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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!


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You Want to Work in New Zealand?

A reply to a young Indian doctor who was considering working in New Zealand

New Zealand is financially bankrupt. Do not be surprised if its currency turns out to be worthless, soon. New Zealand is a morally bankrupt, apartheid country (little wonder most of the scum who fled South Africa after the apartheid regime was dismantled there have now settled in New Zealand -ditto the supremacist scums from other countries). New Zealand continues to dehumanize the indigenous Maori population as well as the ‘coloured’ immigrant communities systematically: Marginalize them, strip them of property, kill them.

We wondered how the ‘coloured’ immigrant communities coped in New Zealand and tried to interview Navin Govind, an Indian who immigrated there. Unfortunately, he was beaten to death in his shop by three people wielding baseball bats before he could speak to us. His 11-year-old son, Sanjay, was seriously injured. Their crime? They were ‘coloured!

We turned to Shiu Prasad who also immigrated to New Zealand from India in search of a different life, perhaps to earn a few dollars more. Unfortunately, he could not answer us either. Being a ‘coloured’ migrant, he too was stabbed to death by a gang of racially charged youths.

Surely, Bhagubhai Vaghela, grandfather of two little girls, a qualified engineer and hard-working Indian who immigrated to New Zealand in search of his dreams could answer our questions. Alas, he was killed before we could reach him. He was shot and left bleeding to death in his place of work in Auckland because he was ‘coloured.’

So were an unknown number of other non-white immigrants (and tourists) from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea …

CASF Human Rights Team asked the NZ Ministry of Justice and several other ministries for a list of Asians who have been murdered or ‘accidentally’ killed in New Zealand in the past few years.

The New Zealand authorities declined to assist us.

We hope this is helpful!

CASF Human Rights Team
January 2007

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Skin Deep

“On Wednesday three masked men broke into Chinese student’s Christchruch home and bashed him.

“And in May two Nelson skinheads were sentenced to eight and 12 months jail on charges of assault, and assault with intent to injure after a vicious attack on a group of Korean teenagers. Daniel Kitto and Harry McCormack were caught on camera as they beat up four students, in broad daylight, sitting outside a Nelson dairy. McCormack told police he didn’t like Asians so wanted to hurt them. Kitto, said he joined in to prove something to his mates.

“Police say Nelson is no worse than anywhere in the country, but Paul Hobbs discovered there’s a lot of hate ready to spill out when you scratch the surface.

Click here to watch the Skin Deep video

Is the content of this blog racist?

No! Because pakeha are NOT a Race [anymore than the ZioNazis are!]

NOTE: pakeha are invariably introduced as ‘Europeans’ in an attempt to gather support and sympathy for them, and so that they could hide their ugly faces behind the Europeans’ backsides. It’s true, of course, that pakeha are of European descent, but that doesn’t make every European a pakeha [anymore than it makes every Londoner Jack the Ripper, Bomber Harris, or Winston Bloody Churchill.

In Moderators’ experience, the average pakeha, the worst murderous land thieves, rustlers and monsters that ever walked the earth, are the lowest form of life. Furthermore, pakeha are neither a race, nor a nation.

They are an incompetent mercenary group that occupy other people’s land through the sheer force of their numbers.

This blog is not racist because it doesn’t target any specific race of people, say, Germans, Brits, Dutch or even the Irish.

The blog is against the murderous, rapists, rustlers and land thieves who happen to come from Europe.

Had pakeha come from Mars, the blog narrative would’ve been almost exactly the same.

[It’s acknowledged that a handful of ‘pious pakeha’ live among the vast majority of these thieves and assassins.]


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  1. John Thomas said

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  2. My God said

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  3. te2ataria said

    Moderator encourages intelligent comments. See
    New Zealand: A Nation of Human Traffickers, Pimps and Drug Pushers

    and: One in 10 Kiwis Wants Out

  4. labelled said

    [Unintelligent comment! Disallowed! Another perfidious pakeha with lipstick? See comments policy. Moderator.]

  5. labelled said

  6. te2ataria said

    Go home, pakeha!

  7. labelled said

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  8. labelled said

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  9. te2ataria said

    Labelled – you have branded yourself out! Time to go home, boy!

  10. Bart said

    and they just killed a saudi student last oct…!!

