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A People Obsessed with Child Sex

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2009

sent by a parent in Auckland

Joshua Drummond, editor of the Waikato Student Union (WSU) magazine Nexus:

The magazine likes to push boundaries

The magazine published the “jokes” about  having “sex with infants,” “incest” and “abortion,” printed on the puzzle page of its August issue.

Although, the jokes were  described as “absolutely shocking” by a few people, they indicate the zeitgeist of New Zealand, especially its university-educated middle class.

Okay, there were about a half dozen people who expressed their disgust, but that was about it.

“Appalling and disgusting doesn’t even describe it,” said Parentline chief executive Cathy Holland.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”

“A concerned member of the public had dropped a copy of the magazine into Parentline’s Hamilton headquarters,” she was reported as saying.

“It concerns me greatly that this material is published, uncensored, with little checks and balances by either the student union or the university.

“This type of editorial is even worse than pornography and I wonder at the mentality of students to even think that this rubbish is acceptable,” Mrs Holland said.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”
[Solid proof, if anyone needed, that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.]

A teaching student said the jokes were “disgusting and sick”.

“I don’t know who in their right mind would find them funny, unless they are paedophiles themselves,” she wrote.
[She, too, hits the nail on the head.]

Most student magazines focus their jokes on making fun of colored students, with the Chinese often being the butt of their jokes.

In April, 2006, Victoria University’s Salient magazine published the “Top Five Species to be wary of,”  with the Chinese being listed as number 3, Waikato Times reported.

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Meet pakeha pete!

Posted by te2ataria on March 9, 2009

sent by a reader

pakeha Pride, this is what it’s all about: To proudly carry the burden of pakeha psychopathic gene!

What a typical ‘top’ pakeha with university training is like and what should be expected of him/her.

Gareth Pert, 23, aka, pakeha pert, or pakeha pete, works in Afghanistan, apparently in some military-related capacity, or a as a mercenary (euphemistically referred to as “private security guard”) rounding up the “ragheads,” raping their women, and killing their babies.

Born to rob, rape, sabotage, murder and ruin it for everyone else!

First, notice the big rifle he’s holding, which compensates for dissatisfaction with the size of his anatomy.


pakeha pete (aka, Gareth Pert) in his military/mercenary uniform killing ‘ragheads’ in Afghanistan. Photo source: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.

pakeha pete is the typical born to kill kiwi assassin come saboteur pimp.  He sabotaged electronic data of a firm he was working for on his “home” turf out of sheer evil.

He acted out of “pure vindictiveness”, said company director Rodney Sharp.

“The specialist engineering company hired Pert while he was completing his degree at Waikato University two years ago. At that time its annual turnover was $1.5 million.” A report said.

“He was a good student, that’s why we employed him. He just got too big for his boots… He thought he was better than he was.” Sharp said.

pakeha pete apparently tricked sharp to give him  a backup file containing vital business information, with “five years’ worth of engineering drawings.” The report said

“The file was kept off the premises but Pert told Sharp he needed it to fix a corrupt file. Pert then wiped it, as well as two other backups in two fire safes on the premises.”

“His motivation was that he believed he was worth more than he was getting paid. Instead of talking to us, he started adding on five hours on his time card, so we pulled him up on it,” Sharp said.

“I was probably the first person to sit him down and put him in his place… I said, `You’ve cribbed your time cards.’ He said, `I’m worth it’. I said, `I don’t care how good you are, it’s just dishonest’.”

“Pert then wiped the backups and never returned to work. There is evidence he also copied some of the commercially sensitive data but he told police he couldn’t remember what he did with it.” said the report.

“It put one of our projects back by 12 months,” said Sharp. “I was pretty distraught, to be honest. We went through some trying times.”

To all you international employers out there:

Would you employ a pakeha pete? I know none of my friends would touch the likes of the scumbag in a million years!

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