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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

NZ Police Farce


Racist, rapist, violent, incompetent boneheads “brownheads” [See photo below!] And vicious murderers, too!


Roast Buster Rape inaction. Apparently the police don’t like this image. I really can’t see why not. They have been sitting on complaints about a pack of juvenile rapists of children for 2 years – why? This parody offers a reason by way of satire. Source: https://thestandard.org.nz/perhaps-the-nz-police-should-do-their-frigging-job-properly/

All other countries call theirs the “police force,” in New Zealand the b*stards [PIGS?] are a FARCE!

Police Minister Anne Tolley and Police Commisioner Peter Marshall both caught out by the Roast Busters Rape fiasco. Image: Rod Emmerson. Source: https://liberation.typepad.com/liberation/2013/11/images-from-the-police-and-roast-busters-scandal.html

One of the police rapists finally brought to Justice:

Police scumbag who raped colleague in Northland named as Jamie Foster

Jamie Foster. Photo credit: RNZ / Anneke Smith.  He was found guilty of indecent assault and sexual violation after a two-week trial in the Auckland District Court last month.

“On hearing the guilty verdicts, the 29-year-old lost his composure; swearing and yelling it wasn’t fair in the dock,” a report said.

Complaints [about the police] to the independent police watchdog  [sic] have increased to more than 2,000 in the past year

24 Oct 2008. SMASH: The scene at the corner of Durham and Armagh St in Christchurch after a police car crashed into a two-tonne, four-wheel-drive vehicle and flipped it into an office building. Photo: The Press. Image may be subject to copyright.

In this episode, Christchurch nurse Louise Kerse, 40, was hurt on her way to work when a police car flipped her two-ton, four-wheel-drive vehicle into an office building. “She was hanging upside down for 20 minutes before they got her out.” Her husband said. The nincompoop policeman was “following a moped that was traveling at speed.”

21 Oct 2008. AFTERMATH: The wreckage of a police car involved in a cash during a chase in Christchurch. Photo: David Hallett. Image may be subject to copyright.

A  police car chasing a motorbike that had run a red light collided with another car at an intersection in central Christchurch. “Witnesses said the car flipped through the intersection and smashed through the window of an office building.” The driver, an incompetent  policewoman, remained trapped in her car for a long period, witnesses said.

This police scumbag left a man paralyzed!

23 Oct 2008. Palmerston North police scumbag Timothy Edward Hesketh slammed on the brakes of a police wagon causing spinal injuries to a prisoner in handcuffs who was left tetraplegic [paralysed in all four limbs.]. Photo: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.

The middleclass jury found the scumbag guilty of dangerous driving causing injury to a prisoner, but not guilty of reckless disregard causing grievous bodily harm.

It Took a Full Squad of  Scumbag Paramilitary Police Force in New Zealand to Shoot Briton, Lee Jane Mettam, 37

23 Oct 2008. THE SCENE: A woman was repeatedly shot by police at the First Mobile Vodafone shop in Reyburn St, Whangarei. Photo: WHANGAREI LEADER. Image may be subject to copyright.

A trigger-happy police scumbag fatally shot a Briton, Lee Jane Mettam, 37, of Onerahi, Whangarei, who was carrying an airgun. The police assassin, of course, could have shot the “armed and dangerous woman” in the leg or arm to incapacitate her; however, the scumbag shot the victim in the chest and let her lay on the ground bleeding for several hours so that there would be no chance of her surviving the assassination.

What really happened to the Saudi Arabian Student?


Police chased Saudi national Fahad Brahmim ALSALMAH, 25,  into Waikato River shortly before midnight October 18, 2008.  The incompetent Wellington police dive squad apparently searched the Waikato River, but have not since released any information [as of October 30, 2008.]

On November 2, 2008, Hamilton police scumbags finally admitted that they had “recovered” the body of Mr Alsalmah from Waikato River on October 28, 2008.

