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Pissant pakeha

suggested by a reader

Pissant pakeha dwell on stolen lands, which they cannot call home. They are too insignificant a mercenary group, incompetent and incapable of forming a culture; they have demonstrated acute mental disorder and are unfit to be called a nation.

This page is dedicated to creative suggestions on how to repatriate pakeha to their places of origin, preferably peacefully (using minimum force only in self defense and the defense of the land).

[Note: Before sending your suggestion(s),  see Editorial Policy]

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Is the content of this blog racist?

No! Because pakeha are NOT a Race [anymore than the ZioNazis are!]

NOTE: pakeha are invariably introduced as ‘Europeans’ in an attempt to gather support and sympathy for them, and so that they could hide their ugly faces behind the Europeans’ backsides. It’s true, of course, that pakeha are of European descent, but that doesn’t make every European a pakeha [anymore than it makes every Londoner Jack the Ripper, Bomber Harris, or Winston Bloody Churchill.]

This blog is not racist because it doesn’t target, say, Germans, Brits, Dutch or even the Irish.

The blog is against the murderous, rapists, rustlers and land thieves who happen to come from Europe. Had pakeha come from Mars, the blog narrative would be almost exactly the same.

In Moderators’ experience, the average pakeha, the worst murderous land thieves, rustlers and monsters that ever walked the earth, are the lowest form of life. Furthermore, pakeha are neither a race, nor a nation. They are an incompetent mercenary group that occupy other people’s land through the sheer force of their numbers. Any adverse remark made against them, therefore, would be neither racist, nor anti-European.

[It’s acknowledged that a handful of ‘pious pakeha’ live among the vast majority of these thieves and assassins.]

271 Responses to “Pissant pakeha”

  1. mana2000000 said

    Haha! Absolutely! (in a pakeha accent).

    Have you noticed that pakeha have been thrashing the word “absolutely”? Gee they make me sick. Ugly barstads.

    Keep it up te2ataria, I love this site.

  2. wantmyopinion said

    Te2, you need to check out the rednecks on topix, need you to balance things as the inter Hitler Nazi youth gang are always on there spreading their sh!t.

    • te2ataria said

      @ wantmyopinion

      They are Nazis alright, but hitler is long dead. Their new paymasters are the Zionists who are “killing two birds with one stone,” so to speak.

  3. turehulive said

    Pakeha were actually created by god to get rid of his Maori mistakes.

  4. [Repetitive disinformation. Message edited. Mod.]

  5. boo said

    What a bunch of losers you’re so weak – if you think change should be made make it

  6. maganalia said

    Te2ataria thats a very deep hatred you have for fair skinned folk.
    They cant help being born that colour any more than you can help being the colour you are.
    Many pakeha are in agreement with you when it comes to the theft of land.
    You must realise that people are not responsible for the deeds of their ancestors?
    Most people are just busy getting on with it.
    Why do you hate so?

    • te2ataria said

      “Te2ataria thats a very deep hatred you have for fair skinned folk.”

      Only for the ones that raped and massacred my elders.

      “They cant help being born that colour any more than you can help being the colour you are.”

      I happen to like good Europeans, and think they are lovable people!

      “Many pakeha are in agreement with you when it comes to the theft of land.”

      But what have they done to return the land?

      “You must realise that people are not responsible for the deeds of their ancestors?”

      They may not be responsible for the thieving, but they sure as hell are liable for the denial and holding on to the stolen goods!

      “Most people are just busy getting on with it. Why do you hate so?”

      Most of us can’t forgive themselves for not trying to right the wrongs.

  7. ethiopian jew said

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  8. Connor said

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  9. Connor said

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  10. Steve said

    I’m actually amazed that a Maori has learned how to use a computer….

  11. maganalia said

    I dont think I would have come home to NZ if Id known how much people hate each other here.

  12. ricky said

    Very sad that you are going to live your life with these feelings. You only live once, make the most of it.

  13. ricky said

    No matter what you do or say nothing will ever change only get worse, so make the most of your life and enjoy it.

  14. buzz said

    how about you give us all of the blankets, muskets, beads back and then we’ll give you the land back?

    • te2ataria said

      Won’t take that as an insult. What your dumb remark means is that

      a) Maori were kindhearted to give perfidious pakeha a chance. They didn’t sell you the land, because the land was/is not for selling. [Why did you have to forge documents, if you “bought” any land?]

      b) The depth of pakeha foolishness and deception. pakeha thought they were swapping their poxy “blankets, muskets, beads” for the precious land…

  15. Eric said

    [unqualified drivel. Edited by Moderator]

  16. Eric said

    [Disinformation NOT allowed. How many people have been killed worldwide since the start of WWI?]

  17. Eric said

    Ha ha ha! You will never attain you’re stated goals.

