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WANTED: John Key

Wanted Alive For ‘War’ Crimes

sent by a reader in sewage city [Wellington]

John Key Sends SAS Assassins to Murder Afghan Women and Children: Reports

We hope the same fate, as the one you’ve imposed upon the defenseless people of Afghanistan, befalls you, your wife and kids!

Meanwhile, there must be a court in this world that would try you and your gangster government for ‘war’ crimes and crimes against humanity!

war criminal

Here’s a suggested inscription for your headstone, after the court disposes of you like they did with Sadman Hussein:

I was a cowboy, on a steel horse
But I wanted to play God, of course
I so desperately wanted to kill the Afghans in biles
Then, suddenly, I was wanted  alive to stand murder trials

In the Hague, sometimes I slept, often something kept me awake for days
And the people I met always didn’t like my ways
Sometimes you told the days by the bottle that you drank
And times when you’re all alone, the sound in your head was a firing tank

I sent SAS assassins loaded with six shooters on their backs
I told them to rape and murder and cut the rag-heads like hacks
I told them to play for keeps, and prayed they could not all have made it back
I had seen a million faces who didn’t deserve to live, not even in a shack

Original photo and lyrics may be subject to copyright!

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Kippah and Toupée Cabinet Plan Final Assault

Posted by te2ataria on August 31, 2009

sent by a reader in NY [Edited by TEAA]

“$100 billion of untapped minerals,” that’s how the international money cartel sees New Zealand

“Stocktaking minerals” on Crown-owned conservation land was a “long way away” from mining the land, says PM of New Zealand, John Key.

Gerry Brownnose, NZ’s Energy and Resources Minister announced last week that the [Kippah and Toupée] government was planning to stocktake mineral resources in conservation land, which are supposed to be protected under the Crown Minerals Act.

The untapped minerals are reportedly worth about US$100 billion, some 70 percent of which are buried under conservation land.

“We certainly have no intention of digging up the Crown’s conservation estate. This is a stocktake, which is perfectly reasonable,” Mr Brownnose said.

Mr Key, too, has started his sales pitch saying  concessions were sometimes given for mining on conservation land.

“Under modern mining techniques it’s not these big open cast wounds on the landscape that results, it’s a surgical incision in the land,” Key told NewstalkZB.

“Some of these debates [about mining] are a little ahead of themselves.

“Let’s just understand what’s there.”

Paul Majurey, a lawyer acting for Marutuahu iwi confederation, said the stocktake had Treaty implications.

“Tribes have claims over conservation land and mineral wealth but the assets had not been on the negotiating table before, he told the New Zealand Herald.” NZPA reported

“Any commercialisation could change that.”

“When we finally get a chance to negotiate with the Crown those are two big-ticket items that are going to be on the table.” Majurey said.

New Zealand Sinking Like Titanic

Sent by a Sydneysider

Don’t let Kiwis take us down with them

There hardly enough lifeboats for Aussies, and Kiwis NOT welcome!

John Key, the appointed Prime Minister of New Zealand [since when the Sheep knew how to vote] is trying desperately hard to make trans-Tasman travel easier.

He is counting on Aussie ignorance to flock across the Tasman, and destroy the already moribund local ecosystems.

While admitting that departure tax and border security will not be affected, Key said  to NZ’s TV One’s Breakfast show.

“When you see the package you’ll see that we’ve significantly streamlined and made things more efficient and there’ll be gains – it’ll be a more domestic like experience.”

The former bank clerk and currency trader, who most probably had a working relationship with uncle Bernie [Madoff,] Mr Key confessed that a 20 percent fare reduction was most unlikely.

But what Key is after, is a single market economy with us Aussies, and a common tax system. He is determined to take us down with his sinking ship.

He is already blowing hot air up  our shorts, while sticking his big nose into our ear, whispering seductively, as he tries to reach for the zipper: “[My trip]  signifies two countries [with] such a long shared history in so many different ways”.