Another Biker Chased to His Death by Scumbag New Zealand Police

Yet another motorcyclist died in a police chase in eastern Christchurch on October 29,2008. The rider was 52. Photo: RICHARD COSGROVE/The Press. Image may be subject to copyright. “David Douglas Fowler, 52, died on River Road just after 11pm, after suffering significant head injuries in the fall. Police said he had not collided with the police car [Really?]”

puke police
Constable Nathan Connolly, a “brownhead” Christchurch police scumbag, elbowed a man three times in the face causing serious injuries to him, while the victim was handcuffed in a patrol car. Image may be subject to copyright.

The gang rapist former police scumbag [future evil judge] scumbag Clint Rickards

Clint Rickards- by john-selkirk-dominion-post
The disgraced police scumbag Clint Rickards now wants to be a lawyer, and eventually a judge! Photo: JOHN SELKIRK/Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Rickards [a former assistant police commissioner,] along with fellow ex-police officers Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum, were accused of [gang-]raping and sexually abusing Louise Nicholas in Rotorua, New Zealand, in the 1980s, but all three were acquitted in March 2006 [Thanks to friends in very high places.] Shipton and Schollum were jailed in 2005 for their involvement in a gang rape at Mt Maunganui in 1989. Source: Disgraced police boss Clint Rickards

Rickards quit in 2007, after seeing the evidence supporting 11 internal disciplinary action against him, a day before the first hearing. However, upon his departure, the repugnant creature received a ‘golden handshake’ worth about $300,000. [This is how badly the system sucks!]

The senior police scumbag who was found guilty of assaulting his wife and children was sentenced only to 150 hours of community work.
ADRIAN HITLERMAN, the ugly scumbag was also a police prosecutor.
Source: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.

Yet Another Police Scumbag [and city councilor]: Brad Shipton

BRAD SHIPTON’S victim has told the Parole Board she “died in his hands” the day she was pack-raped at Mt Maunganui in 1989.
Thanks to his “secret society” connection, this scumbag will not serve his full prison term! See Rapist Shipton granted parole. Photo: Dominion post: Image may be subject to copyright.

Police Scumbag: Robert Francis Schollum [aka the ripper]


BOB SCHOLLUM: Serving time for a 1989 rape and abduction. PHIL REID/Dominion Post. 

Schollum was convicted in 2005, with Peter McNamara and former police officer Brad Shipton, of raping a woman in Mt Maunganui in January 1989.

He was sentenced to eight years in jail for rape, unlawful sexual connection and abduction for sex.

Nicompoop of the Day [11/11/2008]

Police Inspector Brian McGurk, area commander for Nelson Bays police. He and his squad of pea-brains chased a stolen dry-cleaning van in their high-powered cars until it crashed. [They idea seems to have been recovering the stolen vehicle, not having it written off!]

Bollocks! Scumbag Commander Bullocks.

New Zealand police murdered a Spaniard who was taken in custody at the Whakatane police station. Francisco Javier De Larratea Soler, 43, was beaten by at least three police scumbags [officers] between 11.30am and 5.20pm on Friday when his life was taken away from him in the police station.

“Police had nearly completed the investigation into the death and were satisfied the correct policy and procedures were followed, said the scumbag police commander [Steve Bullocks]”

Injured teen left in ditch for 9 hours
The father of a teenager found in a ditch nine hours after he was flung from a car says he believes his son was left to die after police officers failed to do their job properly.

Yet another lengthy chase ended in a crash. The “brownhead” New Zealand police in Napier say they wanted to speak to the driver about a domestic dispute, so they freaked him out completely and made him crash.

Police Farce P2 – Racist New Zealand police kill bystander

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  8. H said

    To correct things, you first have to know about them. That is in practice impossible if “someone” first runs to attack all the evil ones involved, since there are too many evil ones in the world, they would not agree to be known if they would be punished right away and even badly.
    Once people know how things are, they can think peacefully about solutions: about ways to prevent FUTURE wrongdoings, then just make those figured out arrangements which are preventive and not punishment oriented, and get so a better future!
    That way, via open discussion, you get only solutions which have the power dynamics of the world FOR them and not somehow tangled against every single good thing in them.

  9. NZ CITIZEN said


  10. joe bloggs said

    why dont you write a entry into wikipida – under shot by police officers in new zealand?

