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New Zealand Soldiers Are ‘Well Protected’

Posted by te2ataria on January 22, 2010

sent by a former military man [now a worthwhile person and a pacifist]

Statistically, kiwi troopers may be safer in Afghanistan than they are in New Zealand

Don’t let the “tough guy” photos fool you. Only start worrying when more than a dozen soldiers return in body bags [assuming you’ll hear about it.]

Is it true that they wear pink underwear? Probably not, it would be too expensive and provocative, but the regulars are known to change theirs regularly.

Why did the military allow their “boys” to be photographed?

The main reason is their recruitment campaign. They are falsely portraying New Zealand military as “fearless”, “successful” and “professional”.

In reality, they are very well protected by the US and other military forces, as well as the “friendly Taliban” factions, their main role being patrolling the “safe” areas. The top brass know the soldiers are safe, for now anyway.

[The rest of this post was edited because Moderator did not believe it was necessary for this blog to divulge detailed information about the military operations and individual soldiers in foreign countries.]

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