Kevin Rudd must move hid head out of his trousers and apply some common sense to the situation. The Aussie interests and Kiwi interest are mutually exclusive; they work directly against one another. Any single market economy will therefore work in favour of the impoverished Kiwis and against our own interests.

The equation is simple. For every 2 dollars we make, they do only 1 [and a bit.] While a single market economy would work against us; the Kiwis will reap the benefits handsomely.

Say ‘NO’ to a single market economy!


Every time someone flies [across Tasman,] another person dies [from the impact of global climate change]

[NOTE: The phrase “EVERY TIME YOU FLY SOMEONE WILL DIE!” was originally coined by FEWW Moderators.]

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Keisha Speaks the Truth

Posted by te2ataria on August 16, 2009

Quotes of the Week by Keisha Castle-Hughes, and TEAA [the Moderator]

Keisha Castle-Hughes Photo - Norrie Montgomery
Keisha Castle-Hughes. Photo / Norrie Montgomery. Image may be subject to copyright.

“I think it’s derogatory to state that it’s not okay for New Zealanders to stand up and take interest in the world around them… Discouraging New Zealand youth to participate, think and speak out is not for the Prime Minister of NZ.”

“Castle-Hughes is one of the celebrity faces of the Greenpeace ‘Sign On’ campaign urging the government to commit to a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. The government has said it will aim for a 10-20% reduction.” Sunday Star Times said.

TEAA Message to John Key:

Stick to money-lending and defrauding investors in the foreign exchange market [because you cause less direct damage to the environment that way!]

key with nose growing
John Key. Every time he lies about his real intentions, backtracks or eats humble pies, his nose grows bigger.  Photo / Mark Mitchell. Image may be subject to copyright.

On Tuesday John Key [the NZ PM and “honorary Israeli council in NZ”]  said Castle-Hughes, who is an ambassador for Greenpeace’s Sign On campaign, “should stick to acting.”  He  now says he is prepared to eat humble pies, or worse, and chat to actor Keisha Castle-Hughes concerning climate change.

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on the lighter side

Posted by te2ataria on August 8, 2009

sent by the ‘gnome of Abernaby’ [aka, Aussie Ace01]

The tall tales of Martian goblins as told by the gnome of Abernaby

Aussie security services foil plot to kidnap roos

The Australian federal government has just announced that their secret agents have uncovered and foiled a plot by “Martian goblin teroorists,” described as a “task force” with connection to “galactic mad-hatters,” to “catch as many Australian kangaroos as they could” before they are themselves “caught,” or “shooed off” with wooden crosses, and fly them to an unknowns [unspecified] destination near Mars.

faulkner and rudd
Defence Minister John Faulkner and Rudd (AAP). Image may be subject to copyright.

Is it true Minister?

If they say that what they are saying is true, then I’m saying what they are saying! Capice?

Kevin Rudd has keyed New Zealand PM, John Brief, who reportedly gasped with absolute horror.

When the Daily telegraph asked Mr Rudd, if the whole thing was a CIA plot, designed to discredit Martian goblins, the prime minister reportedly gritted his teeth, mouthed a 4-letter word, but otherwise refused to answer.

Ms Rein
The Prime Minister’s wife, Therese Rein, has been discharged from a far north Queensland hospital after being treated for an upset stomach. (Getty Images: Phil Walter, file photo). Image may be subject to copyright.

Meanwhile, Ms Rein, the wife of Australian PM, who has just left Cairns Base Hospital after developing gastritis while trying to down a roast leg of roo for breakfast with a single bottle of rum, was said to be unavailable for comments.

Either the Aussies believe the tall tales, or else the govt has to justify why they throw so much money at their “anti-galactic mad-hatters” defence programme.

Meanwhile, Mr Key is consulting kiwi astrologers to find out why his nose grows bigger, not just every time he lies, but whenever Mr Rudd lies, too!

ABC reported:

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says the Cairns Base Hospital is a prime example of a health facility in need of resources to cope with growing demand.

AMA Queensland president Dr Mason Stevenson says Cairns has one of the busiest emergency departments in the state and among the longest wait times for elective surgery.

