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Brits Life Much Cheaper Than Israelis in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on August 26, 2009

sent by a UK/kiwi reader

Emily Jordan’s Family Victimized Twice!

When Israelis are killed in New Zealand, their families hit the 8-figure compensation jackpot; the Brits get peanuts [and probably a pair of discounted air tickets.]

emily jordan

Miss Jordan, who graduated from Swansea University , drowned after becoming trapped beneath underwater rocks for 20 minutes.

Chris Jordan, father of Emily Jordan who was drowned in the Kawarau River Gorge in Central Otago in April 2008, received $80,000 [£33,600] in reparations for his “special Daughter’s) negligent homicide. It had cost the family about 10 times as much to raise her.

It’s not known why he agreed to the micky-mouse death compensation, unless the media aren’t telling us everything.

The company, Mad Dog River Boarding, responsible for the victim’s death, was fined $66,000 for Emily Jordan’s negligent homicide.

Emily Jordan’s father told The Otago Daily Times: “We have got to get something out of this, otherwise Emily’s death would be for nothing.

“Many activities in New Zealand carry little or no regulation.

“I have a major problem with this. If anyone wanted to, say, start up a new activity tomorrow going down a river on your head, it would be permissible.”

If indeed NZ Govt hasn’t secretly topped up the reparations to the Jordan family, then they should sue the government.

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Kamikaze kiwi driver injures 4 Americans

Posted by te2ataria on June 27, 2009

Kamikaze kiwi driver injures 4 US tourists, one critically, two others seriously

Kamikaze kiwi Sheryl Ann McFarlane, 57, was killed in a head-on collision with a vehicle carrying a family of four American tourists on State Highway 6, near Wakefield, New Zealand, about 10.30am Wednesday.

A 54-year-old American female is in a critical condition in intensive care with serious head and facial injuries at Wellington Hospital.

A 55-year-old American male man with leg, chest and head injuries and a 20-year-old American man with head injuries are both in intensive care in Nelson Hospital. A fourth American, a 23-year-old woman, received back and pelvic injuries, however, her condition is not believed to be life-threatening.

Ms McFarlane, from Belgrove near Wakefield, New Zealand,  crossed the center line kamikaze style and collided head-on with the rental car.

The American tourists don’t seem to have been taught how to  avoid kiwi kamikazes who take on foreign visitors while playing chicken with cars on New Zealand Highways.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10580715

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You’re guilty as hell and should pay damages

Posted by te2ataria on February 20, 2009

Denial is a key characteristic of cowards. Pakeha would never admit to their guilt. How could they, their very existence is ridden with guilt!

sent by Tami in Wales

Adventure sports company denies guilt after Midland student drowns river-boarding

An adventure sports company and its director have pleaded not guilty to breaching New Zealand health and safety laws nine months after a 21-year-old Midlands woman died in a river-boarding tragedy.

Law graduate Emily Jordan, of Trimpley, Worcestershire, drowned when she became trapped between rocks in the Kawarau River Gorge, near Queenstown, on New Zealand’s South Island, last April. Emily had been riding on a body board on an organised trip in fast-flowing rapids when she died.

Emily, who had a first-class degree in law from the University of Swansea, was on the trip with her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jonny Armour.

Maritime New Zealand laid three charges against Black Sheep Adventures Ltd, which trades as Mad Dog River Surfing, and three charges against its director, Brad Alexander McLeod.

The charges relate to the Health and Safety Employment Act of 1992 and each one carries a maximum fine of $NZ250,000 or £90,000.

A spokeswoman for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice told the Birmingham Post that the defendants entered not guilty pleas on February 5.

She added: “The Defendants, through their counsel, have entered pleas of not guilty and the matter has now been set down for a status hearing on March 9, where a fixture date will be given.”

Emily’s father, Chris, who set up the Emily Jordan Foundation Trust with her mum Sarah, sister, Lucy, and brother, Alex, says the family is being kept in the dark by the New Zealand authorities.

He added: “We have not even been told that they have entered pleas. As a family we are not happy with the lack of information and the apparent lack of concern. We had seen articles in the New Zealand press saying the case had been adjourned again, so we wrote to the Ministry of Justice on February 11 to ask what was happening.