    • te2ataria said

      @ joe bloggs
      We and our colleagues elsewhere have attempted to post entries, including news items, in Wikipedia.

      Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not allow hard truth on its pages.

  11. Watching_YOU said

    [Looking forward to the day you voluntarily leave our land, little man. Moderator]

  12. Watching_YOU said

    [Bet you grew up watching your mum and sister getting undressed. Moderator: KC]

  13. Kranski said

    [Eat Manuka. Moderator]

  14. Kraanski fucken pussy said

  15. Kraanski fucken pussy said

    fuck i’m a loser

  16. MBrown said

    [Since you’re such a sad case, we’ll disallow your comment this time. Moderator]

  17. te2ataria said

    Police mayhem: three crashes a day

    Police cars are involved in more than twice as many crashes as they were six years ago – now having nearly three accidents a day.

    The latest figures, issued to The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act, show 1053 crashes involving police cars in the last financial year – up 140 per cent from 2004-05.

    Police have said the dramatic increase is due to better reporting methods, a claim labelled “silly” and “insulting” by a Lower Hutt man injured in a police crash.


  18. Bill T. said


  19. Sandra said

    This is a message to the website owner. […]

    [Understood, thank you. Moderator]

  20. shannon said

    [You can contact us through this blog, and ask for your message not to be shown. Moderator J]

  21. Jennifer said

    [Dear Sheila, if you’ve something intelligent to say, we’d gladly let you post it. Moderator ]

  22. Jennifer said


  23. Jennifer said

    [Dear Sheila– NZ police farce are NOT “an entire group of people” like “any other” you suggested. Prove to us that there’s a decent “pig” in this country who hasn’t murdered anyone, raped vulnerable victims, beaten up defenseless people, accepted bribe, blackmailed locals, stolen data from police computer, falsified records, made false arrests, slept with prostitutes for free… in say 10 years, and we’d gladly publish his photo and details as the “un-filth” of the year. Moderator]

    [Ps. Unfortunately, 6 out of 8 people who, one way or another, contribute to this blog, live locally.]

  24. Jennifer said

    I’m not gonna fight this battle for the police, I’m sure they’ll take care of business the next time they have to deal with you…

  25. Jennifer said

    [The so-called freedom of speech in this country does NOT extend beyond trivial issues. Even your Chinese friend should know that. Moderator]

  26. Jennifer said

    [See earlier replies. Moderator]

  27. Justine said

    I am the victim of the incident in Pukekohe, 1st January 2009 when the 2 drunken, lowlife cops terrorised myself, my son(10yrs old at the time), one exposing his penis to us(though it was so minute it may have been a wart??), abused and assaulted staff at the BP Pukekohe(all captured on CCTV which was conveniently “LOST”), and then lied their asses off in court with the help of [name removed by moderator] QC. These 2 cops, [name removed by moderator] and [name removed by moderator] were given an escort home while my son and I were held at Manukau Station, separated (is this legal to question a minor without a neutral rep??) for 7 hours. My son had to be shaken awake repeatedly when he fell asleep mid-sentence during his interrogation. We were taken into the station by Auckland CIB at 2am and were not allowed to leave till 10am. The criminal cops, [name removed by moderator] and [name removed by moderator] had the luxury of being chauffeured home to bed, we didnt. Within a week of laying this complaint, my house was raided by some 8-10 coppers hell-bent on finding anything to discredit me. Yep, they found a tiny amount of cannabis in a trailer that I had borrowed from a local market gardener. This market gardener, when visited by the cops, was encouraged to believe the trailer was stolen by me when the cops found he employed the odd over-stayer and threatened him with a visit from Immigration. This story goes on to some unbelievable levels of corruption, I wouldnt have believed the corruption that hides within our Justice System had I not seen it for myself. Congrats to the maker of this website for speaking out but keep your nose clean because theres a bunch of redneck coppers out there that will stop at nothing to nail your ass to the wall if you piss em off. (Try [name removed by moderator], Pukekohe Community Countable who gave me 7 infringement notices for the same bald tyre over a 5wk span, even waiting on my road at 8.30am for me to run my kids to school. Made it very hard to save for that 1 tyre with the traffic hitler attempting some sordid payback on behalf of his mates. Could it be a coincidence that he came from the same cop batch as [name removed by moderator] and [name removed by moderator]??) Anyway, as you probably guessed, these assholes got off, I ended up with $3,000 legal bill and still to this day, put up with some pretty outrageous harassment. You watch these lying pieces of shit get away with the reckless shooting of the young dad on nth western motorway, after all, what do expect when its the police investigating themselves! Come on kiwis, do you have to be a victim of this bullshit yourself before you will believe a story like mine?? It is sickening, it is easier to disregard all that I have shared, but worst of all, what I have said is completely true.

