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Another Air NZ Flying Coffin Catches Fire Mid-air

Posted by te2ataria on September 2, 2009

Will You Be So Lucky Next Time?

Air New Zealand Flight NZ535, a Boeing 737, carrying 95 passengers, was forced into an emergency landing at Wellington airport today.

Air New Zealand Flight NZ535 may have looked like this after it caught fire. Source of the image.

The plane, flying from Auckland to Christchurch, reportedly ran into trouble “about 10 minutes” after takeoff, according to a passenger.

“He said jetstream coming over the engine on the aircraft’s right-hand side turned from white to grey, then black. The smell of burning rubber filled the cabin, causing panic among the passengers, he said.” NZPA reported.

The plane was diverted to Wellington airport for an emergency landing.

“It was pretty scary. A few people were panicking. . . not screaming, but just a bit fidgety, looking around at everyone,” the passenger told Radio New Zealand. “A few of us were wondering what was going on.  I’m a bit religious, and I was definitely saying a few prayers on the way down, I’ll put it that way.”

A naked Air NZ spokeswoman said the plane had to be diverted to Wellington because smoke was detected.


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