  18. ses said

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  19. ses said

    but I think u dont have the balls to actally allow ppl to have an adult conversation about the shit u spout…. gone on te2ataria just leave the comment there for a change! lets have an open conversation about the shit u spout out ur arse…

  20. ses said

    [Edited. This is my blog. If you don’t like what you read, try writing your own. MODERATOR]

  21. nick said

    I may be a sick motha fukka, but this site is crap! If [profanities and death threats removed.]

  22. White Power!!! said

    pakeha are the most historically advanced race on the planet.

    If we didn’t take over new zealand.

    The maori idiots running around half naked wouldn’t have anything…

    using civilized language like “absolutely” is much better than “OWE G, WAT U UP 2 G? SUB BRO KIA ORA KUZZ”

    [Profanity removed. Moderator.]

    卐ⓦⓗⓘⓣⓔ ⓟⓞⓦⓔⓡ卐

  23. Walle said

    [Edited. TEAA]
    Your logic is astounding.

    • te2ataria said

      The problem with the fallacies you had strung up together was that they were “unrelated.” If I were to include that part of your comment, I would have to play “strawman” all day.

      You find my logic astounding, but your “logic” is materially fallacious.

  24. Walle said

    [Rude bits removed, nothing more left to print. TEAA]

  25. Walle said

  26. fuckyou white meat said

  27. FFS said

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    • te2ataria said

      Jeez…. I can see why you’re a “hateful little bastard.”

      That aside, if you Have an intelligent argument (see other comments) I won’t remove your “shit anyway so meh.”

      At any rate, most of the “shit” you smudged your email with, have already been raised and replied, too.

  28. D said

    im a halfcast so what happens to me?

  29. Greek said


  30. mrspliff said

    [Go back to the toilet you come from. Moderator]

  31. argot said

    What do you think of mixed-race pakeha and maori?

  32. Im-blackzilla-fuckme said

    [Wrong blog for your kind. Moderator]

  33. Equality said

    [pakeha disinformation apparatus. Edited. Moderator]

    [PS.you’re no more Maori than John key is. Don’t kid a kidder!]

  34. White Man said

    Give us back our Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs, KFC, DPB and TAB, and you can have your land back.

  35. KKK said

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  36. White South African said

    [Malicious lies and half truths. Edited. Moderator]

  37. Anty said

    So much for New Zealand being a loving, caring country…

  38. Kapa O Phuckme-n-ma-mama said

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  39. Wow said

    [Bitching. Edited. If you don’t like what you see here…. Moderator]

  40. Rangi said

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  41. Kapa O Phuckme-n-ma-mama said

  42. SWANDRY said

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  43. SWANDRY said

    If you want people to listen and maybe respect your own opion then you probably need to give them room to express theirs.

  44. Mike said

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  45. SWANDRY said

    Oh come on brother you’re hurting my feelings here. I have an opinion as well.

  46. SWANDRY said

    Right fuck it. You’ve inspired me. Im now going to start my own blog on overzealous moderators.

  47. Sam said

    This is not advertising. It is a thread made discussing your blog post and they’d love to get some input from you regarding it.

    Have yourself a nice day.

    • te2ataria said

      “It is a thread made discussing your blog”
      You’re entitled to your opinion as I’m to mine. If anyone wants to know my opinion on various issues they know where to find me.

      Gudday mate!

  48. Equality said

  49. D2 said

    [Have you seen a doctor lately? Perhaps you should… Moderator.]

  50. Mettler said

    Dude, short of an actual civil war, change simply isn’t coming. Us ‘pakeha’ as you label us are also stuck having inherited this shitty capitalist resource raping banking/monetary system, and modern unsustainable lifestyle.

    I’d love to get through the day feeding myself without producing waste food wrappers, I’d love to have transport without the pollution involved… I’d love to live off the grid, grow my own food and be self sustainable… however it’s not as simple as just doing that, or ‘giving’ you your land back… I don’t even have any land to give you! And where would you have us go?

    New Zealand is as much my home as it is yours, and I have just as much respect for her as you do. You should focus your anger at the people at the top, because down at this level we are as brothers under their oppression.

    If you think it’s bad now, it’s only going to get worse with the onset of rampant globalisation. Just wait until the introduction of a global currency and a single world religion, we may see these things pushed on us within our lifetimes and will be powerless to stop it. You can thank the bankers for it.

    • te2ataria said

      @ Mettler

      Dude, when the change came in the former soviet block there was no civil war, or bloodshed.
      “New Zealand is as much my home as it is yours,”
      It really isn’t even by pakeha laws. But I have no problem with ordinary pakeha.
      “ You should focus your anger at the people at the top, because down at this level we are as brothers under their oppression.”
      It’s the cocky, sergeant major type, like pakeha pete, that aren’t welcome here!

      If you have as much respect for the land as Maori, you would know instinctively what this is all about!

