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Liquorice, Rape and Dead Toddler

Posted by te2ataria on March 23, 2010

edited by Tungsten

The Best of New Zealand

Sweets from Hell

Let’s Poison Some of Them Aussie ‘Loudmouths’

“The huge family-owned Darrell Lea company has issued a recall notice for all 185g bags of the company’s yoghurt-coated raspberry liquorice and yoghurt-coated mango liquorice in at least 1100 Australian shops.”A report said.

Aussies found the sweets were contaminated with lead. Lots of it!

It’s not known whether they’re gonna blame it on the Chinese. Darrell Lea management are seeking advice from Fonterra.

Former soccer club manager jailed for molesting boys

Grant Williams, 70, a former Petone soccer club manager, was sentenced to prison for four years and eight months for raping little boys over a period of about 30 years.

He had pleaded guilty last month to 15 charges of molesting 7 boys aged under 16 between 1962 and 1990.

Williams worked at the club until 1990, even though he had a previous conviction for molesting a young boy from  1979.

Lab experiment ends in surgery for severe burns

This one is a hard call. What do you call a school where a lab experiment goes so horribly wrong? Both the headmaster and science teacher ought to be chemically castrated for this near-fatal farce.

A high school student is undergoing surgery after suffering severe burns from a technology class assignment gone wrong this morning.

The year 10 student from , southwest of Auckland, was airlifted to Middlemore Hospital in south Auckland about 9.45am after being splashed with burning methylated spirits.

Fire Service northern communications centre shift manager Scott Osmond said the student appeared to have 50-60 percent burns.

“Anything over 20 percent is horrendous in the case of burns,” he said.

College deputy principal Mark Nickerless  said the spillage happened, when a group of four students tried to fuel a power boat model in their technology class.

“We’re talking to as many people as we can to find out exactly what happened, and we’ve called in occupational safety and health people,” he told NZPA.

“It’s certainly not what normally happens in a technology class.”

Two other students in the group received minor injuries, and the other wet his pants due to the shock.

Liberty Rose Templeman’s Murderer: Get out of Jail Card

There are lots of similarities between white South Africans and New Zealanders. Disrespect for life of others is the common denominator.

“The mother of murdered teen Liberty Rose Templeman said she could have “slapped the face” of the father of her killer, who was sentenced to life imprisonment today with a minimum of 11-1/2 years in jail before being eligible for parole.” A report said.

“It’s not only disrespectful of the deceased but also the surviving victims [family and friends]… Can somebody please explain to us why they think Libby’s life is only worth a 11-and-half-years.”

Rebbecca Templeman said outside the court “that man [Herman Kriel, the murderer’s father had] smirked” when his son got such a light sentence.

Yet another Toddler is Killed in a Driveway

We know NOT of any country in the world, other than new Zealand in which so many toddlers are killed or near-fatally injured in driveways by reversing cars.

A toddler was killed  by a car reversing down a driveway in Wairoa in northern Hawke’s Bay, new Zealand. “The two-year-old was hit by the vehicle just before six o’clock last night. It was being driven by a family friend who had been visiting the child’s home.” A report said.

Woman woken by intruder and raped

Rape is as common in New Zealand as common cold. Despite the reports to the contrary, most of women [and men] are raped by complete strangers. The most common type of rape is a home-invasion rape. At least 91 percent of the rapes in this country are NOT reported.

In the latest reported incident, a woman was woken by an intruder and raped in her in New Plymouth home early Monday morning.

“The woman had been asleep on her own when she awoke to find the intruder in the bedroom of her home in the suburb of Marfell sometime between 3am and 5am, Detective Sergeant Debbie Gower of New Plymouth police said.” NZPA reported.

The victim received minor injuries during her two-hour ordeal.

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