, through their counsel, have entered pleas of not guilty and the matter has now been set down for a status hearing on March 9, where a fixture date will be given.”

Emily’s father, Chris, who set up the Emily Jordan Foundation Trust with her mum Sarah, sister, Lucy, and brother, Alex, says the family is being kept in the dark by the New Zealand authorities.

He added: “We have not even been told that they have entered pleas. As a family we are not happy with the lack of information and the apparent lack of concern. We had seen articles in the New Zealand press saying the case had been adjourned again, so we wrote to the Ministry of Justice on February 11 to ask what was happening.

“The statement they sent back said ‘please be assured that we are running the case in accordance with New Zealand’s judicial requirements’.

“They did not tell us that pleas had been entered. It’s very frustrating that we are not being told anything.”

An inquest into Emily’s death was opened in West Bromwich in May but Black Country coroner Robin Balmain adjourned the hearing pending a full inquiry in New Zealand.

The Emily Jordan Foundation aims to raise money for people with learning difficulties. A Facebook page for the foundation has more than 900 members and there are a number of fund-raising events planned for this year, including a sponsored cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The cause was close to Emily’s heart, as her 23-year-old brother Alex has autism. Copyright Nick McCarthy, Birmingham Post

Recommended Compensation

NO amount of money could replace Emily Jordan, who was a precious gem to her family and friends. Let’s hope the family’s lawyers  would pitch the death compensation money at about NZ$50million.

Rumor has it that the family of another foreign tourist who was killed/died mysteriously [the public will probably never know the cause of death] received about NZ$20 million in death compensation from New Zealand govt.

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