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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Exporting Death

Exporting death to other countries

An incomplete list of kiwis committing murder abroad, or exporting death since 2010:

Whangarei community mourns death of Kiwi couple in US crash

New Zealand man killed by police in Australia

NZer one of more than 100 killed in Afghan bomb attack

Queensland govt considers prosecuting Dreamworld
The Queensland government is looking at prosecuting the Gold Coast Dreamworld park over the deaths of four people, including New Zealander Cindy Low, on its Thunder River Rapids ride.

Kiwi champion kayaker Maria Noakes killed in accident on river in US

Heart surgeon ordered to pay $165k to deadly crash victims’ families
A United States heart surgeon who has dedicated his career to saving lives is having to come to terms with the reality that he caused the deaths of two men in a horrific car crash near Nelson. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/91851943/heart-surgeon-ordered-to-pay-165k-to-deadly-crash-victims-families

Three New Zealanders injured in California car crash

Aspiring NZ model was ‘high on cocaine’ [and alcohol] when she fell to her death from roof
Toni Kelly, 20, climbed on to the roof in her underwear to ‘take photos of the sky’ when she plunged to her death.
Friends said Toni had been watching the rugby before a drink and cocaine-fuelled night out in Clapham, south London.
Aspiring model was ‘high on cocaine’ when she fell to her death from roof

NZ man reportedly shot dead in Philippines

New Zealand baseball player Lincoln Holdzkom killed in car accident in USA

NZer killed in motorcycle crash in Phuket

Wife jailed for ordering husband’s murder

30 year sentence for Sydney murder
New Zealander Daniel Jack Kelsall has been sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison for the stabbing murder of Morgan Huxley in his Sydney apartment in September 2013.

Avalanche claims NZ climber Carol Nash

Plane crash victim ‘an ordinary chap’
The family of New Zealander Rob Ayley, 27, who was killed in the Malaysian airliner crash over eastern Ukraine, will hold a memorial service for him in Wellington on Monday.

Confirmation NZer killed in Syria

Police brutality ‘rife’ in Tonga
Two Tongan police officers have been found guilty of manslaughter over the death of a New Zealander, but the Police Commissioner warns police brutality is still rife in the Kingdom.

NZer killed in drone attack named
The Australian named the New Zealander killed by a US drone attack in Yemen last year as Daryl Jones. Another man, 27-year-old Australian Christopher Havard, was also killed in the Predator drone strike on 19 November last year (2013).

MFAT confirms NZ death in Samoa

New Zealander killed after biomass plant leak, Thailand

New Zealander killed in boat accident named
The Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport in the Seychelles, east of Africa, says the New Zealander killed in a boating accident was Rebecca Davidson, 35.

New Zealand man killed by falling sign in London
Jewish New Zealander Jacob Marx was killed when a nine metre bookmaker’s sign fell on him in the NW London suburb of Camden.

NZ man behind wheel in fatal Kenya crash
New Zealand and African authorities have been told a young New Zealander was driving a minivan which crashed in Kenya, killing four people.

US doctor and Maori health researcher Dr Chris King shot dead in Colorado restaurant shooting, police say

Man killed by Sydney police a NZer

One NZer killed, two injured on Contiki tour in Indonesia

Kiwi sentenced over fatal Melbourne hit-and-run

NZ woman killed in boat crash in Bermuda

Kiwi woman killed watching plane take off on Caribbean island

US girl’s mum shoots Kiwi her daughter met online, as he tried to enter their home

‘Heroic’ Kiwi killed in US storm

Jury deliberating in murder-accused New Zealander Clinton Thinn’s US trial

‘Vibrant, adventurous’ New Plymouth woman dies after jumping with group off bridge in Canada

New Zealand speedway ace Ivan Mauger dies

New Zealand woman Jodie Pralong killed by avalanche while skiing in Swiss Alps

New Zealand heart disease deaths higher than OECD average

US lawyer says Maori have it as bad as black Americans

Editorial: Why is NZ’s skin cancer rate rising while Australia’s falls?