Alas, the money is needed for a more urgent and noble cause [them ‘roonappers’ are ruthless] than treating the ever sick and bloody geriatrics. We are fighting a galactic war in multiple fronts, if you didn’t know!


Key Breaks His Arm: Poetic Justice?

Sent by a reader

NZ PM, John  Key Has Broken His Arm in Two Places

Poetic Justice, Chinese Curse, or Political Expediency?

As economic growth is forecast to come to a standstill this year [in reality thing are a lot worse than the treasury publicly admits], and unemployment is seen surging to as much as a quarter of a million [12%] in the next year or so, John Key the newish PM  breaks his arm.

Key fell yesterday while walking down stairs at a Chinese New Year celebration in Auckland. A specialist said he had a double fracture. It’s not known whether he will need an operation.

The Law of Karma: If he lies about the plight of the Asians in New Zealand, or misrepresents the number of tourists that are raped there, his other arm and a leg might break, too!

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Caligula is Dead, Keyus Galerius Maximianus Reigns!

Posted by te2ataria on November 11, 2008

submitted by a reader

Helen Caligula Clark finally bites the dust!

Helen Caligula Clark, the Secret Zionist Emperor of New Zealand, a creature of indeterminable sex with the ethics of a female praying mantis, is finally out!

John Key is in!

Helen Caligula Clark – Her female companions loved her “masculine-looking” crooked Dracula teeth so much she never had them fixed!

Who the hell is John Key?

He is 47-year-old former money market man whose only qualification to be a prime minister, albeit of an illegitimate country, is his Jewish ancestry.

Key was born in Auckland, to George Key and Ruth Key (née Lazar), an Austrian-Jewish immigrant.

Key represents the northwest Auckland constituency of Helensville. A constituency which was re-created for him when he entered politics in 2002.

Education and Qualification

Key earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting from the University of Canterbury in 1981 and attended management studies courses at Harvard University, however, he failed to receive a degree.

Job History

  • 1982 – As auditor at McCulloch Menzies
  • 1982 – A project manager at Christchurch-based clothing manufacturer Lane Walker Rudkin
  • 1983 – A foreign exchange dealer at Elders Finance in Wellington rising to the position of head foreign exchange trader.
  • 1988 – Various jobs at Bankers Trust in Auckland.
  • 1988 to 1995 – Details are sketchy and some of the data is missing
  • 1995 – Head of Asian foreign exchange as Merrill Lynch in Singapore. Within days he was promoted as Lynch’s global head of foreign exchange in London, earning an estimated US$5 million a year [he will return the favors!]
  • He told Metro magazine: “They always called me the smiling assassin.” He has always been proud of his ability to fire staff without feelings. Maintaining his usual fake smile he sacked hundreds of staff after Merrill Lynch’s losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis.
  • 1999 to 2001 – He was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.
  • In 2001, on learning of his interest in pursuing a political career, the National Party president John Slater worked actively to recruit him. Former party leader Jenny Shipley describes him as one of the people she “deliberately sought out and put my head on the line – either privately or publicly – to get them in there” according to Wikipedia.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Key was added to the New Zealand National Business Review (NBR) Rich List for the first time, as his wealth topped NZ$50 million.

“In 2003, as an opposition MP, Key emphasized National’s position of supporting New Zealand’s traditional allies, the United States and Australia. In August 2007 the Government claimed that had Key been Prime Minister at the time, he would have sent troops to Iraq.”

“In August 2007, Labour’s Trevor Mallard hinted in Parliament that Labour were going to try to link Key to the 1987 “H-Fee” scandal, which involved Key’s former employer Elders Merchant Finance and a payment to Equiticorp Chief Executive Allan Hawkins. Hawkins and Elders executive Ken Jarrett were later jailed for fraud.” Key cleverly wriggled out of the catch!

Clearly the international banking mafia view New Zealand as a cash cow still capable of milking, but one that has become too expensive to maintain. Appointment of “the smiling assassin” to the position of PM is meant to reduce the maintenance bill.