  11. te2ataria said

    Do you have the details?
    Links to news stories would do.

  12. Break said

    Keep up the good work…

  13. teitei said

    hey this site is awesome. more people should know about this site. im putting this site in my favourites. keep it up

  14. te2ataria said

    Kia ora
    Tena koe
    Haere mai
    Kei te pehea koe?
    Hei konei ra

  15. te2ataria said

    Why are ‘New Zealanders’ so racist?
    That’s the title of a thread currently ongoing at a yahoo “forum”

  16. Nicole said

    Gee I wonder who wrote this ? Are you really suggesting we pakeha racists?

  17. A New Zealander said

    calm down. New Zealanders are people of the world like everyone else. We are no more racist than EUROPEANS, AMERICANS, ASAISN, AFRICANS.

    • te2ataria said

      Don’t go spreading that nonsense around. None of the peoples you have named neither killed my ancestors, nor stole my land. It was just a bunch of pakeha retards with guns.

      • A New Zealander said

        lol. Taria. I am not sure what has got a bee in your bonnet. Yes we all know the history of New Zealand. And I am not disputing the fact that the Maori were ripped off and had their lively hood stolen… As a history major at the University of Auckland I know all about it I assure you.

        We are a country living under one government. How can we move forward if you keep your mind in the past?????

        • te2ataria said

          YES, one government: A Zionist-appointed pseudo-military occupation government!

          But we don’t want your govt. Take it with you and leave, please.

          Just which and whose future were you talking about?

          • A New Zealander said

            Our future. Being yours and mine, my kids and your kids and all people of all colour that call New Zealand home.

            Cohesion and acceptance between race only comes from internal cooperation and commitment to the great cause of harmony between us all. Your slandering of a specific race by no means helps the country’s development in securing better relationships between ALL races that call this country home.

            • te2ataria said


              “As our rights and our mana are slowly hacked away we become like a beached whale struggling to live on the shore.” ~ Te Ataria, 1887

              Maori lives are interlinked with the land–something you’ll never understand.

              The day you took away the land, you began your acts of genocide against us. [Never mind the outright massacres.]

              • A New Zealander said

                ”You”. I am a New Zealander. I did not commit any crimes against the Maori nor did I slander or mock them unlike yourself against people of my decent.

                Key word being ”decent”. We can not be held responsible for actions of those before us, we can only try to amend what they have done.

                [Personal insults removed. TEAA]

                • te2ataria said

                  “you” are insulting my intelligence.

                  May be you “did not commit any crimes against the Maori,” but when was the last time you returned some of the stolen land?

                  When was the last time you went on a platform and invided your peers to do the same?

                  “We can not be held responsible for actions of those before us, we can only try to amend what they have done.”

                  Neither I, nor anyone I know would ever hold you “responsible for actions of those before” you, we are talking about here and now! The only way you can “amend” what pakeha ancestors have done, is to give our collective life back. Our life is our land.

                  • A New Zealander said

                    I insult your intelligence?

                    You insult my whole race.

                    • te2ataria said

                      You’re not a race. See text above.

                    • At Last... said

                      NZ’r, I understand that you may feel insulted by having your Pakeha ‘race’ held up in lights for all the negative things that are/have been committed by members of your race.
                      You feel angry, defensive, and want to say “No! that is not true of my people. That is not true of all of us. We are not bad! All of us are not bad”. Now feel for one moment what it would be like to have ONLY negative things said about your ‘race’ (ie. Maori) EVERY DAY on every other website, blogsite, in newspapers, television, at school, at work, political speeches, and everyday popular talk – do you think you could handle it when you are getting upset on just one site? It is not just insulting what these Pakeha are writing about Maori, it is outright vile and hostile racism. If you want to talk about cohesion, and acceptance, and moving on, you should be on those other websites telling members of your own Pakeha ‘race’ to “calm down”, not the moderator on here. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them all what you so beautifully wrote above:
                      “Cohesion and acceptance between race only comes from internal cooperation and commitment to the great cause of harmony between us all. Your slandering of a specific race by no means helps the country’s development in securing better relationships between ALL races that call this country home”.

                      Best of luck with that, but they’ll probably shoot you down for it and hate you – that is when you will truly see just how racist (and blind to it) Pakeha really are.

