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Deadly Police Pursuits

Pursuits initiated by NZ police are designed to kill the “fleeing drivers” as a matter of policy!

Many people including innocent bystanders are killed during police pursuits. Senior police officers like Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price lie through their rotten teeth when they say:

“No one could have foreseen the result. The officers’ absolute desire and aim was to prevent harm on our roads and I absolutely support them.”

Three more teens murdered by police

Teenage brothers Glen and Craig Mcallister, aged 16 and 13, and their 13-year-old friend, Brooklyn Taylor, where violently killed after the stolen car they were in hit police spikes at speed, crashed and exploded in a “huge ball of fire” on Christchurch’s Blenheim Rd on Sunday night (January 12) a report said.

Craig Mcallister, 13, Brooklyn Taylor, 13, and Glen Mcallister, 16, died in a crash after fleeing police in Christchurch on Sunday night. Photo: Stuff

A list of teenagers killed as a result police pursuits since 2015:

For additional victims of deadly police pursuits that are not listed by Stuff, search blog content.

Stuff List:

Two young brothers and a friend – aged 16, 13, and 13 – were killed in a high-speed crash in Christchurch on Sunday night. Photo posted above!

Renee Percy, 35, her unborn baby, and Dennis Tunnicliffe, 25 killed in police chase
The police chase ended on Breezes St in Christchurch at 2.30am on December 5, 2018.  Another passenger in the car, Percy’s partner, was seriously injured.

Alexia Chrissy-Marie Noble-Hazelwood, 18
Chrissy-Marie Noble-Hazelwood was a passenger in a car which crashed into Christchurch East School on November 16, 2018. She died at the scene.

Sharina Storm Meuli, 25, and Connor Talaimanu, 29
Meuli and Talaimanu were passengers in a silver VW Golf, which was driven by Prushya Chaichumphon and carrying five people on October 23, 2017. The three others in the crash, including the 22-year-old male driver, were taken to hospital with serious injuries.   [In a rare admission the police murders rubber stamp authority, aka,] The Independent Police Conduct Authority of New Zealand [IPCA] ruled that a police officer, who drove 200kmh while in pursuit of the car, acted dangerously and should have faced a criminal investigation.

Meadow James, 12, and Ihaia McPhee Maxwell, 15
Fifteen-year-old Ihaia slid into a ditch and hit a power pole while fleeing police. He died in Palmerston North Hospital. The chase occurred on

Bailey Patmore, 15
Bailey was in the boot of a pursued car when he died on May 19, 2018. There were six people in the car. One was 21 years old, and the other passengers were all under 17.

Phillip Allan Taylor, 32
 He slammed into a power pole during a police chase  on May 7, 2018.

Johnathan Tairakena, 25, Phillip Jamie Stretch, 33, and Carmen Marie Yanko, 53
Tairakena and Stretch were driver and passenger in a car being chased by police when it crossed the centre line and collided with Yanko’s vehicle on March 11, 2018.

Morocco Tai, 15
Morocco died after the Honda Torneo he was driving crashed into a tree during a police pursuit in Ōtara, south Auckland, on October 9, 2017.

Ryan Glen Crisp, 22
Crisp was one of four men in a van which crashed and rolled after it failed to stop when police tried to pull it over for speeding at 7.27pm on September 10, 2017.

Conrad Tuhua, 18
Tuhua, the father of two young children, died after losing control of a car that careered into a tree on River Rd in central Hamilton during a police pursuit on August 15, 2017.

Eden Hoey, 32
Hoey was driving at speed in Manukau, south Auckland, with two female passengers, when police spotted him and started pursuing on January 28, 2017. He  crashed into an SUV with four occupants. Hoey was killed in the crash, and his two passengers suffered critical injuries. The SUV’s four occupants were ejected through the vehicle’s back window, suffering serious injuries.

Alaric Eccleston, 31
Eccleston did not die in a car crash but was nonetheless included in statistics of police pursuit-related deaths. He got out of his car and jumped off the Auckland Harbour bridge at its highest point.

Moana Matthews, 17
Matthews was chased by police in Rotorua in the early hours on August 7, 2016. She was pronounced dead at the sceneafter crashing over a stream bank and hitting a berm on the other side.  Three other passengers received injuries.

Hoani Korewha and Pacer Willacy-Scott, both 15
Hoani and Pacer died from the injuries they suffered when their car hit a street light during a police chase in Masterton on January 31, 2016.

Eden Nathan, 16
Eden was killed when a car driven by her 15-year-old friend crashed into an oncoming vehicle and spun into a fence during a police chase in Papatoetoe, Auckland on January 24, 2016.

Nathan William Nolan, 29
Nolan was found dead by his crashed motorbike after a police pursuit on the outskirts of Hamilton on July 18, 2015.

Calum John Meyer, 25
Meyer was killed during a police chase on May 7, 2015.  He hit a cyclist at high speed, but the fate of his victim is unknown.
Meyer’s car caught fire after he hit a truck while trying to dodge the road spikes police had laid out for him. [In an exact repeat of the police procedure in January 2020, three teens were killed. Their photo appears at the top of this page.]

“An IPCA report later found that police should have pulled out of the pursuit, and that restarting the pursuit posed an undue risk to officers and the public.”

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