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“Colored” Students

The Plight of Colored Students in New Zealand

Read This: Skin Deep

And This: Proudly Killed in NZ


Submitted by a reader:

International students in Christchurch can now complain anonymously about racial harassment online. Really?

According to a report, 50 percent of the international students who took part in a recent survey said they experienced racial harassment in New Zealand.

What the report doesn’t tell you, of course, is the racial distribution of respondents. What percentage of those who answered the survey were “colored” international students? If only 50 percent of them were “colored” and they all answered positive to racial harassment, your survey result would only register 50 percent racial harassment.

Any survey that tells you less than 100 percent of “colored” students experienced racial harassment in Christchurch, or anywhere else in New Zealand, is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Complain anonymously, indeed. Then try chasing your complaint. [If the issue wasn’t so serious, the moderator would be ROFL.] They really do take “colored” students for fools and imbeciles, don’t they!

My friend, who is a Caucasian and his Japanese spouse, had their emigration application approved. However, they experienced more than 50 incidents of racial harassment, some very serious incidents including damage to their property, in a nine months stay in New Zealand. They complained to the police, and the local Member of Parliament, and lodged a formal complaint with the so-called Human Rights Commission. No action whatever was taken by any of those authorities to address their grievances. They left New Zealand with their two young kids.

The best thing “colored” international students who were lured to New Zealand could do would be to cut loss and leave the country. YOU may just be saving your life!

Read This: Skin Deep

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26 Responses to ““Colored” Students”

  1. […] “Colored” Students […]

  2. Fuckoffkiwis said

    Oh, blow it up their kiwi ass. If they hate foreigners so much, why the fuck do they spend so much money inviting everyone… New Zealand is an awful country and the bastard kiwis should be put in Straitjackets and chained to the ceiling. Kiwis are fucking freaks.

  3. Mike said

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    • te2ataria said

      Mike – Most everyone knows about them bugs!

      Did you know a sophisticated variant of the Koobface virus that debuted last December is hitting Facebook members?

      The new variant trojan-rides a message [like yours] to try to get the reader to visit a fake YouTube page [similar to the link in your message] to install the malware.

      Mike’s IP address:

  4. Tarsia said

    [Unintelligent, feverish, bilious and constipated. Edited by Moderator.]

  5. ink said

    love this site.

  6. Kiwis are blowjob artists said

  7. Fuck New Zealand said

    Fuck New Zealand, fuck the cunts who treat tourists and students like shit and their fucking government. Fuck the day the motherfuckers were born.

  8. Samuel welsh said

    [Did you mean to say “pakeha are not as racist as the aussies, they just dabble in racism? Moderator D.H.]

  9. Samuel welsh said

  10. knuckles said

    [see earlier reply: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/colored-students/#comment-3323%5D

  11. knuckles said

    [To the best of our knowledge, no one on this blog has called you a “wankuh,” so why are you bickering so much, bro? Get a life! Moderator D.H. ]

  12. just a kiwi said

    This blog is raising some very interesting points.
    Though in this case, maybe I am just naive, but as a student myself, I have never seen people racially harass anyone, though as I mentioned, I may just be naive.
    It would be interesting if you could include some accounts of this, as I am all about further preventing such hideous actions

  13. dick said

    i’m pretty sure this site is supposed to be a joke..

  14. Hoari said

    [If you want to be heard on this blog say something original and intelligent. Moderator]

  15. arnold said

    Does the Moderator completely remove any comment that (s)he doesn’t like? Why does the “fuck New Zealand” comment get to stay then?

    [See https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/editorial-policy/ for Editorial guidelines. Moderator K.]

  16. AAA said

    [Now you’ve overstayed your term IQ man, so good bye! Moderator]

  17. connor said

    [Time to take your head out of your ^%$# and own up. Moderator]

  18. truth speaker said

    Man, i always thought to go and live and work in New Zealand. i am 28 year old and i am a Malaysian Chinese. My whole family used to be PR but mine’s got cancelled because my father refused to send me to study there in Christchurch when i was 13 because he thought i was too young and i may have got bad influence there back then. After reading all these testimonies, now i doubt NZ is safe place to stay. However, i still keep an open mind to people who are foreigners or asians, who have lived there for a long time and who may be able to contribute a favorable response to it . Till then, So long NZ!

  19. william said

  20. BF said

    I was born in Hong Kong and studied in NZ. There’s too much discrimination against Asian students in your country. In fact, whenever any Asian student was bullied at my school, and I also know of other schools, the Principal or Deputy Principals would let the bully go, this is how schools for Asian students operate in NZ.

  21. J said

    New Zealand is a pretty racist country to be honest. Speaking from experience.
    Most Asians I met there have been verbally abused when walking down the street. This is very common even in the major cities like Auckland.

  22. Mark Taylor NZ said

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