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Fonterra File

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  1. […] Fonterra Files (Index page) […]

  2. […] Fonterra File (Index Page) […]

  3. […] Fonterra Files (Index page) […]

  4. […] Fonterra File […]

  5. […] Fonterra File (Index page) […]

  6. […] Fonterra File (Index page) […]

  7. […] Fonterra File […]

  8. […] Fonterra File […]

  9. […] Fonterra File […]

  10. […] Fonterra File (Index page about Fonterra-Sanlu corporate manslaughter in China) […]

  11. […] Fonterra File (Index page about Fonterra-Sanlu corporate manslaughter in China) […]

  12. […] Fonterra File […]

  13. […] Fonterra File […]

  14. […] melamine to be added to its infant milk formula on the advice of its New Zealand shareholder. Fonterra has confirmed it gave her a document about Europe’s safe limits of melamine in food, but said it made it clear zero was the only […]

  15. […] Fonterra Files […]

  16. […] Fonterra File […]

  17. dickhead andy said


  18. JLT said

    Don’t know exactly where in Fonterra’s list this should go but –

    Fonterra’s chief executive Andrew Ferrier got a $1.5 million pay rise last year even while the dairy company had a freeze on wages, as executives benefited from incentives paid for prior years.

    “Ferrier’s total pay was between $5.1 and $5.11 million in the year ended July 31, assuming he is the firm’s highest earner, up from a $3.62 million-to-$3.63 million range a year earlier, according to the 2010 annual report. The 41 percent increase is his biggest since 2005, when Ferrier got a 53 percent increase.

    “We had a salary freeze in place for senior management where we didn’t move the base salaries – what’s contributed to the rise was the incentive scheme” from the prior financial year, human resources manager Jennifer Kerr said.”


    “His pay has more than tripled since he took over as CEO in 2003 on an annual stipend of $1.64 million to $1.65 million and he has collected at least $24.9 million in his seven years with the company.”


    Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  19. JLT said

    [What’s Fonterra’s role in that incident? Moderator]

  20. JLT said

    [What’s Fonterra’s role in that incident? Moderator]

    This is a continuation of the earlier events I reported where some tonnes of the Fonaterra Melamine tainted milk powder was found to have again been placed on the market by some Sanlu employees or agents.

    The press today (2011-01-14 11:00:00) reports

    “Chinese Police have arrested 96 people for illegally using leftover powder from the 2008’s melamine-tainted milk scandal to produce dairy products or sell such products since July.

    The 96 were caught in the latest bid to root out the melamine-tainted dairy products that killed six babies and caused kidney problems for another 300,000 children across the country in 2008, the State Council’s Food Safety Commission said on Thursday.”


    THe Sanlu/Fonterra melamine powder appears to be the gift that keeps on giving.

    “By the end of last year, about 2,132 tons of melamine-tainted milk powder had been seized in the latest crackdown, all left over from the 2008 scandal, the statement said. (ANI)”

  21. JLT said

    [JLT This message sent by you on August 4, arrived today, August 9, but the content had been removed. Moderator K. ]

  22. JLT said

  23. JLT said

  24. JLT said

    [Arrived Blank again! Don’t know what to think of this because fire-earth blog has a recent post on FONTERRA which is being regularly updated. Please continue posting comments until we have some idea as to what’s happening. Moderator K]

    [PS. the link to fire-earth is http://feww.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/global-health-alert-botulism-infant-formula-sports-drinks-at-risk/ — they are saying: “The Internet Mafia has previously censored Public Health Emergency and global health warnings posted on this blog. The cabal have blocked or buried for commercial reasons potentially life-saving alerts concerning food items originating from New Zealand, especially Fonterra milk products.”]

  25. JLT said

  26. JLT said

    Now the Chinese have banned other New Zealand dairy products due to nitrate contamination –

    “More New Zealand milk products sold to China have been banned after elevated levels of nitrates were found, raising further concerns over quality and testing in the world’s largest dairy exporter in the wake of a contamination scare earlier this month.” – http://news.yahoo.com/ban-zealand-dairy-products-bound-china-024529526.html

    Of course this will be censored as well.

  27. JLT said

    I could understand (but in no way condone) them censoring comments ans anecdotal statements, but attempting to censor citations to international news service and commentary on those sources has to be counterproductive,

    If possible, you should do a section on just the type of censoring and other cyber hooliganism Apartheid Fort New Zealand has been subjected too.

    It has to be done either by New Zealand’s government or at their instigation, for nobody else with the ability is both ignorant enough, and picayune enough to spend the time and effort in blatant attempts to conceal the obvious.

    Well, let’s see if this critique of of the morons makes it past them.

  28. JLT said

    How hard is it to milk cows and process the results without screwing it up somehow?

    This is millennium old technology, and is done successfully worldwide. And it is one of New Zealand’s major exports. And It is not some sort of rocket science or a highly skilled technical trade..

    New Zealand needs to ask Fonterra how they get it so spectacularly wrong on such a regular public basis.

  29. JLT said

    Fonterra in the international news, yet again –

    “New Zealand dairy exporter Fonterra may face legal action from France’s Danone over the recall of infant formula containing a potentially contaminated Fonterra ingredient, the company said on Monday.”

    “U.S. company Abbott Laboratories recalled its infant formula products containing the questionable ingredient in China and Vietnam and the company said it took a $90 million hit in lost sales in the third quarter and expected sales would suffer into the first half of 2014.

    Other companies affected by the recall include Coca-Cola China, Chinese beverage maker Wahaha, as well as animal feed and nutritional products manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.”


  30. ALR said

    Fonterra’s Chilean subsidiary under investigation

  31. Tom said

    Karma hits Fonterra in the face!

    Fonterra’s ‘skeletons uncovered’ as it predicts loss of $590-675m for year
    Fonterra’s financial skeletons are now being exposed, Canterbury dairy farmer Tom Mason says.

    He said the dairy giant’s announcement that it expects to make a reported loss of between $590 million and $675m this financial year, taking into account likely write-downs, was “a disaster”.

    The announcement comes in advance of the annual results due next month. Last year New Zealand’s largest company made its only ever loss of $186m.

    Fonterra chief executive Miles Hurrell said as a result, it would not pay a dividend for the 2019 financial year. This is a first for the co-op since 2002.

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