Soon to be known as the “Butcher of Beehive!”

John Key [Keyus Galerius Maximianus]
the unqualified [even by sheep-shearing standards of NZ] PM designate of New Zealand seen in this undated photo in his compulsory Israel-First blue tie!Photo: JOHN SELKIRK/Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

“[Key] worked closely with a famed currency trader who mounted a brutal speculative attack on the Kiwi dollar. The attack, which has entered forex (foreign exchange) trading legend for its scale, audacity and profitability, prompted Reserve Bank alarm that the currency would collapse.”

Not all New Zealanders deserve the same terrible fate!

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To the Zionist Establishment in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on August 2, 2009

The Moderators, blog contributors, their families and friends hereby unanimously and unequivocally revoke whatever permission pakeha believe they might have, implied or otherwise, to use Maori homeland as a military base to train and export their terrorists and assassination squads throughout the world.

Image used to represent New Zealand Zionist Establishment. Image may be subject to copyright.

JohnKey GO Home! We don’t want you here!

John Key. The Isreal First Zionist Jewish PM of New Zealand. Photo: stuff.co.nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

Indict Helen Clark, Phil Goff, their civil servants, the military brass and their assassination squads for participating in an illegal war and committing ‘war crimes’ and crimes against humanity!

War criminal Helen Clark, former PM of New Zealand. Under her commandNZ soldiers committed ‘war crimes’ and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan . Photo: stuff.co.nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

h clark and p goff
War criminal Phil Goff (R) photographed with Clark
. During his term as New Zealand’s Defence Minister, New Zealand soldiers committed ‘war crimes’ and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. Photo: werewolf.co.nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

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‘War Criminals’ or Common Murderers

Mazel tov, John Key

Posted by te2ataria on July 13, 2009

sent by a teacher in Auckland [edited by TEAA]

The whole point of being in power is to enrich yourself, your family and rest of the gang!

Rules are not the same for everyone. They never have been. How could they be when you deny the poor what the wealthy takes? The government gang have awarded a $406 million contract to build a 444-meter long tunnel at a time when 50 – 100,000 people are unemployed.

victoria park


The contract for New Zealand’s most expensive bypass,  Auckland’s $406 million Victoria Park tunnel, has been awarded to “V-Formation” a consortium set up by the usual gang.

[Moderator’s Note: the “V” in “V-Formation” must be the two-finger salute to the unemployed.]

“It is led by Fletcher Construction and includes Palmerston North headquartered Higgins Contractors as well as Beca Engineering and Australian consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff.” It was reported.

The tunnel won’t be big enough to bury all of the unemployed New Zealanders, but it has room for John Key and his entire corrupt government, as well as all the rest of New Zealand politicians, corrupt judges, military brass, police and NZ SIS assassins…

Assuming they won’t come back for more money [and that’s a hugely unsafe assumption to make,] the lucky contractors are receiving almost one million dollars for each  meter of tunnel beneath Victoria Park.

“It is estimated that 120 people will be working on the project within six months. This will rise to about 300 by the middle of next year, and will be maintained until the project is finished,” Mr Key said.

“We believe more investment in good quality infrastructure can boost productivity, unlock economic potential, lift non-inflationary growth, and of course create and maintain employment.

“The new government policy statement on land transport funding will deliver an extra $1 billion investment in state highways, bringing the total investment in the next three years to $3 billion.”

Every little bit counts, Mr Key; 300 jobs this year, 300 jobs next year, and soon the 350 – 500,000 people on the dole [“rely on the government for their income”] would be jumping in National Unity.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce was said to be “particularly pleased” because the project would be ready in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. [Dream on!]

“Victoria Park was identified as a road of national significance in March because it is a key bottleneck on State Highway 1 and is of great importance to the Auckland [zero-sum] economy,” Mr Joyce said.

Are YOU wondering why the unemployed figure is posted as 350 – 500,000? The truth is that none of the government agencies in this country EVER tells the truth about anything!