  51. fucking pakeha said

  52. mrspliff said

  53. Teanz said

  54. Proudpakehawithamaorigirlfriend said

    [Unintelligent comment. Edited. Moderator]

    [PS. Proud of what?]

  55. Freeman said

    Would rather you [profanity removed. Moderator] would stop breaking into my house, stealing my car and fucking my daughter thanks. Very annoying.

    • te2ataria said

      Firstly, your house is built on stolen land. Secondly, the only thieves I’ve ever met come from your lot.
      Thirdly, as for your daughter, that would be wishful thinking on your part.

  56. dirty shitstained white pigfucker and proud of it said

    [Judging by what you call yourself, I deleted the content unread. Moderator ]

  57. White Mother****er said

    Dear Mr Harawira,
    Yours sincerely
    The Raping Pillaging White Mother****er Organisation

    [Unrelated comment. If you have a bone to pick with Harawira, you can probably email him through his constituency office. Moderator]

  58. D said

    ok so im a halfcast. mums side of the family are maori, maori last name, look maori, act maori, are maori right. dads side is white.

  59. LOLCAKES said

    [If you were intelligent, or at least witty, and your head wasn’t stuck up your rear, you could comment on this block. Moderator]

    [PS. “Local Fruitcake” is far more appropriate. Mod]

  60. LOLCAKES said

  61. Col Klink said

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  62. gay jungle fever said

    i have gay jungle fever

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  63. gay jungle fever said

  64. Anonymous said

  65. This Site is ... said

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  66. Question said

    “They are too insignificant a mercenary group, incompetent, incapable of forming a culture; they have demonstrated acute mental disorder and are unfit to be called a nation.”

    Howcome, if we are indeed insignificant and incompetent, that we managed to over-run your people?

    • te2ataria said

      It isn’t good baptism to leave halfway through the sermon.
      The rest of that passge reads:

      “They are an incompetent mercenary group that occupy other people’s land through the sheer force of their numbers.”

      Main keyword: “numbers”
      Other keywords: “mercenary,” “force,” “mental disorder”

  67. Pissant Pakeha said

    [One foul mouth and 3 names? Edited by Moderator.]

  68. Maori Power! said

    [One foul mouth and 3 names? Edited by Moderator.]

  69. Pakeha said

    [One foul mouth and 3 names? Edited by Moderator.]

  70. Dickeater4Lyf said


  71. poledo said

    Do you consider all Pakeha to be “Pissants”, or is that a label reserved only for selcet few? Surely you don’t resent the entire Pakeha race?

  72. Reason said

    TeZataria – How do you define pakeha? Are you reffering to all the ancestors of all the Europeans who initially colonised New Zealand?

  73. Reason said

    That’s all well and good, but you’re still calling Pakeha (which is a term generally used to define Europeans who colonised New Zealand) the equivalent of blood thirsty rapists who will not rest untill they have destroyed all that is good and pure, without explicitly stating in your posts that you have a unique way of classifying them. Most readers will not scroll half way down the numerous comments until they find something less extremist.

  74. W.B. said

    I am a white regular visitor with some Native American blood and I ignore most of the comments from angry visitors and retorts of te2 though some like the family business one above was an A-1 comeback, and simply read the exposes. It is a good resource. This url seems to be the one attracting most of the troll commenters.

    • te2ataria said

      “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” –George O.

      The Avatars are automatically generated by WordPress and stay the same for a given email address.

  75. A.C. said


    hope this helps, good luck

  76. Taniwha said

    [Nothing to stop you from starting up your own blog. Mod.]

  77. Zookeeper said

    [Take your animals with you and go home! Moderator]

  78. rangipoopa said

    Love this website, brother. Keep it up. Send those [pakeha] back to where they came from!!!

  79. anon said

  80. anon said


    I am a Pakeha, and believe that the way in which Maori have been treated over the years is despicable. While I do not agree with everything you have to say about my race, I definitely agree with your views on police brutality and Maori land ownership – it’s shitty.

    Have you ever thought about maybe getting into politics?


    • te2ataria said

      On the first point we must disagree: pakeha aren’t a race. See content.
      On the second point: this Moderator is neither a Zionist, nor capable of brownnosing the said people. And without those “qualifications” there’s no point of pursuing conventional politics.

  81. unjust said

    [A chapter in crapology? Compare the remaining population of Maori to Africa and Asia, or is arithmetic still a challenge? Moderator]

  82. unjust said

    [Standard govt/pakeha disinformation. Deleted after reading the 1st sentence. Moderator]

  83. unjust said

    [See editorial policy. Moderator]

    • te2ataria said

      @ Blackball
      You had mixed about 60 different subjects together. Not a good argument. I you’d like to resubmit discussing one subject at a time, and presenting your argument as logically as you possibly can, I’d allow it.

