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Margaret Mutu comments could not be racist

The majority of white migrants bring “white supremacist” attitudes to New Zealand.

MARGARET MUTU: “Maori feel very threatened as more groups come in and swamp them.”

Maori cannot be racist against Pakeha if you considered the definition of racism, said Margaret Mutu,  University of Auckland’s head of Maori studies, but the majority of white migrants bring “white supremacist” attitudes to New Zealand.

“Racism is definitely associated with power and using power to deprive another group,” she said.

“Maori are not in a position of power in this country and therefore cannot deprive Pakeha.”

“I’m actually highlighting the fact racism exists in this country and it is a matter that this country needs to address, to debate, to identify what racism actually looks like, then talk about how we are going to fix it up,” she told Radio Live.

Maori women’s group Te Wharepora Hou have made a similar call, according to a report.

“The Auckland-based group is calling for people to focus on racism in New Zealand, rather than simply calling for Mutu to be sacked.”

Mutu’s comments came in response to a Department of Labour report that found Maori were more likely to express anti-immigration sentiment than Pakeha or any other ethnic group.

She agreed with the findings and called on the Government to restrict the number of white migrants arriving from countries such as South Africa as she believed they brought attitudes destructive to Maori.

”They do bring with them, as much as they deny it, an attitude of white supremacy, and that is fostered by the country,” she said.

”You have a minority of Pakeha who are very good, they recognise the racism, they object to it and speak out strongly against it.”


Crown accused of fuelling tribal tensions

The Crown came under a stinging attack for allegedly fuelling tribal tensions, when East Coast Maori met at a special Waitangi Tribunal hearing Wellington today.

The Crown has been accused of ignoring the rights of other groups by granting Te Runanga o Ngati Porou the sole mandate to negotiate the entire East Coast settlement claims.

Representatives of several smaller tribes said the decision disregarded their status as separate and distinct iwi, despite sharing some of the same whakapapa.

They wanted to negotiate with the Government themselves, but time is running out as the Government was trying to reach a full and final settlement by March 2010.

Three East Coast tribes claim a settlement would extinguish their rights to have their own story told and to assert their rights to lands and resources before the tribunal, causing them irreversible prejudice and creating a whole new cycle of contemporary grievance against the Crown.

The Wai 2190 urgent inquiry is based on a question from the tribunal to the Crown as to how it is giving due recognition to the Te Aitanga a Hauiti, Ruawaipu and Ngati Uepohatu iwi in the East Coast Settlement Inquiry district, other than Ngati Porou and if not, why not.

Attempts to negotiate a better relationship between Te Aitanga a Hauiti and Te Runanga o Ngati Porou have been unsuccessful.

Te Runanga o Ngati Porou chairman Api Mahuika has said the hearing is an affront and he will not take part in it.

In a letter to Minister for Treaty settlements Christopher Finlayson, Dr Mahuika said the hearing made a mockery of the mandating process.

At start of the hearing Professor Tamati Reedy said it was humiliating that the tribes had to attend the hearing, which was insulting and denigrated their mana and that of their ancestors.

Attendees were warned to put tensions aside for the three-day proceedings.  – NZPA


John Key: Harawira’s white tirade ‘deeply offensive’  [But not antisemitic!]


Hone Pani Tamati Waka Nene Harawira was elected to the New Zealand Parliament as the Maori Party MP for theTai Tokerau electorate in the 2005 general election. New Zealand Herald Photo by Paul Estcourt. Image may be subject to copyright.

Prime Minister John Key has labelled MP Hone Harawira’s email on white people “deeply offensive” and he wants action from coalition partner the Maori Party.

“Hone has a history of making intemperate and outrageous comments and this one is right up there,” Mr Key told reporters a short time ago.

The Maori Party needed to deal with it.

“Hone Harawira has made a statement that is deeply offensive to a lot of New Zealanders.”

Harawira reacted to an email criticising him for bunking off a work trip to visit Paris by lashing out at white people.

In an email exchange released to Radio New Zealand, Mr Harawira accused “white motherf**kers” of “puritanical bullshit” for expecting him to follow the rules.

“… you’re no better than that w**ker Rodney Hide and the white mofos you complain about,” Mr Mikaere wrote, referring to Mr Hide’s actions in taking his partner on an overseas ministerial trip despite the Prime Minister John Key’s direction against the practice.

“And get off you moral high horse while you’re at it – nobody forced you to be an MP.”