[Moderator’s Note: The perfidious pakeha in Statistics New Zealand were recently caught, again, massaging the Aussie tourist figures.]

Let’s hope that the tunnel won’t collapse shortly after completion, or halfway through it, due to an earthquake, or something basic like that!

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30 Responses to “WANTED: John Key”

  1. Maybe there is a place for John Key in the Tweeter Penitentiary (?)

    • te2ataria said

      He should be kept separate from other human lookalikes (!)

      ‘The Army pounds it into your head: kill everybody’

      http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10586996 —- 7/29/2009

      COLORADO SPRINGS – Soldiers from an Army unit that had 10 infantrymen accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter after returning to civilian life described a breakdown in discipline during their Iraq deployment in which troops murdered civilians.

      Some Fort Carson, Colorado-based soldiers have had trouble adjusting to life back in the United States, saying they refused to seek help, or were belittled or punished for seeking help. Others say they were ignored by their commanders, or coped through drug and alcohol abuse before they allegedly committed crimes, the Gazette of Colorado Springs said.

      The Gazette based its report on months of interviews with soldiers and their families, medical and military records, court documents and photographs.

      Several soldiers said discipline in the 3500-soldier unit deteriorated while in Iraq.

      “Toward the end, we were so mad and tired and frustrated,” said Daniel Freeman. “You came too close, we lit you up. You didn’t stop, we ran your car over with the Bradley” – an armoured fighting vehicle.

      Taxi drivers got shot for no reason, and others were dropped off bridges after interrogations, said Marcus Mifflin, who was eventually discharged with post traumatic stress syndrome.

      “You didn’t get blamed unless someone could be absolutely sure you did something wrong,” he said.

      Soldiers interviewed by the Gazette cited lengthy deployments, engaging in some of the bloodiest combat in Iraq.

      Since 2005, brigade soldiers also have been involved in brawls, beatings, rapes, drug deals, domestic violence, shootings, stabbings, kidnapping and suicides.

      The unit was deployed for a year to Iraq’s Sunni Triangle in September 2004. Sixty-four unit soldiers were killed and more than 400 wounded – about double the average for Army brigades in Iraq, according to Fort Carson. In 2007, the unit served a bloody 15-month mission in Baghdad. It’s currently deployed to the Khyber Pass region in Afghanistan.

      Anthony Marquez was the first in his brigade to kill someone after an Iraq tour. In 2006, he used a stun gun to shock a drug dealer in Widefield, Colorado, in a dispute over a cannabis sale, then shot and killed him.

      Marquez’s mother, Teresa Hernandez, warned Marquez’s sergeant at Fort Carson her son was showing signs of violent behaviour, abusing alcohol and pain pills and carrying a gun.

      “I told them he was a walking time bomb,” she said.

      Hernandez said the sergeant later taunted Marquez about her phone call.

      “If I was just a guy off the street, I might have hesitated to shoot,” Marquez told the Gazette in the Bent County Correctional Facility, where he is serving a 30 years. “After Iraq, it was just natural.”

      The Army trains soldiers to be that way, said Kenneth Eastridge, an infantry specialist serving 10 years for accessory to murder.

      “The Army pounds it into your head until it is instinct: kill everybody, kill everybody,” he said. “And you do. Then they think you can just come home and turn it off.”

      Last week, the Army released a study of soldiers at Fort Carson that found that the trauma of fierce combat and soldier refusals or obstacles to seeking mental health care may have helped drive some to violence at home. It said more study is needed. Many returning soldiers did seek counselling.

      “We’re used to seeing people who are depressed and want to hurt themselves. We’re trained to deal with that,” said Davida Hoffman, director of the privately operated First Choice Counselling Centre in Colorado Springs.

      “But these soldiers were depressed and saying, ‘I’ve got this anger, I want to hurt somebody’. We weren’t accustomed to that.”