      The issues you may want to consider are:
      environment, environment, environment, genes, training [e.g, military training,] upbringing, racism, etc

  84. FREEMASON said

    white people this white people that.

  85. TED said

  86. Whitey prick full of hot air said

  87. Whitey prick full of hot air said

  88. Dwain said

    [Unintelligent comment removed by Moderator.]

  89. shaun bayley said

    [Unrelated to the subject. Edited by Moderator.]

  90. shaun bayley said

    … all the things you dislike about pakeha can also be found in your own race.

  91. DFP said

  92. Ben said

    so are you saying they wouldn’t have given the capability?

  93. te2ataria said

    that’s right! Except in self-defense, of course.

  94. James said

    Get **** **** we run this place.

  95. awesome said

  96. Peter said

  97. CMC said

    yeah James is right we run run this country so get over it. you wouldn’t be where you are right now without pakeha

  98. stephens said

    Europeans are the worst thing that could have happened to this country…

  99. Paul G said

    I agree! Pakeha should leave this country.

  100. european said

    te2atara some of us were robbed of our innocence by male family members when we were young. Our brain waves shall never be normal again. please understand.

  101. Fundraiser said

  102. James said

  103. Anonymous said

  104. Anonymous said

  105. Hairy Cunt said

    [Was about to say grow up “Your name” then I noticed it. Moderator D.H.]

  106. Hairy Cunt said

    ha, i bet i know what, you’ll edit that last post to as well.

  107. Tom R said

    I think I’m beginning to understand what this blog is all about.
    Thanks, you’ve opened my eyes.

  108. Josh said


  109. Josh said


  110. rusty said

    Let’s imagine a country without Pakeha, hmm New Guinea

    • te2ataria said

      What are you on about? Are you on P again, Rusty?
      New Zealand IS the only country in the world that’s plagued with pakeha!

      Don’t confuse yourself with EUROPEANS. You became a pakeha when you boarded the boat in [wherever you came from] headed towards Aotearoa.

  111. King Of Awesomeness said

    I’d like to correct your post above and point out that New Zealand is the only country Plauged by pakeha faggots called kiwis.

  112. King Of Awesomeness said


  113. King Of Awesomeness said


  114. Tainui said

    Actually you are being taken over by an ethnic minority J Factor,
    Dividing to rule, also in 7 years the asians might obtain a mandate in Parliament and Pakeha will leave for Australia which is his sole option. Maori will be joined by Pacific Islanders and physically confront the Gov and USA and UK will sell the arms.
    The Maori is resilient enough to withstand the discomfort and in the process will realise what the J Factor and its Banking
    was aiming to do. ie adopt Aotearoa as a alternative to Israel and control the masses with finance. Though this is only working
    where subservient people abound like Europeans.
    Machinations of the New World Order, Tainui

    Maori will fight it out as he can well do and will ignore the financial attractions of the

  115. Broken Prince said

    [Write something sensible, and ye shall be heard. Moderator D.H.]

  116. Broken Prince said

    [When you’re mended, come back and we may talk. Moderator:KC]

  117. Mike Williams said

  118. Mike Williams said

    I am so sad to read these comments…more than 3/4’s of my class mates were Maori…we lived in each other’s homes…my mum looked after them…I can not understand why so much hate

    • te2ataria said

      As far as I know there’s no hate from Maori side. Just a call for justice, and the bill for unpaid rents. I can imagine how your mum would have felt if someone invaded her home and didn’t pay the rent.

  119. viva la moron said

    [Take your head out of your butt, get your facts right, then we may talk. Moderator ]

  120. Joe said

    [see reply to your earlier garbage. Moderator D.H.]

  121. George said

    Now, I don’t expect this comment to be shown. I expect it to be heavily moderated, or deleted. To be fair, and democratic, you would post every opinion submitted on this site. I know this will not sway your thoughts, but maybe, even for a second, you will think of the harm you are causing to your community, your country, and yourself.

    George Jenkins.

  122. Strat said

    Maori were completely screwed over by the British. Suitable redress of past wrongs has yet to be made. As a Pakeha, I feel embarrassed and ashamed of how my ancestors treated Maori. However, without the necessary amounts of money or influence, all I can say is sorry.

  123. George Jenkins.

    Go hump a donkey you jerk.

    What harm do you mean dickhead? Go home.



  125. ARYAN BLOOD said


  126. NZ CITIZEN said


  127. Bob C. said

    … once again this website has provided me with minutes of entertainment! I need to keep laughing hard.

  128. James said

    [The dispossessed Maori are the legacy of tiny brain, murderous land thieves. Moderator]

  129. hamish said

    che!!!! i agree with this site 100%. All of you pakehas who think that maori are flatheads, get your facts straight. it is your people who came here and began murdering, stealing, and fabricating the lie that YOU are the civilized ones!!! i agree that there are pakeha who are good, genuine people, and there are many of whom i know that are making efforts to learn maori culture and language. if you want to stay in aotearoa, make an effort to honour the people whom this land belongs to. Return the land, learn the language, and adopt the culture. This is maori land and it always will be. Keep up tha good work brutha!!!!!