Mr Harawira wrote back starting his email; “Gee Buddy, do you believe that white man bullshit too do you?

“White motherf**kers have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries and all of a sudden you want me to play along with their puritanical bullshit.”

Mr Harawira then went on to say how much time and energy he put into fighting for Maori and what a big role his wife Hilda played in that.

“And quite frankly I don’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about it. OK?”

Then he added a postscript saying he should feel free to go to the media. More on this here …

Maori author wins international award


Maori author wins international award

Photo: Maori author Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira

Maori author Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira has been awarded the international Linguapax Award for her promotion of te reo Maori.

The annual award recognises individuals for their work in multilingual education and linguistic diversity.

Dr Te Heikoko Mataira has written a number of children’s books and novels in te reo, including Marama Tangiweto, He Tino Kuia Taku Kuia and Te Atea, and was heavily involved in the establishment Maori language education.

Linguapax Prize

John Key also target of Maori protest

Key to be target of Maori protest

“Elderly Maori sovereignty campaigners targeting judges’ homes will extend their civil disobedience action to Prime Minister John Key’s Auckland home.”

“The group, led by Ngapuhi elder Tass Davis, plans to start the month-long campaign within two weeks. It will include “occupation-style sit-ins” at Auckland courthouses and private homes of judges.” Media reported.

“Mr Davis, a 75-year-old former Auckland police constable, said there would be no attempt to force entry to Mr Key’s property they would wait until he was at home before acting. “We are non-violent. We will not use any force.”

Mr Key is targeted because he paid “lip service” to Maori issues.

“Mr Key obviously thinks a few seats at the Cabinet table are enough to keep Maori off his back. I’m here to tell him he is sadly mistaken. Perhaps if we are camped outside his front door he might listen a little more to our concerns.” Mr Davis said.

LML! [Leave My Land!]

Eviction tit-for-tat rages


Campaigner Carwyn Kawana has given Housing New Zealand an eviction notice. “He also planned to issue eviction notices to Palmerston North City Council, the Inland Revenue Department, Linton Army Camp and The Warehouse, he said yesterday.”

“I have about 20 [notices] I want to hand out,” he said.

“Mr Kawana, 37, claims to be from the principal bloodline of Rangitaane and he [correctly] argues that people who sold land in the area in 1864 had no authority to do so.”

“Palmerston North has to realise that our family still owns this land. We never sold it,” he said.


Aussie Police Beat up and Arrest Maori Good Samaritans

Good Samaritan act ends in arrest

“A Maori couple who were pepper-sprayed and arrested as they went to help a man lying in a pool of blood on a Gold Coast street say they were targeted because of their race.”

“Kararaina Ngoungou and Munro Waerea, both 24 and from Whakatane, were leaving their motel in Surfers Paradise with friends just before midnight on Saturday when they came across the man, the pair told the New Zealand Herald.”



Maori Leader Claiming Sacred Ancestoral Land Nabbed by NZ Gestapo

Maori Leader Claiming Sacred Ancestoral Land Nabbed by NZ Gestapo

A breakaway band of Rangitaane iwi has failed in a bid to claim Palmerston North’s Anzac Park for a marae.

[NOTE: Marae is a sacred place for religious and social purposes: Moderator]

The group of about 20 yesterday marched from The Square to the bush-covered hill reserve on the edge of the Manawatu River.

However, the protest ended when police arrested leader Carwyn Kawana for trespass. The rest of the group dispersed.

Mr Kawana vowed he would be back every day till his bloodlines got the land back.

He said a marae once stood on the land and it was also an old pa site and the “young warriors” wanted a marae to be built again to honour their ancestors. [Source]

[Iwi form the largest everyday social units in Māori populations. The word iwi means “people” or “folk”; in many contexts it might translate as “tribe” or as “clan.”]

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    Te2 – “Sacred for sale” – some interesting comments about NZ in there.

    [Product Description
    Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Ecotourism, often considered a more benign form of tourism, can in fact cause the most damage, as it targets more vulnerable environments and cultures.

    Is the Sacred for Sale? looks at our present crossroads in consumer society. It analyses the big questions of tourism, clarifying how it can support biodiversity conservation. It also offers a cross-cultural window to the divide between corporate thinking and sacred knowledge, to help us understand why collisions over resources and land use are escalating. Finally we have a full spectrum of information for healthy dialogue and new relationships.

    This book is a profound wake up call to the business world and to decision-makers that shape current policy. It poses important questions to us all and is a must read for every tourist and traveller. –Moderator]

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