      Soldier John Needham described a number of alleged crimes in a December 2007 letter to the Inspector General’s Office of Fort Carson. In the letter, obtained by the Gazette, Needham said that a sergeant shot a boy riding a bicycle down the street for no reason.

      Another sergeant shot a man in the head while questioning him, lashed his body to his Humvee and drove around the neighbourhood. Needham also claimed sergeants removed victims’ brains.

      The Army’s criminal investigation division interviewed unit soldiers and said it couldn’t substantiate the allegations.

      The Army has declared soldiers’ mental health a top priority.

      Fort Carson officers are trained to help troops showing stress signs, and the base has doubled its number of behavioural-health counsellors. Soldiers seeing an Army doctor for any reason undergo a mental health evaluation.

  2. Anytime you come up with anything interesting about John Key, you are welcome to post it at http://tweeterpenitentiary.ning.com. I didn’t realize Key was Jewish until, once again, New Zealand arrogantly walked out on a speech by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (who, as far as I can see, paints an entirely accurate picture of Israeli repression of the Palestinians). Acting on a hunch, I started to research Key’s background. And within minutes, of course, I learned that he has a Jewish mother, who used to take him to the local synagogue. That, in itself, does not prevent a person from updolding the principles of justice. There are dozens of Jewish intellectuals – people like Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, and Norman Finkelstein – who are at the forefront of the effort to curb the aggressive expansion of the Jewish state. But to me, it helped to explain the apparent ease with which Key hobnobs with the likes of Binyamin Netanyahu.

    • te2ataria said

      It’s wrong [unintelligent] to stereotype people based on their race, color, or religion, except when they match the stereotype characteristics. What’s at issue is not the ordinary Jews; it’s the wealthy Jews who support Israel, the “money Jews,” aka, Zionist Jews (or ZioNazis), the Jews with dual Israeli nationality…

      As for something “interesting” about John Key, the war criminal looked like a village idiot when he appeared on Letterman’s show. I make no apology for despising war criminals.

  3. Sorry, “updolding” should read “upholding” in the eighth line of the above.

  4. Whitey prick full of hot air said

  5. Samuel welsh said



  7. Descended from gods said

    [The moderators will not allow anti-jewish remarks on this blog. If you have a problem with john key, you’ll find its his love of money, power and depravity that aspires him to be antisocial, not his jewish genes. D.H.]

  8. Descended from gods said

    [The material was outdated and unsuitable for publishing on this forum. Moderator]

  9. gerry said

    [Yet another denialist who finds the truth painful. Moderator]

  10. Robert said

    [Your comment is unsuitable for publishing on this blog. Moderator K.]

  11. JLT said

    John Key is a dyed in the wool Bilderberger.

    New Zealand should have been warned what to expect when they saw him working for the Federal Reserve in the United States on his resume.

    [JLT, as if NZers have a real say? Moderator K.]

  12. Descended from gods said

    [IF you were for real, and if we allowed that sort of comment to appear here, then you would look like NOT “Descended from gods” Moderator K. ]

  13. te2ataria said

    Starving boy eats roach

    “Crunchy and juicy” – that’s how cockroaches were described as tasting by a starving 6-year-old boy, according to the agency that saved him from his impoverished home.

    The desperate case of the Bay of Plenty child and his three siblings has been offered as a stark example of the degree of poverty in our communities.

    And those in the non-government social sector say stories of extreme need are becoming more common as prices rise, incomes fail to match spending and tighter controls are applied to benefits.

    Other support agencies tell of elderly people eating cat food, because the cost of food for human consumption has risen beyond their reach.

    Homes of Hope director Hilary Price said the Bay of Plenty boy had told her how he and his siblings had eaten cockroaches.

    “This little boy described to me that one day he had been so hungry he found some cockroaches and tried eating them.

    “He said: ‘They were crunchy and juicy’. He said he was very glad he didn’t have to do that any more.”

    The boy and his siblings had been removed by Child Youth and Family from the home they shared with their mother about a year ago.

    Price said they were underweight, had skin lesions and infections, wounds that had not been tended and nits and lice.