                    • A New Zealander said

                      At Last…. All i am trying to do is provide a healthy argument to this website… It is a debate is it not?

                      As far as being upset, I am far from it. Just wanting to express my views like everyone else.

                      As i see it, Pakeha are racist, Maori are racist, Asians are racist Americans are racist (in general) and the list goes on.

                      HUMANS ARE RACIST!

                      Now that is not to say acts by racists are forgivable they definitely are not. Surely you understand that I have the right just as much as anyone else to stand up and defend my people just as much as the Maori do their own?

                      Anyway you are not important to this discussion I believe I was having a debate with Te2ataria?

                      Which leads me to this question Te2ataria, and i hope you will answer it as best you can.

                      Here it is…

                      You are constantly saying Pakeha need to leave New Zealand. You protest against so many things which are run by the New Zealand government, which is all good and well it is more than your right to do so.

                      So i ask you this. If you feel so strongly on your protest of the Pakeha race, why do you use the roads in New Zealand?, the banks? the malls?, the supermarkets? the public transport?, all events that may have any involvement by Pakeha? the schooling system setup and run by Pakeha since the days of the missionaries?

                      The list does go on indeed. For someone that is so anti – Pakeha and racist towards them (which you obviously are)it makes perfect sense for you to protest by not just writing words on your blog, but also forfeit any ties or use you have with the countries day to day systems of living.

                      Sure you can say ”leave Pakeha, get out of the country that was once souly goverend by my ancestors”

                      With views as strong as those I would expect you to be using as minimal ”Pakeha” ways of life and systems and infrastructure as possible?

                      Yet i am sure you get in your car everday which is registered and licensed under the New Zealand government and drive a place that is also run possibly or is associated with the goverenment. You would also be using the roads which were created througout history by the apparent ”Zionist” government of the Pakeha.

                      If you stop doing those things, then i would truly accept you as a person that is 100% in backing up their views on your site, until then i am afraid all i see is empty words and threats.

                    • te2ataria said

                      “As i see it, Pakeha are racist …”
                      YES, they are! But that doesn’t necessarily make all others racist.

                      “HUMANS ARE RACIST!”
                      Says who? Charles Darwin?

                      “Surely you understand that I have the right just as much as anyone else to stand up and defend my people just as much as the Maori do their own?”
                      pakeha are NOT a race, read the text. They are a mix of mercenaries, land thieves, rustlers and assassins who occupy other people’s land illegally.

                      “Anyway you are not important to this discussion I believe I was having a debate with Te2ataria?”
                      “At Last” is very important and central to the discussion.

                      “So i ask you this. If you feel so strongly on your protest of the Pakeha race, why do you use the roads in New Zealand?, the banks? the malls?, the supermarkets? the public transport?, all events that may have any involvement by Pakeha? the schooling system setup and run by Pakeha since the days of the missionaries?”
                      Again pakeha aren’t a race. pakeha stole our land, customs and traditions. Maori life and land are interdependent, and you should know it, unless of course you’re mentally challenged, or pathologically ignorant.

                      “The list does go on indeed. For someone that is so anti – Pakeha and racist towards them (which you obviously are) it makes perfect sense for you to protest by not just writing words on your blog, but also forfeit any ties or use you have with the countries day to day systems of living.”
                      See the reply I gave to the previous paragraph. Other than using the PC that I write with, you have no idea how I live. The only way Mori can “forfeit any ties” is by assuming ownership of their stolen lands/lives.

                      “With views as strong as those I would expect you to be using as minimal ‘Pakeha’ ways of life and systems and infrastructure as possible?”
                      Those of the appropriate technologies Maori use have nothing to do with pakeha, they come from all other parts of the world. I have no problem with th Europeans, Asians, Americans… who did not invade my land.

                    • A New Zealander said

                      [Edited. You haven’t made a new point, just repeating what you said earlier. Moderator]

                      Good day to you.

                    • At Last... said

                      “why do you use the roads in New Zealand?, the banks? the malls?, the supermarkets? the public transport?”

                      Because we are all forced to in order to live, by your government – and don’t forget, they are all built on stolen Maori land, and Maori land ‘bought for a steal’. The Pakeha should be truly grateful indeed.

                      “the schooling system setup and run by Pakeha since the days of the missionaries?”