    • te2ataria said

      Justine said, “but worst of all, what I have said is completely true”
      We’ve no reason to disbelieve you. Most of us empathise with your ordeal.

  28. Fucdapigz said

    Yeah i just got screwed by the bastards recently.
    Basicaly Im walking down the street when two middle aged […] These two wankers make allegations and dont have any evidence to back up what they are allegeing.
    And i get bloody arrested any way FUCKERS

    [That’s a tough one. Moderator ]

  29. Usaka said

    This is true. Police in nz are wreckless, careless and speed alot. And theyre not even good drivers. When can we sue them?

  30. BF said

    Police should be called Pedophile protectors as well

  31. Nev said

    No surprises here, published in the Press weekend of Saturday 28th September. More thugs unveiled in the Christ Church police, and the swines still in his job.

    Quote..Christchurch man Russell Owen Byfield, a black belt in karate and a pro ballroom dancer, was left seriously injured after an attack by Senior Sergeant Ron Greatorex on May 6, 2005.

    Greatorex was in an unmarked car, and not in uniform, when he flashed his lights to get Byfield to stop his SUV.

    When Byfield stopped at a railway barrier, Greatorex, wearing blue police-issue overalls without any official police insignia, approached him and told him to get out of his car. Byfield demanded to see formal police identification. Greatorex was unable to provide him with any.

    Byfield, assuming Greatorex was just a workman, and fearing a possible road-rage incident, drove off. Greatorex followed him home and delivered what witnesses described as a violent beating.

    A witness said Greatorex punched Byfield “approximately 15 times . . . in the face, neck and body area but mainly his neck”.
    Greatorex was in an unmarked car, and not in uniform, when he flashed his lights to get Byfield to stop his SUV.

    When Byfield stopped at a railway barrier, Greatorex, wearing blue police-issue overalls without any official police insignia, approached him and told him to get out of his car. Byfield demanded to see formal police identification. Greatorex was unable to provide him with any.

    Byfield, assuming Greatorex was just a workman, and fearing a possible road-rage incident, drove off. Greatorex followed him home and delivered what witnesses described as a violent beating.

    A witness said Greatorex punched Byfield “approximately 15 times . . . in the face, neck and body area but mainly his neck”.

    “He shredded Russell’s clothing from neck to groin. This man was clearly out of control.”

    Byfield suffered numerous injuries in the assault, including friction burns to his upper and lower arm, upper and lower-arm contusion, chest contusion, and contusion of the scalp and neck. He still suffers from neck pain and numbness in his arms.

    Greatorex then charged Byfield with failing to stop for a police officer, assaulting an officer and escaping custody.

    Byfield was initially convicted, but that was quashed two years later on appeal to the High Court at Christchurch.

    Justice John Fogarty said he was “quite satisfied” that the overalls Greatorex was wearing were “not sufficiently distinctive” to identify him as a policeman and Byfield was entitled to drive off.

    He said Byfield was also within his rights to tell Greatorex – who he still did not realise was a police officer – to stay off his property and even entitled to use “reasonable force to prevent him trespassing on his property”.

    The judge said: “When trying to make an arrest, the police officer was not acting in the execution of his duty. He had no right to be in the drive at the gate in the first place.”

    He threw the case out and told police not to attempt a retrial.

    “I am satisfied that on the facts of this case there is no possibility of the police obtaining convictions on these charges.”

