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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Emigrating to NZ?!?

Let’s hope you are NOT seriously thinking of emigrating to New Zealand!

But if you are considering one such inauspicious move, first ask yourself this question:

Click on the link below:

Why do 1,000 New Zealanders leave the country Each WEEK?

Do yourself and your family a great service! Read the contents of this blog because you and your family’s lives may depend on it!

Did you know that nearly all of the richest New Zealanders permanently reside overseas to avoid chemical  poisoning / toxic contamination / chromosomal DNA damage/ melanoma / eye damage/ and a host of immunodeficiency syndrome diseases, as well as random violence against them and their families?

[For a partial list of environment-related diseases in New Zealand see: Truth about New Zealand]

“Thinking about emigrating to New Zealand? Don’t rush! There are many issues that you should be aware of before you make what could be a very expensive, even DEADLY mistake. New Zealand ISN’T the 100% pure utopia presented in clever marketing campaigns.” – A blogger said.

Don’t also forget to visit the following blogs:

The following links were recommended by other blogs on New Zealand:

Bottom Line: If you, or any member of your family is unprepared to give BJ [oral sex] on demand to the average NZ male in a dark alley, DON’T go to New Zealand.

52 Responses to “Emigrating to NZ?!?”

  1. luthiennz said

    Thanks for the offer. I’ve restored the blog and it can still be found at http://emigratetonewzealand5.blogspot.com but a few posts seem to have got lost in the process.

    If anyone comes across a broken link to a particular post they may be able to find the original on my back up site at http://emigratetonewzealand5.blogspot.com.

    [Beware of fake imitation blogs with similar URLs that are operated by NZ govt agents the so called “Security (sic) Intelligence (sic) Service (sic).” TEAA]

    Best wishes

  2. cat said

  3. Walle said

    Who on earth would seriously think of emigrating to NZ? [rude parts removed.TEAA] but no way would I move there, NO WAY.

  4. Current Charges said

    The Polish site above leads to a dead link:

    also a good one, “Leaving New Zealand”, why people who move there decide to leave

    Great “new look”!
    Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  5. mb138 said

    [Content removed. Since you can’t seem to have anything intelligent to say, why not take an oath of silence? Moderator]

  6. Camlon said

    [Wise guys like you don’t end up in hell, they go to Valhalla, instead. Moderator]

  7. Jo123 said

    What is this site? NZ is the most amazing country and I wouldnt live anywhere else in the world!

  8. THE TRUTH! said

    Try this for size!

    Police minister ’shocked’ at NZ’s level of violent crime http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10635857

  9. Yellowwingedfairy said

    [Good for you, bro. But what’s the advertising for? Do you get paid for it? Moderator: C.B.]

  10. KANE said

    [Nonsense removed. See Editorial. Moderator D.H.]

  11. KANE said

  12. surfer said


    This is the Leaving New Zealand part of the emigrate to nz forum. People tend to be up front on that section because they know they are leaving and are not afraid to speak their minds.

  13. surfer said

  14. Anon said

    [Get your fact right, don’t advertise, and you won’t be moderated. Moderator: KD]

  15. Jane said

    I advise anyone who is thinking of moving here with their family to think twice.

    If you marry a Kiwi, have children and decide to follow them to NZ, then you had better be sure that your marriage will last, because if you don’t you could lose not only your mind, but also your kids to their antiquated family laws.

    The (Hague Conventions Act) is only ever really enforced if your the Kiwi. If your NZ born other half decides to drop his or her responsibilities, don’t think you can just take your family and go home, far from it!

    Unless you are the New Zealander, you can forget about your rights to go back to those that love you, your blooded stranded here alone. You can leave, but your children to the sperm, or egg donor can be held against their will, even if the citizen is a convicted criminal (Something that only comes out when you hit the tarmac at Auckland) they still don’t care.

    Please think very carefully before entering this country with your children, because if your like me, you may never be able to leave again. So unless your willing to leave your child behind with strangers, something I could never have done, then think long and hard about how well you know the person and the country your coming to, because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  16. William said

    [“Dude” the only idiot you’re fooling is yourself. Moderator]

  17. Christian said

    I wasn’t aware of some of the info that you mentioned so I want to just say thank you for opening my eyes.