                      Do you mean the hegemonic Pakeha ’schooling system’ taught to Maori that was instigated to perpetuate and maintain socio-political dominance over them so they could ‘invade the country’ easier? The ones built on ‘gifted’ or stolen Maori land?

                      “I would expect you to be using as minimal ”Pakeha” ways of life and systems and infrastructure as possible?”

                      Hmmm, yes, unfortunately we are all slaves to Pakeha ‘culture’ due to the fabulous ’schooling system’ you mention above. You’re right, apart from being forced to take part in a neo-liberal, capitalist, meritocratic society where MONEY is worshipped at the altar, and SOULS are the ones sacrificed, we are indeed surrounded by the emblems of the Pakeha system and ‘culture’ – pavlova, gumboots, buzzy-bees, and ’she’ll be right’. The whole system of course being built on stolen Maori land.

                      “Yet i am sure you get in your car everday which is registered and licensed under the New Zealand government”

                      ‘Geez Wayne’, what a cracker that law is for everyone being forced to do it.

                      “and drive a place that is also run possibly or is associated with the goverenment.”

                      Where they make a phenomenal profit from those places built on stolen Maori land.

                      “You would also be using the roads which were created througout history by the apparent ”Zionist” government of the Pakeha.”

                      Yes, we all drive on roads built on stolen Maori land. The Pakeha should be VERY grateful.

                      “until then i am afraid all i see is empty words and threats.”

                      Where has the moderator used any empty words, or made any threats? Do you feel threatened? That must be upsetting for you, but, oh, that’s right, you are not upset, in fact, far from it…

                    • hipeter924 said

                    • CHAY said

                      EUROPEAN PLEASE…your race is a insult to life..(pakeha) have murdered..raped ..stolen..marginalized…just about every race upon the earth WHO are not white

                    • te2ataria said

                      Your knowledge of history is v. limited. The world’s bloodiest wars, WWI and WWII, started between Europeans.

      • I'm a doll bludging rapist and a fuckin scum of the earth said

  18. A New Zealander said

  19. NZer said

    When I went to the bank. I put more money in the bank.
    I put the Money in the bank because im a Pakeha.

  20. Deeply Concerned said

    I have stumbled across this site after analysing the web for New Zealand racial inequalities and discrimination at a linguistic level, and i must say I am deeply concerned about the level of hatred you portray toward ‘Pakeha’ New Zealanders. I seemed to believe otherization was a thing of the past? Really, REALLY sad and depressing to see. I am Maori myself and i personally am shocked =( WE are all New Zealanders and should be greatful we live in such a diverse and yes accepting country. I am sure your arguments are very valid, but the entirety of the ‘pakeha’ race do not deserve to be slandered in such a way.

  21. NZer said


  22. NZer said


  23. NZer said


  24. NZer said

    threatning the priminister is terrorisim im reporting you

  25. NZer said


  26. NZer said

    keep up the good work im telling people this is my website , dont make me look stupid

  27. te2ataria said

    Stop humiliating me, NZ Resident from Bahrain pleads

    “A New Zealand citizen of Middle Eastern origin says he is humiliated and discriminated against by Customs officials at Auckland Airport who interrogate and search him every time he returns home from overseas …”

  28. A New Zealander said

  29. A New Zealander said

  30. At Last... said

    [My apologies for having erroneously deleted the content of this comment. If it is substantially different from the next comment you wrote, please resend. Best – TEAA]

  31. nick said

    [YOU are a liar, “Nick,” and you know it. Moderator]

  32. Josh said

    It seems that you have some interesting values.

    I wonder if the Maori people will ever end up being grateful that they didn’t get treated like the Aboriginals in Australia –> they had much more than their land taken, they never had a treaty. The fact that the people who originally ‘invaded’ New Zealand didn’t completely wipe the Maori people out with their superior technology (guns, cannons etc.) means in my opinion that the Maori got a pretty good deal.

    • te2ataria said

      We are grateful for pakeha incompetence and their inability to live without us because they most certainly had the means to exterminate the remaining 15 percent of Maori!

      • Shazz said

        No we let you live, we needed slaves

        • te2ataria said

          p head, ever tried a genealogical DNA test?

          [For our international readers: ‘p’ is short for ‘pure methamphetamine’, a smokable form of speed in new zealand, where most “p heads” can’t afford cocaine!]