“The statement they sent back said ‘please be assured that we are running the case in accordance with New Zealand’s judicial requirements’.

“They did not tell us that pleas had been entered. It’s very frustrating that we are not being told anything.”

An inquest into Emily’s death was opened in West Bromwich in May but Black Country coroner Robin Balmain adjourned the hearing pending a full inquiry in New Zealand.

The Emily Jordan Foundation aims to raise money for people with learning difficulties. A Facebook page for the foundation has more than 900 members and there are a number of fund-raising events planned for this year, including a sponsored cycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The cause was close to Emily’s heart, as her 23-year-old brother Alex has autism. Copyright Nick McCarthy, Birmingham Post

Recommended Compensation

NO amount of money could replace Emily Jordan, who was a precious gem to her family and friends. Let’s hope the family’s lawyers  would pitch the death compensation money at about NZ$50million.

Rumor has it that the family of another foreign tourist who was killed/died mysteriously [the public will probably never know the cause of death] received about NZ$20 million in death compensation from New Zealand govt.

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NZ Visitor Health Alert No. 25 – Raw Sewage Contamination

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2009

NZ Visitor Health Alert # 25
Raw Sewage Contamination

Large amounts of raw sewage was discharged into Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour after a power cut.

Vistors are advised not to consume food and water that may have originated from the area. Visitors are also advised people to keep away from any sewerage overflows, and to avoid swimming near to St Helliers Bay and Okahu Bay until further notice.

Do NOT collect any shellfish from harbors, bays and beaches in the Auckland area.

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Girl, 13, Kidnapped, Robbed, Gang-raped in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 29, 2009

A 13-year-old girl, possibly a tourist, was forced into a public toilet by a group of 6 males in  the center of Hastings, robbed and gang raped.

The victim was found wandering around the city center in a “dazed and confused” state  and was taken to the police station by members of the public. The Dominion Post said. http://www.stuff.co.nz/4832797a11.html

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Chilean tourist lucky to be alive!

Posted by te2ataria on January 14, 2009

Hitch a ride with a New Zealander and you’d be risking your life.

How a Chilean tourist was nearly killed hitching a ride with New Zealanders

A 23-year-old Chilean tourist suffered multiple injuries after being dragged about 100 meters behind a car in Nelson, New Zealand.

Two men tried to drive off with the tourist’s luggage, after they had offered him a ride to a flea hostel. However, “he felt uncomfortable about the situation and asked to be let out of the car.” A report said.

As he was lifting his pack out of the boot, the driver drove off pulling him along the road as he hung on to his backpack.

Lifesaving advice to the tourists:

If you are “bloody stupid” enough to visist New Zealand, don’t hitch a ride with new Zealanders!

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If You Are Flying to or Importing Food From New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on December 3, 2008

You are committing a double act of eco-terrorism!

On a return flight from the United States to New Zealand, each visitor produces about 7.4 metric tons of CO2 pollution; a UK visitor produces about 17.64 metric tons of CO2 [Note: Driving an average passenger car in the US over a year, traveling 12,500 miles (20,112 km), which burns about 581 gallons (2,200 liters) of gasoline, produces about 11,450 pounds (5.2 metric tons) of carbon dioxide. A couple on a return flight from the US to NZ produce as much CO2 as driving their car for about THREE years! A European/UK couple on a return flight to NZ produce more CO2 than in EIGHT years of driving.]

See orginal entry:

To & From New Zealand: Double Act of Eco-Terrorism

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Short of tourists to bash senseless?

Posted by te2ataria on December 1, 2008

Let’s beat the sh*t out of each other!

Thousands of drunk New Zealanders including many women beat each other senseless in the center of Christchurch.

A senior policeman said:

“It was absolute mayhem. I don’t know how many arrests there were. We just didn’t have time to make arrests; we were just pushing people apart. There were just so many confrontations, scuffles and violence going on; people getting bashed and robbed. It was just shocking, you know, with that 24-hour drinking. It was just incredible.