  130. B.S. said

    [ED] the english signed a treaty which in turn the maori chiefs also signed. [ED]

    [What you’re referring to isn’t a treaty; it’s a forgery! — KB ]

  131. hamish said

    No we didn’t also sign said ‘treaty’. we signed Te Tiriti o waitangi, while the english signed the treaty of waitangi. We agreed to a seperate government for the pakeha settlers while we ourselves remained independent and sovereign over aotearoa. this hasn’t happened. the settler government has taken complete control. and we the tangata whenua have been left as a supposed ‘minority’. Get REAL. We are not a minority and the time is coming when te tiriti will be recognised and it will be the pakeha clinging to their small plots of stolen land, as opposed to us fighting for our whenua.

    • te2ataria said

      @ hamish
      – Maori were NOT legally presented.
      – The second party concealed all material information concerning its intent and colonizing practices throughout the world.

  132. joe smith said

    [Too many spelling errors. Comment deleted unread. Moderator.]

  133. joe smith said

    [Eat another serving of Manuka. Moderator.]

  134. James said

    [Eat Manuka, you moron! Moderator]

  135. joe smith said

    [You’re the size of an insect.Grow up, and perhaps we’ll have a discussion. Moderator]

  136. Fucked-up James said

    [Your name is offensive, your comment stupid. Come back with some fresh ideas. Moderator]

  137. James said

    above comment was submitted by “James” which isnt offensive.

  138. Light Guard said

    Although there are many ignorant Europeans, there are many ignorant Maori. Corruption runs through every group of people, especially with politicians.

    In essence NOBODY owns any part of the Earth. The Maori also did not own any part of what is called New Zealand. BUT, according to the colonists rules, the Maori were here first.

    Do we live along the rules of corrupt bureaucrats, or do we choose to live along the rules of humanity, the rules of love, respect, freedom and trust?

    Do we live along the rules of the old Romans “Divide et impera” (divide and conquer), or do we look beyond that, and make heaven on Earth for everyone?

    • te2ataria said

      @ Light Guard
      V. moving, indeed. But without the land to live on, Maori life is hell on Earth.
      There are more than a quarter of a million dispossessed children in Fort New Zealand, and a disproportionate number of them are Maori.

  139. nigel said

    I’m a pakeha and an utter idiot

  140. Me said

    This is madness, you say “your people” and “my people” like its that black and white (mind the pun). Are you some kind of Maori royalty or do you just assume all Maori agree with you?

    You say Pakeha is the name given to Europeans who have settled in NZ… so with that being said (by you) the people who killed off your Kinfolk and stole their land were actually not Pakeha they were Europeans as thats where they were born and lived the majority of their lives (or do they transform into “pakeha” as soon as they step foot in the country, does that mean if I move to England I am no more a “pakeha”).

    Anyway all these so called murdering, theives are dead and buried and so are all the full blooded Maoris, isnt it time you got over it.

    Why on earth would someone give back (for nothing) some land they inherited because you are packing a sad? If your grandfather gave you something you loved that had been in your family for generations and low and behold you found out that your late and great whoever had actually stolen it… would you part with it?

    • te2ataria said

      @ Me
      pakeha aggressor with his tongue in his colonial cheek to would say:


      But pakeha would only be fooling himself because nothing could be further from the truth.
      Justice must be done. Every inch of land, and every ounce of resources stolen from the land must be returned– and with interest!

      There’s one thing pakeh shall never be forgiven for, however, and that’s turing this land into the biggest cesspit south of the equator.

      You said: “Anyway all these so called murdering, thieves are dead and buried …” But their progeny continue to oppress Maori.

      You also said: “the people who killed off your Kinfolk and stole their land were actually not Pakeha they were Europeans.”

      They were pakeha – the worst of Europeans! There were at least 100 million other Europeans who did NOT come to New Zealand to commit genocide against Maori.

      You asked: “or do they transform into ‘pakeha’ as soon as they step foot in the country, does that mean if I move to England I am no more a ‘pakeha’.”

      To answer that you have to trace your family history. If your ancestors committed atrocities against Maori, and if you, yourself, hold on to stolen goods, or profit from property that was taken away from Maori, then regardless of where you live you would be a pakeha.

  141. Light Guard said

    OK, let’s see if we can move from there.