    • Smurfit said

      And a number of other reasons why we didn’t completely exterminate Maori:

      1. Long-term fear of retaliation from other empires/nations/indigenous peoples.
      2. Faking an archive of benevolence: “Remember, we could have killed every single Maori, but didn’t … because we never killed any in the first place!!!
      3. Need for a minority sub class who would be eternally grateful for we let them live, and whom we could be proud owners of….

  33. A New Zealander said

  34. hipeter924 said

  35. ME said

    [Tried to make sense of your comment… . If you have a point AND express yourself clearly, will consider future comments for posting. Moderator]

  36. joe bloggs said

  37. Ella said

    Academically I understand that pakeha isn’t a race, but whenever I’m filling out forms and they won’t let me say “not stated” for ethnicity, I always tick pakeha. I consider myself to be a New Zealander. I’m not New Zealand European- I’ve never been to Europe. I’m a kiwi. Would you displace your “pious pakeha” from their home so that you can take back this land? To go where? What about the many part-Maori kiwis, or the happily married biracial couples?

    I’m certainly neither an assassin nor a thief (unless you count the lollies I nicked from a dairy when I was eleven- I was so guilty and upset that I took them back and owned up). Now I’m down with treaty settlements, but have a little love. There are hundreds of thousands of good, caring people in New Zealand who just happen to have peach-coloured skin on their faces. I didn’t choose to have “white” skin any more than you chose to have brown skin, and while I understand that you have pride in your culture and background, it just makes no sense to judge a person solely on where in the world they happen to have been born and what genes their parents passed on to them. Did you choose your parents? Grandparents? Great great great grandparents? Because if so, you’re the only one! I believe that the majority of human beings are good people. Lets not be haters. I don’t care what the correct term is- whether it’s “racism” “culturism” “backgroundism” “heritageism” “ancestorism” or whatever. I still just think it’s backward.

  38. te2ataria said

    This is about natural justice, not hate. Neither I nor any of my brothers, family and friends hate anyone, regardless of their nationality or race.

    This is about BAD people doing wrong to others; it’s not about the color of their skin.

    “I was so guilty and upset that I took them back and owned up”

    That’s an important first step. To pass the test of being a pious pakeha, the candidates should own up and return the goods.

    “There are hundreds of thousands of good, caring people in New Zealand who just happen to have peach-coloured skin on their faces.”

    I don’t know the exact numbers, but agree with you in principle.

  39. A New Zealander said

    Months later, how have you changed NZ. Just kept blogging?

    Nice one. It’s the holiday period now and all you are doing is your continual blogging.

  40. Aussie said

    [Edited. See replies I gave to your other comments linked to below. Moderator]


    [P.S. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.]

  41. MichaelW said

    [you’ve been banned from the blog for spamming.]

  42. A New Zealander said

    [Repetitive nonsense. Edited. Moderator]

  43. A New Zealander said

    Merry Christmas!

  44. A New Zealand European said

    I am no “Pakeha”
    Lets just get that clear.

  45. A New Zealand European said

  46. Citizen of the World said

  47. te2ataria said

    @Citizen of the World

    The underworld, no doubt!!
    If you have an intelligent thought and you want to share it with the blog readers …
    Otherwise take your compliments and stick them to the people responsible for your genetic misprint!

  48. john said

    [edited. See reply I gave to your other comment. Moderator]

  49. stephens said

    I sincerly apologize to all Maori.

  50. Anubis said

    You don’t consider yourself racist?

    • te2ataria said

      Of the 4 moderators and half a dozen or so contributors, only one of us ins Maori. The other 90 percent are Caucasian, ‘WHITE’ and pious pakeha.
      What’s your problem?

  51. Anubis said

    I don’t have a problem thanks. I’m very happy with life.

  52. european for life said


  53. do the white thing said


  54. KANE said

  55. Niki said

    [If you’re NOT a government agent, then what’s your point? Moderator.]

  56. NM said

    [bro, if you ain’t a fake, then you’re truly blind. Moderator.]

  57. Moron # 3 said

    [Hate to ask the obvious. Is it a family thing? Moderator]

  58. tawhaowhao said

    Genetic studies show that […]

    [Whose did those studies? Moderator]

  59. tawhaowhao said


  60. LUCY said

    [See reply to your other comment. Moderator]

  61. LUCY said

    [Isn’t it amazing how every little pakeha tart becomes a history professor to justify the genocide of Maori? Moderator ]

  62. bloody angry said

    [Overcome your anger and learn some manners, if you want to be heard on this blog. Moderator K.]