  18. Trevor said

    You have made a very nice blog with extremely good content.

  19. TS said

    [Thank you. Moderator]

  20. steve j said

    Many thanks for the informative website.

  21. Jennifer said

    This site pisses me off, you guys live here for gods sake and all this is about is damaging our countrys Rep. I hope you post this because foreigners reading this site need to know that not all nzers think like you lot.

  22. Jennifer said

    [See earlier replies. Moderator]

  23. dave said

    [what’s eating you up inside, bro? Moderator]

  24. Paul said

    Unfortunately for my children, my wife, my mother, father and friends it is too late… If anybody is interested in my horrific story that happened in NaZiland (so called New Zealand, and in fact Aotearoa). Stay away from NaZiland people of good will – Paul

  25. NZer said

    Been here all my life and am still loving it

  26. cassie blake said

    Discovered your blog by accident…it’s so outrageously outspoken […] THANK YOU!!!

  27. I encourage all readers to take a look at our tragic experience when we innocently settled in New Zealand:
    We encourage all to circulate the link to our experiences.

    [Moderator’s Note: The above link has been removed, probably by the spooks. However, the details are posted at
    cathy fox blog on child abuse https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/new-zealand-child-sexual-abuse-one-example/ ]

  28. te2ataria said

    @ Frankpjackson
    We are very sorry to hear of your tragic situation in New Zealand. Our deepest sympathies for you and your family in this plight.
    The first thing outsiders learn about rapidly self-destroying kiwi “culture” is the fact we always blame the victims.
    You have a moral obligation to follow the case to its bitter ends and publicise it [preferably from outside NZ].

  29. Erich_Raeder (ALEX FROM NEW ZEALAND) said

    I would tell people who visit this blog and are considering on moving to New Zealand to think twice about it,you could just land in NZ and have no employment at all

    • te2ataria said

      Erich_Raeder (ALEX FROM NEW ZEALAND) said:
      “think twice about it,you could just land in NZ and have no employment at all”
      On top of that, you could have your possessions stolen, wife and daughters raped, and/or entire family killed on our death roads!

  30. steve said

    You have obviously never travelled Te@ataria!

  31. steve said

    [That’s an ignorant attitude… mate. How can you compare those places with New Zealand? Have you been to the DRC? Moderator DH]

  32. Han said

    Having travelled quite extensively I would have to say that New Zealanders take the prize for being the biggest bunch of idiots in the world. A race of brainless, insecure, passive aggressive, humourless, bell-ends. Yeah tourists love the place, if they are lucky enough not to raped or murdered that is, but you can’t really gain a true appreciation for how backward, and god awful a place is until you’ve lived there. And I’ve lived there so I’m better placed than most to accurately judge the inane stupidity of the Kiwi race.

  33. whoeveryouareyouhavearealproblemwithhatred said

    [Tourism NZ style generalisations! Be honest for a moment and write truthfully, if you want your comment posted here. Moderator K. ]

  34. Steve said

    I appreciate your work.

  35. Kurt said

    I was living in NZ for 5 years….. I would say its the worst country on this planet. I was living in the US, UK, Philippines, Cambodia and Switzerland.
    Going back there… hahahahahaha….

  36. […] Emigrating to nz?!? « apartheid fort new zealand Let's hope you are not seriously thinking of emigrating to new zealand! but if you are considering one such inauspicious move, first ask yourself this question: click. […]