    Byfield said he was left with such severe injuries after the assault he has still not recovered.

    Last week Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) was ordered to pay Byfield an undisclosed sum to cover weekly compensation backdated to 2008, according to a decision released by the Auckland District Court.

    Greatorex has never been charged and still works as a senior-ranking police officer in Christchurch.


  32. Jim said

    New zealanders are full sh*t. They all have their heads so far up their butt.

  33. Dave S. said

    Commissioner Mike Bush,

    This lady police chief has far bigger ones than you!

    Älvsborg police chief Lena Matthijs. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT [She takes my breath away!]

    A Swedish police chief’s Facebook post slamming the country’s asylum policy has struck a chord, provoking more than 13,000 reactions and over 7,000 shares in two days.

    Lena Matthijs, police chief in Älvsborg, western Sweden, published the lengthy post on July 11th after she had to tell a teenager from Ethiopia that she was to be deported to her homeland after four years living in the Nordic nation.

    “I feel great shame. Shame for belonging to the state establishment that decided to deport a 17-year-old girl to Ethiopia after four years in Sweden because her homeland is judged not to be sufficiently dangerous or miserable. I gave her the decision in my role as her legal guardian. All doors are now closed. She will be out of the country before the school term starts in the autumn,” her post begins.

    “She has finished her first year of upper secondary school and speaks fluent Swedish. She asked me what will happen to her grades? What will happen with her studies? No one will take her in in her old homeland. The summer job she’s doing here in Sweden will be her only source of funds. Now she has to fend for herself, as best as possible,” it continues.


    • FB said

      In addition to being a remarkable human being, unlike Mike, Bush, the Swedish police chief feels secure that she is living in her own homeland, unlike Mike Bush.

  34. Policewatch said

    It’s time for the Police Farce Commander Pimp [also known as “Mike Bush”] to be removed.

    Police bullying: AOS member ‘feared’ for his safety during training
    “A former member of the Armed Offenders Squad was told he could be the victim of an accident during a firearms training session he was leading.”

    Bullying in the police: Victim reveals identity and wants ‘to see change’
    “A former detective who suffered from bullying for more than a decade in the police has decided to reveal his identity because of the way the organisation has reacted to bullying claims.”

    Bullying in the police: ‘It just builds up and builds up’
    “Bullying remains widespread throughout the police little more than a decade after a commission of inquiry into the organisation’s culture, victims say.”

    Bullying in the police: ‘It absolutely destroys you’
    “A former constable had suicidal thoughts because of the persistent bullying he faced during his time with the police. The man was a police officer for nearly three decades in England and New Zealand, but said he quit a few years ago due to mental stress. He is one of 40 current or former police staff who have told RNZ bullying is widespread in the police.”

    What is it like to be bullied in the police?
    “A senior sergeant told RNZ staff were forced to either join the bullying or wear the abuse. It was harder to get promoted when on the outside, and the mental toll was difficult to handle, he said. A lot of people battled depression as a result, and there was a growing number who struggled with drug and alcohol problems.”

  35. Max said

    Police trials digital person and self-service option
    Today, Commissioner of Police Mike Bush announced two trials beginning tomorrow: a digital person named Ella and..

    Will Ella be giving Mike Bush a digital blow job in her downtime?

  36. PoliceWatch said

    One of the police rapists finally brought to Justice:

    Police scumbag who raped colleague in Northland named as Jamie Foster

    Jamie Foster. Photo credit: RNZ / Anneke Smith. He was found guilty of indecent assault and sexual violation after a two-week trial in the Auckland District Court last month.

    “On hearing the guilty verdicts, the 29-year-old lost his composure; swearing and yelling it wasn’t fair in the dock,” a report said.

  37. NZPW said

    Tuesday, 23 June 2020 – 6:17pm | Auckland City
    Statement on sentencing of Auckland cop for DUI
    Police note the sentencing today of an Auckland City Police officer who pleaded guilty in relation to driving with excess breath alcohol.
    The charge related to an off-duty incident which occurred in March, 2020.
    The man, aged 34, received a fine and has been disqualified from driving for six months.

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