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Maori Flag

The Tino rangatiratanga Flag

There isn’t enough room for more than one flag in Aotearoa [“New Zealand”]

Since 1990, some Māori have been using the red ensign less in favour of a new flag which lacks colonial connotations. Chosen through a competition, the Māori flag uses black to represent Korekore or potentiality, white to represent the Ao marama or the physical world of light and understanding, red to represent whaiao or open daylight (representing the achievement of full potential and understanding), and the Koru, a spiral-like shape representing the unfolding of new life. The flag is generally called the Tino rangatiratanga flag.

Maori Blood:

17 Responses to “Maori Flag”

  1. Aneta White said


    I am a student from St Mary’s College in Wellington, New Zealand. I am creating a website for a national website challenge for schools.

    Could I please use a picture of a Maori flag from your website newzeelend.wordpress.com.I will credit your website as the source.

    I hope this is acceptable to you and look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible, giving me permission to use this image for my non- commercial school project.

    Thank you.
    Aneta White
    [email address removed to prevent potential abuse. Moderator]

    • te2ataria said

      Hello Aneta
      The Tino Rangatiratanga Flag is a symbol of the Maori sovereignty movement.
      Neither I, nor this blog, hold a copyright to the image. So long as the flag is treated respectfully, however, I’m sure no one would object to the its use for educational purposes.

  2. Lenny said

    I would like to use this on my blog, is that feasible?

  3. MichaelW said

    [you’ve been banned from the blog for spamming.]

  4. kg said

    What have i stumbled upon here ? What happens 2 the likes of me? My Dad is half Maori my mums pakeha. Iwas raised to believe aotearoa is maori land always has been always will be. I was also raised to believe kiwis had aright to call it home no matter the colour of skin. I refuse to believe we can be so sad as to decide who is welcome who is not based on where the parents/grandparents came from. God help my kids if they ever go home or will they be ok because they have a bit of maori & the dad is samoan therefore the right colour ( for you not the skin heads aye; just cant win )

  5. TAINUI said

    The Maori flag is attractive, distinctive and is a conceivable substitute for the current, however the PM is not against it and this raises a slight problem, it would be a sagacious act to establish beyond reasonable doubt who really controls the UK, is the British Anglo Saxon Celtic Establishment or is it the J factor
    which latter has infiltrated the UK Parliament and 60% of the Conservative Opposition Party without all the populace being made aware.Prior to the appointment of GOrdon BRown, whos Father has visited the land of Israel twice a year for the past 16 years and
    who claims to be a Protestant Clergyman, the only Anglo Saxon Celt in the Blair Cabinet was 2 Jag John Prescott, all the rest were of Jfactor origin using (taken names)at some pevious stage.
    In March 2009 Catherine House Ancestral hand written entries of
    over 200 years of British Ancestry was relocated and the building sold off. The replacement system was microfiched computor entered which meant that its administrators could unnoticed change details.Some ancestral compilers managed to hold onto records as far back as 1937 which were from the genuine hand entered records.
    This denotes the official acceptance of the method by which a person might change his ancestral records.

    Under the circumstances to change the status of the flag in use might be premature and naive because the British Aristocracy and Establishment would stand by New Zealand even if it were Bankrupt .However this would not be the case if it were a Republic and it
    is likely that gunboat diplomacy would prevail on behalf of the Bankers and political winners.
    Every New Zealander owes a foreigner approximately $40,000.00 not a bad result considering how much the Country cost them.
    This debt is the cause of the Immigration open door which is also creating a smokescreen for the J factor.
    It,s a large subject. Keep the United Kingdom on side you could do a lot worse.

  6. Sam said

  7. suspect said

    [Eat manuka honey! Moderator]

  8. tawhaowhao said

    [What’s your point? Moderator]

  9. tawhaowhao said


  10. aswch said

    “Sacred Ground”, a great old Star Trek voyager episode where science meets spirituality.
    Until certain ideas are dropped…Pakeha will not get it.

  11. chritopha said

    pakeha is a racist term

    [Since pakeha aren’t a race, the term ‘pakeha’ cannot and SHOULD NOT be construed as ‘racist.’ A White Moderator.]

  12. arnold said

    [See reply to your earlier comment. Moderator K.]

  13. Gout said

    [FACT: If you send pakeha packing, the Maori can get on with their lives. Moderator.]

  14. Albert Fuckwit said


  15. Spartacus said

    “[Since pakeha aren’t a race, the term ‘pakeha’ cannot and SHOULD NOT be construed as ‘racist.’ A White Moderator.]”

    Eh? There are many awful racist terms that are not races, wog, coolie, honky ,etc. What defines a racist word is the intent in the use.

    That said as a pretty chilled out white guy with Maori friends I think it’s pretty cool I have a Maori word to describe me. 🙂

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