    From what I see now Maori do have “enough” land to live on […]


  142. monkeypride said

    [If you have something interesting to say, I’ll read it. Moderator]

  143. Light Guard said


  144. David said

    [see reply to your other comment. Moderator]

  145. David said

    [Stick to the point. Moderator]

  146. THICK said


  147. peter richards said

    [IF you don’t like this “craphole in the middle of the pacific” get your sorry ass out and F**K OFF to the toilet you come from. Moderator]

  148. peter richards said

    unfortunately racism is rampant and blatent [blatant?] in new zealand society [waffling edited. Moderator]

  149. peter richards said

    [NZ govt stats are cooked. See blog entries. Moderator]

  150. peter richards said

    [Get out of my homeland; I’ll worry about my affairs. Moderator]

  151. tth0 said

    I agree with most of what you say about our history facts are facts .but careful you dont become talebanised.. honestly – id hate to see you in power. Idiamin style democracy dont make it better for anyone.Pakeha or maori thieves are not race specific. getting lost in the anger of the argument which is justice surely .Forgive your pakeha tupuna blahblah blah sorry just know where you are coming from but also see your own stumbling block -repatriate pakeha to their place(s) of origin?? possible if you are hitler or into ethnic cleansing. Stand tall for your people but dont bow down to the level of zionism you hate .

  152. Rusty said

    [Rusty, you belong to the scrapyard, bro! Moderator]

  153. David said

    Hi, why delete comments you don’t personally agree with?

  154. David said

    Surely you believe in free speech, especially as a Maori, who has been so suppressed and hard done by the White devil pigs who raped your land, from Freedom of Speech and expression, I would have thought you’d be an Advocate of Free Speech!

    The White Devil restricts the freedom of expression and speech for the Maori, let’s not stoop to their level eh?

    Can you not just edit the ‘foul language’ rather than remove everything?

  155. David said

    [Suggestion of violence removed by Moderator.]

  156. I own an Atari 2 said

    israel is jealous of New Zealand and te2ataria is a filthy JEW working for Israel Ministry of tourism. CASE CLOSED.

  157. Mereanahe said

    [Have sent a reply to the email address you provided. Moderator]

  158. Steve said

    [See reply below. Moderator]

    • te2ataria said

      @ Steve

      Hey Bro! On a roving loony scale you score a perfect 10/10.

      your weed/alcohol/P induced rants are that of a mad child. You seem to be under some disillusion about the fact your people are destroying lands that are are not theirs.
      There are a few good pakeha, but you are not one of them I am sorry to say.

      Your comment was so stupid so I doubt you will change, or do anything other than rage at this reply and piss on your own feet, then type a bitter response by mashing the stolen keyboard with your pissed on feet.

      Does it sound familiar, you coward?

  159. joe smith said

    It’s not the Europeans fucking up this country.

  160. a said

    [Anything original to say? Moderator]

  161. micky said

    [YOU too studied comedy at Otago Uni? Moderator K.]

  162. mongrel pakeha bastard said

    [mpb, where did you do get your genetics degree from, Otago Uni? Moderator K.]

  163. Mark said


    I have come upon this thread in my efforts to explore white supremacist internet movements. I have been undertaking this research in order to challenge my own ethnocentrism in the wake of this passing 6th Feb. My beliefs broadly encompass the view that white europeans sit atop a cultural (rather than racial per se) hierarchy that extends from the inception of Athenian democracy to the present. This is evidenced by the fact, in my own New Zealand context, that there have been no great Polynesian thinkers, artists or scientists….there is no Maori Beethoven, Einstein or Francis Bacon. This is not to say there could never be, but at present this is historical fact.

    It seems to me in exploration of my own ethnocentrism that radical ideologies are the retreat of desperate people. I am not desperate and my ethnocentrism has not descended into hatred for other peoples. There is, however, a very real danger that ‘moderate’ political identities, such as my own, can and do descend into radicalised forms as evidenced by the proliferation of global white supremacy movements on the ‘net.

    I think it is important that we all explore and test our own prejudice. I would hope that every soul thats happens upon this thread uses Te2ataria’s overtly radicalised discourse as a catalyst for self development. Do not simply reject such contempoary sentiments as the confused reposte of a subjugated Polynesian identity, but rather embrace them as an existential possibility in the minds of wo/men.

    On the other hand this thread may well be the labour of National Front agents provocatuer intending to sheppard moderate whites into the lap of a radicalised white New Zealand nationalist movement…hahahaha, interesting!



    • te2ataria said

      @ MARK
      The following response is by a “white” european moderator.

      First, the only thing that the we “white europeans sit atop” is a pile of blood and excrement.

      What colour is the most powerful man in the world, and who put him up there?
      Which single ethnicity controls the global power engine?
      What about the Dark Lands’ Prime Minister?

      “there have been no great Polynesian thinkers, artists or scientists….there is no Maori Beethoven, Einstein or Francis Bacon. This is not to say there could never be, but at present this is historical fact.”