“You could not arrest someone, which takes (a police officer) off the street for an hour to process them. You couldn’t afford to be off the street for an hour because it was just mayhem out there.”

New Zealanders alcohol abuse and binge drinking are directly related [and proportional] to their lack of moral courage!

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Irish Tourist Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 26, 2008

1,429 Foreign Visitors Murdered/Killed in Poxy New Zealand Since January 1, 2000

Eoin Doran, 21, an Irish visitor, was the latest foreigner killed in New Zealand.

The un-authorities say he was killed while swimming in a river tributary to Lake Taupo with five others! The cause of death is unknown/unreported.

Here’s another tourist who leaves poxy New Zealand in a body bag—a cold, non-porous plastic bag measuring about 36 by 90 inches.

Mr Doran will leave poxy New Zealand in a body bag like the one featured in the photo.

According to a statistical model prepared by a colleague, Mr Eoin Doran may have been the 1,429th tourist who was murdered/killed in New Zealand since Jan 1, 2000.

While no amount of money would bring back a loved one, especially one who was killed so unnecessarily, Mr Doran’s family ought to sue NZ Tourism industry and all other parties involved for negligence, seeking maximum compensation and punitive damages.

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Woman gang raped by as many as 10 ‘animals’

Posted by te2ataria on November 21, 2008

Woman, 33, pack raped by as many as 10 New Zealanders

The female victim, who is a mother of two, was pack raped in popular tourist area in bright daylight!

Update: The sadistic NZ police are trying to psych the victim by charging her with making a false gang rape complaint – in the next step, they may well declare her mentally unfit to avoid prosecuting the rapists!

Police is looking for any photographs that were taken in the Christchurch’s Corsair Bay area, a popular swimming area,  between 11am and 3pm on November 16, 2008.

The Moderators have repeatedly advised tourists against traveling to New Zealand. New Zealand is the World’s deadliest holiday destination. Tourists are very likely to be raped, viciously assaulted, killed on the roads, violently murdered. For more information see links below, and search blog content.

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New Zealand Kills Another Indian

Posted by te2ataria on November 2, 2008

Mr Wolfie’s Seasonal Weapon of Murder? Freight Trains!

Freight trains? Yes, freight trains. Just days after the Swiss electrician was mysteriously found dead on a railway track near Raumati, northeast of Wellington, New Zealand [they said he had been killed by a freight train as he walked on the track,] the body of an Indian man was found on a west Auckland railway track on October 30, 2008. The victim was identified as Lakhbir Singh, 39, who lived with his wife and family near Auckland.

The local police farce wise guy “Senior sergeant” Tony Miller said: “We want to reiterate that using railway lines is not advised and that people should use the proper method of crossing.”

Too many foreigners are being murdered, killed, or otherwise found mysteriously dead in New Zealand. This is simply unacceptable!

The Asian community must conduct an independent investigation into the death of Mr Lakhbir Singh.

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Mr Wolfie Kills another tourist in NZ: A Swiss electrician!

Posted by te2ataria on October 20, 2008

Submitted by a reader:

And the condescending nincompoops have the nerve to tell you: the “death is a sad reminder of the dangers of walking on the railway lines…”

They want you to believe that a 23-year-old Swiss electrician doesn’t know the dangers of walking on railway lines …

The man killed on the Kapiti Coast was Christophe Paul Breisinger, 23, a Swiss electrician on a working holiday, police said.

Our hearts go to the friends and family of Mr Breisinger, and we believe they should launch a private investigation to find out if this tragedy was really an accident, or foul play.

There are simply too many tourists killed “accidentally” in New Zealand. The excuses offered by NZ police as the “cause of death” are, at best, bizarre, unrealistic or improbable! [See links below.]

Mr Breisinger had been in New Zealand for seven months and was traveling around the country with his girlfriend, reports said.

A local policeman, who was on a first name basis with the victim, said: “Christophe’s death is a sad reminder of the dangers of walking on the railway lines.”

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South Korean tourist’s head chopped off with spade

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2008

Welcome to New Zealand: Our Psychos Work Hard with their spades to Keep New Zealand White for the European expats!