  37. eileen r said

    my name is eileen [B] i am of native decent in canada, my husband roy [B] who defrauded me out of everything i ever had or owned including my dreams is a kiwi who works for the courts. He knew that he could get away with this because he knows nobody cares about aboriginals and how trusting they can be. He had nothing before we were married, old junk and a rundown house that he had negative equity on it because he removed so much from the mortgage. i was a hard working woman with a strong ethic who fought to get out of the welfare state of mind i grew up in. i got a job in engineering and even though i faced many discriminations including being black balled by coworkers so i couldn’t find work at home, i continued my dream of working out of town. in fact one cold morning when i was heading to work, i had a head on collision on a bridge deck. i split my eyelid open, fractured my ribs in my back and also fractured my knee. but as soon as i could see and even though i was let go from my position because of the accident. i continued to work even though i was in chronic pain. i moved up to northern alberta and worked very hard to clear up my finances and go on with my life. when my job ended i took any job i could get in edmonton even though i couldn’t get work in my field. i had a bad relationship that put me back into debt. i still desired to be with someone so i met my future husband on a dating page of chinese horoscope. well we talked and i feel in love with this man, not realizing i meet the worst predator of my life… i went to new zealand and we were married shortly after, i really believed i could trust him as he worked for the new zealand courts and we had so much in common. i sent him money to catch up the mortgage as he was going to lose the house or so he said. he finally came to canada for about a year and i supported him fully and sent money to cover all the costs. then he wanted to go back to new zealand so i packed up everything into a container that would be useful to our life in new zealand, i had finally gotten my accident settlement money. i ended up leave a wonderful job in canada that paid extremely well. the house when i moved in was a complete dump, instead of moving back home and leaving. i started fixing up the house that wouldn’t even have sold for less then $40,000. i bought a car and paid for supplies, i did the majority of the interior and exterior work all by myself. even though i was being harassed by neighbours at this time. i finally couldn’t take the harassment after all that time of being isolated and kept under duress. i came back to canada for a short period of time so i thought i left everything at home, clothing, jewelry, you name it , it’s all there. then i waited for roy to finish the few renovations, i heard every excuse in the book from i’m so tired to i don’t have money etc. it was very minor work. we talked every night on the phone, time seemed to pass so quickly. then finally we bought a new home and i was so excited i wanted to home immediately and get going on our tahuna house. our old house was rented out. then in 2012 he started a conflict with me i finally snapped after waiting for years to go home. he always told me he loved me and only wanted to be with me. then i accused him of cheating and trying to steal everything from me. he claimed he wasn’t that kind of person and told me i hurt his feelings so bad he no longer wanted to be married to me. he cancelled my plane ticket home, he would no longer talk to me. i was full of guilt, because he convinced me i ruined our marriage. then i find out he was cheating on me from his sisters facebook page. i confronted the woman and told her that roy is married, she verbally attacks me telling me he hasn’t been married for years and that she enjoys screwing my husband in my bed. i start making more inquiries, i try to fly back home. i find out i can’t enter the country because i’m an overstayer. i request a copy of my immigration file. everything i thought happened didn’t he was stealing my mail to keep information from me. he stole hundreds of thousands out of the mortgages. he put in fraudulent applications and used his position with the courts to violate my privacy and get information. he sent around letters and lies to coworkers to get sympathy. he tried to force a dissolution and lied about the separation date, his coworkers let the applications come to me even though he didn’t fill in all the paper work, his coworkers even changed the mandatory counseling to mediation. He is not an ethical man he used to call maori crayola face and even referred to the town we lived in as nigerwahia. etc… I deserve a voice, i deserve justice and i want my life back. i did nothing wrong except want to be loved, now over 2 years later i’m denied any marital rights, property rights and legal rights. everyone has literally abandon me believing this liar and cheater. i have nothing left of a life i worked so hard for all my dreams have been stolen by this con artist. Please all i want is help obtaining a lawyer and justice. i want my name cleared and all my belongings and money back. his tramp can have him, she deserves a man who would abandon his wife in another country without any money.

    • te2ataria said

      Dear Eileen,
      We are truly sorry for your troubles and fully empathize with you. Unfortunately, all of the moderators are currently out of the country and cannot be of any help.
      However, if any of our readers could provide assistance, we’ll contact you.
      Best wishes for the future,
      Moderator D.H.

  38. Charles Franklin said

    Cancel my plans to live in New Zealand.

  39. Corey said

    The majority of NZ houses are unfit to live in, even for farm animals!

    “New Zealand isn’t a sub-tropical destination and our homes are ‘piss poor'”
    We are a cold country, so why are our houses so ill-equipped?


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