      For three reasons:
      1. Their numbers have been kept low, usually by means of genocide, throughout the history so as to prevent them posing a threat to us “white” europeans.
      2. The ones allowed to live, have been proactively prevented from flourishing.
      3. Their value sets are completely different from ours. Unlike us materialistic europeans, they are spiritual people.

      “There is, however, a very real danger that ‘moderate’ political identities, such as my own, can and do descend into radicalised forms as evidenced by the proliferation of global white supremacy movements on the ‘net.”

      Who is/are the paymaster(s) for the current “white supremacist” movement(s)?
      [Hint: the answer can be found in the blog content.]

      If the white europeans are so advanced and supreme, then why are we so afraid of a bunch of “inferior” Polynesians?

      I allowed the childish bravado this time, but will NOT tolerate infantile remarks in the future.

      D. H.

      [BTW, what ingenious formula have your great non-Polynesian thinkers devised to stop us ‘white’ Europeans from destroying the world? Moderator K, also a white European.]

  164. Mark said

    [Mark, you’ll find the website of your university a more suitable place for posting the mish mash of pseudo-facts and disinformation you sent in. Moderator]

  165. Mark said

    [See earlier reply. Kia pai tou ra! Moderator]

  166. Mark said

  167. Mark said

    [Bro, try the government websites. Moderator]

  168. mark said

    [See earlier replies. Moderator]

  169. mark said

    [bro, let it rest. Moderator]

  170. mark said


  171. MM said

    [Too much stereotyping, too many hypotheticals, little truth. Moderator]

  172. Gettingonwithit. said

    So what is the “place” of those of us born with “fair skin” who abhore the wrong doings of our ancestors AND the apathy of our compatriots in the present,
    Personally my own answer is:1. to get involved in educating the “we’re not responsible we’re just getting on with whingers” amongst our kind ( especially the “equal rights for all” bullshiters)
    2. Get over ourselves and dont waste time indulging in “guilt”, “pakeha cringe” or sucking up to get reassured by Maori that we’re “good pakehas”ie dont bother taking the above personally apart from useful wake up nudge.
    3.Stay open, keep informed and dont buy into the mainstream media spin. Support everything and anything that works for re dressing the historic and ongoing abuse of power whereever it raises its ugly head
    4. More and more of all the above.

  173. Nathan said

    Pakeha are descendants of the nation Israel through Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob & the Commonwealth is the most powerful empire ever.

    Didn’t the Maori of this land kill the Maori-ori predecessors & steal their land?

    • te2ataria said

      Nathan said
      “Pakeha are descendants of the nation Israel through Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob…”

      Being a white European with strong Nordic connections myself, I sincerely hope the relationships you described are anecdotal at best.

      “Didn’t the Maori of this land kill the Maori-ori predecessors; steal their land?”

      NO they didn’t. That piece of disinformation is part of pakeha psyop, and you should know better.

      [Euro Moderator FT.]

  174. Bill said


    No race rules the world the most intelligent and hard working are in control and that happens to be white people.


    • te2ataria said

      If you take your head out of its unintended resting place, you’ll see that pathetic excuse has been used before, and not just in this country.

      “No race rules the world the most intelligent and hard working are in control and that happens to be white people.”

      That’s stretching the definitions of “hard working” and “white people.”

      Ever heard of the Wall Street?

      [Euro Moderator FT.]

  175. Bill said

    The Maori were a war society and would be extinct now without European intervention …

    • te2ataria said

      Bill said:
      “The Maori were a war society and would be extinct now without European intervention …”

      Have heard that genocide excuse many times before. It was the “European intervention” that cost Maori 80 percent of their population.

  176. Bill said

    Yes it is like 3 am and yes i have been drinking a little, but i still feel that my points are very valid.

  177. Bill said

    [sick, psychotic comments are disallowed. Moderator K.]

  178. Bill said

    [Another wise guy attempting at subliminal brainwashing? Moderator]

  179. Did you see the Karl du Fresne column in the Dom-Post on February 28 – the one in which he defends Paul Holmes’ anti-Maori tirade in the NZ Herald? I have reproduced it at http://tinyurl.com/7elh5hh under the headline “More about ‘irrational Maori ghastliness’ “, and added some comments. Would be interested in your thoughts.

  180. Bill’s statement “…yes i have been drinking a little, but i still feel that my points are very valid” is priceless! “The Maori were a war society…” he writes. Doesn’t he know that the axis of evil, which actually runs from Washington to London to Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, has ensured we will never have peace again? See “Hypnotized into an endless dirty war: America has decided it has the right to kill whoever it wants, whenever it wants”, at http://www.salon.com/2012/02/20/hypnotized_into_an_endless_dirty_war/

  181. sean b said

    all this crap poor maoiri /palestinians/pakeha/jews…the fact is every generation has had its guiding lights jfk/castro/collins/heke but the fact remains once these dudes get into power they demand their best n brightest go to war and die at the hands of another or they kill their own by other means power corrupts every culture andnow we dont have any culture anywhere just a monitor flashing shite to convince ourselves were educated/someone when all we need to know is eat sleep and the sun moon and stars look after yerself .and those ya love and the rest can sink or swim ..humanity give me a break you guys should know better fact is if ye won the lotto 2moro no more blog off to thailand yed go hustling sweet ass….fact,,…long live the non revolution at the tip of my mouse……such is life….slan agus slainte

  182. reader said

    I think Sean’s been enjoyin a bit of the craic this evenin, boss.