A New Zealander calmly described how he had chopped the South Korean tourist’s head off with a spade.

Shannon Brent Flewellen, 29, a former fisherman, from Nelson, New Zealand, and a 31-year-old former Westport man, have admitted to the murder of South Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim in 2003.

Mr Kim was beheaded with a spade after he was throttled in late 2003. He was buried for five years before the police was forced to search for his body after they received an anonymous tip.

“A witness at this afternoon’s depositions hearing in Greymouth claimed that Flewellen confessed that he and his co-accused picked up an Asian hitchhiker on the West Coast Road and killed him.” A report said.

“Flewellin admitted he had put his boot on the hitchhiker’s neck and chopped his head off with a spade.”

“He was relaxed like he was telling us he had just changed his socks or something,” the witness said.

Kim arrived in New Zealand in February 2003, and disappeared without a trace in September 29, reports said. He was reported missing by his family in May 2004.

Jae Hyeon Kim’s mother and brother visit the burial site of her beheaded son

Jae Hyeon Kim’s mother, Leebun Kim, and brother Jaekyung Kim, are shown around the site of his burial by Detective Inspector John Winter, right, and Korean Embassy consul Key Sun Shin, left. A Victim Support worker looks on. Photo: Giles Brown. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Violent Crimes and Pollution in New Zealand: UP!

Posted by te2ataria on October 2, 2008

submitted by a reader

UP Goes the No. of Violent Crimes in Poxy New Zealand!

146 violent crimes each day [up from 130 per day in 2007]

Police crime statistics [though heavily massaged] for the year ending June 30 revealed: 

  • 11 percent jump in violent crime in New Zealand
  • 53,436 violent incidents in the same 12 months period [5,878 MORE violent incidents than previous 12 months ]
  • 52 percent increase in recorded youth crime compared with 8 years ago up from 3,301 to 5,029 violent offences (Source)

Meanwhile thanks to Fonterra [yes, the same people involved in Fonterra-Sanlu tainted baby formula corporate manslaughter case in China,] New Zealand’s waterways are more of a sewage dump than they were 5 years ago.

The Forest & Bird and Fish & Game reported that the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord, which was signed in 2003 by [corporate homicide agents] Fonterra and the [criminal] government of New Zealand, “had not only failed to improve water quality but … rivers and streams had worsened.”

The “Accord” was aimed at improving the quality of New Zealand waterways by reducing the huge volumes of dairy effluent and nutrients currently entering them.

The water quality in rivers and streams of Waikato region, which is home to about 50 percent of the country’s dairy farms, has substantially deteriorated. The high level of bacterial pollution has made the water dangerous for stock to drink, and for people to swim.  (Sources include NZPA.)

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New Zealand Tour Operators: Licensed to Kill

Posted by te2ataria on September 29, 2008

submitted by a reader

New Zealand: Alice in Wonderland Laws

Tourist death, corporate manslaughter, even murder are treated as accidents in New Zealand. The distorted New Zealand legal system does not consider homicide caused by poorly-maintained equipment, vehicles, quad bikes, jet boats as corporate manslaughter, especially when the victims are Asians; those homicides are shrugged off as accidents.

The NZ tour operators are NEVER at fault, regardless of how many tourists are killed. If the victims are Chinese, Koreans, Japanese … [regarded as half-humans in New Zealand,] they receive little or no compensation.

The following is a brief news bulletin on the resumption of Kawarau Jet operations:

Kawarau Jet resumes after tourist death

September 29, 2008, 11:42 am (Yahoo xtra News) Kawarau Jet has resumed its operations following the death of a Chinese tourist last week.

A spokeswoman for the company says all the drivers went back on the river yesterday and followed their normal route to rebuild their confidence. She says the driver involved in Thursday’s incident has been cleared to drive the boat again, but has chosen not to get back behind the wheel for the time being.

Maritime New Zealand and police investigations are continuing into the incident, where a Kawarau Jet boat overturned after hitting a sandbar.

It is also believed there has been no drop off in numbers using the service despite the death. (Source). Copyright the author, or respective news agency.

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