    “They had to survive and they are survivors. In many ways that story would be mild,” she said. “I’m horrified with what we see.”

    The agency received 50 per cent of its funding from the Government and the rest was raised through donations. Price said it cost about $30,000 a year to provide care for a child who had been removed from poor family situations.

    “It seems madness not to invest $30,000 a year now so we’re not paying $95,000 a year in [the Department of] Corrections when they are adults.”

    Mangere Budgeting Services Trust chief executive Daryl Evans said the service was under greater pressure than ever. There had been recent cases of impoverished pensioners eating cat food.

    “People are getting desperate for food.”

    Evans said two staff members had resigned because of the pressure they were under.

    Staff had gone from dealing with about 40 families each to dealing with about 260 in just a few months, he said.

    Evans said food and petrol costs had increased but wages had failed to match needs. Government changes had also forced those applying for emergency grants to attend budgeting courses before getting any money, he said. “Working families are doing it really hard.”

    Monte Cecilia Housing Trust director David Zussman said a number of issues reflecting the pressure created by poverty were emerging in communities across Auckland.

    Social Development Minister Paula Bennett did not return calls for comment.

    Outgoing Labour president Andrew Little said last night his party would ask the public at this year’s election whether they were better off after three years under National. “People have a real concern about what is happening with incomes.”


    It’s the most telegraphed ambush in town – but Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is wandering into it. Next Friday, she will meet Mangere Budgeting Services Trust boss Daryl Evans in Auckland.

    Another 22 budgeting services from the upper North Island have also grabbed the chance to put their concerns to Bennett.

    The meeting comes after repeated calls to Bennett’s office, and one television broadcast in which Evans complained meetings were shifted and cancelled.

    After the broadcast a firm date was set.
    By David Fisher

  14. Don said

    [Why is it that the truth hurts you so much? Moderator]

  15. guest said

    what you say about John Key is true!

  16. Brian said

    The BASTARD must be prosecuted for causing so much pain and misery.

  17. EG said

    I like the information on this blog. Thanks!

  18. david b said

    What youre saying is completely true.

  19. HT said

    This is a smart blog. Great job, indeed.

  20. Je trouve intéressant votre article. le sujet est considéré de façon exceptionnellement correcte. Disposez vous d’une page Facebook ?

  21. The Opposition said

    [Leave your real name and email address and one of us would contact you. Moderator FT.]

  22. chloe said

  23. why all this new zealand bullying? im a kiwi but i HAVE to agree that john key is a total dick.

  24. JLT said

    It looks like John Key is planning on robbing the savings accounts of New Zealanders in a similar manner to the scandal in Cyprus :

    National planning Cyprus-style solution for New Zealand – http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1303/S00306/national-planning-cyprus-style-solution-for-new-zealand.htm

    ““The Reserve Bank is in the final stages of implementing a system of managing bank failure called Open Bank Resolution. The scheme will put all bank depositors on the hook for bailing out their bank.

    “Depositors will overnight have their savings shaved by the amount needed to keep the bank afloat.

    “While the details are still to be finalised, nearly all depositors will see their savings reduced by the same proportions.

    “Bill English is wrong to assume everyday people are able to judge the soundness of their bank. Not even sophisticated investors like Merrill Lynch saw the global financial crisis coming.

    “If he insists on pushing through this unfair scheme, small depositors can be protected ahead of time with a notified savings threshold below which their savings will be safe from any interference.”

    Dr Norman questioned the Government’s insistence on pursuing Open Bank Resolution when virtually no other OECD country uses it.

    “Open Bank Resolution is unprecedented in the world. Most OECD countries run deposit insurance schemes which protect people’s deposits up to a maximum ranging from $100,000 – $250,000,” Dr Norman said.”

    Sounds like great thievery to me.

  25. BW said

    new zealand is a majority christian nation, and jhon key is a jew. why is that we kiwis need a jewish banker running our country?

  26. BW said

    only when the last tree has died last river poisoned last fish caught last animal shot will the zionists realize you can eat paper !!

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