Kiwi dad dies in freak incident in US

Shot tourist’s dad struggles with death
The father of the New Zealander killed in Argentina last week says he’s had a tough time dealing with his son’s death

Investigations begin into Libya killings of Military Intel Pair
New Zealand woman Lynn Howie, 46, and British man Mark de Salis, 48, were killed near a gas and oil facility 100 kilometres west of Tripoli around New Year’s Day.

Weather, pilot blamed for fatal PNG crash
Pilot error and bad weather caused a crash on a Papua New Guinea island that killed three Australians and a New Zealander, a report has found.

Teen New Zealander’s death spurs questions
Liam Davies, 19, died in a Perth hospital after unwittingly drank the deadly cocktail during a night out with friends on Lombok, near Bali, the ABC reports.

NZ man reportedly killed rock-climbing in Croatia
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has named the New Zealander killed in Croatia as Yannick Branson.

Arrest warrants issued over Doha fire
Families whose children died in a shopping mall fire in Doha are no closer to learning what caused the blaze that killed 19 people including New Zealand triplets.

New Zealander stabbed to death in Thailand
Robert Hollick, 43, was stabbed to death during a bar fight in Pattaya, a coastal city south-east of Bangkok, and police have charged Andreas Ringvall, 40, of Sweden with murder.

New Zealander killed in Italian base jumping incident
A New Zealander has been killed in a base jumping incident in northern Italy, the second such death in the last two months.

New Zealander killed in Vanuatu
A New Zealander who was doing business in Vanuatu has been shot and killed in what media there report could have been a dispute over land.
Dick Eade, who moved to Vanuatu 35 years ago, was a recruiter for New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employment scheme [new slavery?]

NZ woman dies after NY helicopter crash

Puzzlement over resignation of judge
A New Zealander whose brother was tortured and killed in Cambodia says the decision of a United Nations war crimes judge to resign is bizarre.
Judge Siegfried Blunk from Germany resigned as of 8 October citing interference by the government, which is trying to block further trials of people who may have been involved in atrocities by the Khmer Rouge.
Kerry Hamill was killed in a Phnom Penh prison in 1978, after a yacht he was on strayed into Cambodian waters.

Top croquet administrator killed in Thailand
World Croquet Federation president and New Zealander Charles Jones has been killed at a tourist resort in Thailand.

NZ-born girl confirmed dead in Norway attacks
Sharidyn Svebakk-Bohn, who was 14, was on Utoeya island, northwest of Oslo, where a gunman on Friday shot 68 people at a summer camp for the Labour Party’s youth wing.

Second NZ family bereaved in Norway massacre
The wife of a New Zealander has been confirmed as one of the victims of the Norwegian massacre.
Ida Marie Hill, 34, was one of 77 people killed in two attacks on 22 July.

Wife killer jailed for 30 years
A man who murdered his first wife in Scotland and tried to kill his second in New Zealand will spend at least 30 years in prison.
Malcom Webster, 52, was sentenced in Scotland on Tuesday after being found guilty of drugging Claire Morris and killing her in a staged car crash in Aberdeenshire in 1994.
Five years later, he attempted to kill New Zealander Felicity Drumm in a similar crash in Auckland.

Tributes flow for New Zealander killed on Gold Coast

Three NZers Murdered
Two young men have been arrested and released on bail following the death of New Zealand teenager Emily Longley in Britain.
A 29-year-old New Zealander understood to be the cousin of murdered Feilding farmer Scott Guy has been killed in a brutal attack in Western Australia.

‘No surprises’ for NZ father in bombing inquest
The father of the New Zealander killed in the London suicide bombings in 2005 says the coroner’s findings hold no surprises.
In recording a verdict of unlawful killing, a coroner in Britain criticised delays in the emergency services’ response but said this did not cause the death of any of the 52 people killed by the bombers.
New Zealander Shelley Mather died in an explosion on a Piccadilly Line tube train.