  183. Mereanahe said

    Awesome read, for all of you who have a problem with digesting, the good, the bad & ugly.

    “Do you think it was fair?YesThey agreed with the treaty of Waitangi They were the ones who wanted the resources and technology They got a lot of benefits out of it.”

    [NO DOUBT Maori had Oxbridge educated politicians and lawyers who knew exactly what the terms, conditions, real purpose and undercurrents of “The treaty of Waitangi” were. They could easily read between the lines dealing with their European counterparts. To make it absolutely certain there was no misunderstanding, the treaty was translated precisely into Maori legal language, so those of the Maori political buffs who did not understand English … Moderator ]

  184. Bill said

  185. Bill said

  186. Urine said

    [won’t dignify your rant with a reply. Moderator]

  187. dave said

  188. dave said

    [Why bother coming back? Moderator]

  189. lunatic reader said

    I come back to tell you that i’m a fuckwit and don’t understand a word of what you’re saying.

  190. Rawiri said

    [what’s all this ‘our country’ claptrap? Which of the evil things in ‘our country’ are you actually so proud of, Mr predictable? Moderator]

  191. Rawiri said

    [Do you walk around wearing a NZ flag pin? What’s all this jingoism? Grow up bro! Moderator]

  192. Stalin the Jew said

    [Didn’t they bury you some years ago? Moderator]

  193. Stalin the Jew said

    [Didn’t they bury you some years ago? Moderator]

  194. Stalin the Jew said

    [Didn’t they bury you some years ago? Moderator]

  195. if ur so against us, start a war then... said

    if ur so against us, start a war then…

  196. ET said

    [Why does it bother you so much how the moderators appear? Moderator K.]

  197. VH said

    The Bankers fund both sides of the wars for their own profit, the elite perform weird rituals at Bohemian Grove, building seven fell without cause at 911, the fluoride in our water is the same that Hitler used to keep the concentration camp prisioners docile, Henry Kissenger National Security Advisor to Nixon said “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”… Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bilderburgers… I am of Danish decent when they brought the Danes in to NZ to clear bushland to escape the German occupation many many years ago and only recently woken up to how corrupt this system is and how the colonialists stole the land in the Maori landwars just like they did to the Aboriginals, Native American Indians, the Africans, etc and now they are doing it in Haiti under the pretence of humanitarian intentions after the quake (creating housing for the people = stealing the land they put them on = putting people resources into debt slavery=order out of chaos, problem/reaction/solution). Its shameful conquering and theft through force and deceit for the greed of a few over the masses and the Earth She suffers greatly. Regardless of heritage we are all now slaves to the system structure and a resource, kept hooked on drugs and alcohol, paying for fossil fuels (when there are other energy sources available which the elite dont get money for if we are in), paying rents, mortages and in total debt slavery work while they dumb down peoples minds with their fluoride, mercury fillings, chemtrails and Rockefeller school indoctrination system (amongst many others).

    All the best with raising awareness on these subjects, as white as I am I’ve come to understand I certainly dont share the same mentality anymore as many others but for all of us its a process of waking up to what they (the so called “elites”) are doing, we’ve all been mind fucked quite intensely. Also another great website to check out for raising New Zealand awareness is thecontrail.com

    Keep up the good fight.

  198. JOhn said

    see reply to https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/pissant-pakeha/#comment-13101

  199. Kiwi said

    [They teach you this bullshit at school, and they expect you to win Olympic gold? Moderator N]

  200. Tyson said

    I highly doubt this post will stay long as clearly the Moderators are too afraid that some actual intelligent people will state their cases in such a manner

    [ROFL. Moderator N]

  201. JBE said


  202. dawga said

    [Last we heard you’re busy with your mama in the dwaga house. Moderator DH]

  203. Glen said

    Is paedophilia legal in New Zealand?

    • te2ataria said

      Glen – paedophilia is NOT legal in NZ, but it’s probably more popular than other types of illicit sexual activity, save for Zoophilia/bestiality.

  204. seth said

    Pissant pakeha rhymes well!

  205. Nath said

    AWESOME stuff, thank you for telling the truth. wish more people had the round ones south of the border!

  206. suicidal kiwi said

    My god I wish I could get a flipping job in this dead country before I die of being nothing!

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