  63. bloody angry said

    [See reply to your other comment. Moderator]

  64. LUCY said


    [See reply to your other rant. Moderator]

  65. Part Maori said

    My grandfather was part maori …

    [At least he was part man; what happened to you is unforgivable. Moderator]

  66. Maori Part said

    May the ghosts of my ancestors descend upon you Ake ake kia kaha

    Happy New Year to you

    [Same to you and all. Moderator]

  67. Jamaican_chch said

    Maybe you can all help me. I am black british married to a white New Zealander and living in Christchurch. Since arriving in Nz in 2006 I have become more and more concerned at the levels of inherent racisim that exist here. White New Zealanders have felt perfectly comfortable telling me how much they love “black people, especially Jamaicans” but that it is the “Brown people” they have a problem with.
    I’m sorry does no one understand that is so offensive to any one of colour that it turns my stomach. Then there is the institutionalised and sentimentalised racism that exists in the form of things like golliwogs. People this is the 21st century and it is time for this to stop.
    No one is saying that all white New Zealanders are racist but as a person of colour I am saying that by turning a blind eye and refusing to speak up and challenge these behaviours white New Zealand is allowing this unacceptable behaviour to flourish.
    No one should be made to feel like a second class citizen and no group in this country has the right to uphold offensive and racist stereotypes, views and language for any reason especially simply because you are the majority.

  68. James said

    [Consider yourself “lucky,” the worst may be awaiting around the corner. Look at the statistics. Moderator D.H.]

  69. Mikey said

    [See reply to your earlier rant. Moderator]

  70. dave said

    [What would you define as serious? Moderator]

  71. insane said

    […] No doubt my comments will be removed just because they do not align with that of the moderater.

    [Your comment was partially removed by this moderator because you have kept your head stuck in there for too long without coming out even for a single breath of fresh air … Moderator ]

  72. Mana 2000000 said

    Where do pakeha get off trying to call Maori racist?

    Why do you think they try it on in mainstream media even?

    [It’s not the only issue they try confusing rest of the world. Moderator]

  73. BLT said

    [BLT, take your head out of your buns and get real. Do you really think ANYONE believes that sort of crap? White Moderator K.]

  74. taranindian said

    hey i am an Indian, and i would like to know why there’s so much hate against us in New Zealand and Australia?

    can u reply to that?

  75. mza said

    fuck all the racist evil animals who are murdering the non-whites…

  76. mza said

    when a human or animal is just so blinded with insanity and insecurity, they tend to hurt others. I love my country and will never ever go to a such menacing fucking place on earth …

  77. UJ said

    [your rant isn’t even remotely… Moderator]

  78. Sonia Singh said

    All humans are racist against one another it does not matter what race you belong to but everyone have opinions against others. i say why do people have to be so judgemental why cant they just get along with each other everyone are humans so whats wrong

    • te2ataria said

      You do realize that dislike for people who don’t look like you and discriminating against [denying equal rights to] other races, projected from a position of power, are two entirely different things.

  79. Bob said

    The only racism happening in New Zealand is the racist attitude of Maori to whites and asians. The fact that Maori have more advantages than non-maori but are to lazy to do anything, they have billions given to them from the government and billions in land trust yet they go on about being hard done by. Non-maori do not get to sit around doing nothing while being handed thousands each from Maori trust for doing nothing.

    • te2ataria said

      Which end of your anatomy are you blurting from?

      Are you with the government disinformation machine or work freelance?

      FACT: About 80 percent of Maori kids are from the poorest three deciles.

      White Moderator J.

  80. A Christchurch Dude said

    [Good for you, dude. Moderator J]

  81. Clinton said

    Hi i’ve lived in NZ for nearly seven years. South African Expat. I am an electrician by trade. If you are male do not even consider coming here. They have special feminist laws that means even an accusation from a women will see you locked up. The government sponsors a non-government feminist organisation called women’s refuge with millions of dollars; whos sole purpose is to persecute men in NEW ZEALAND. This they do by pressurising Judges, Lawyers And politicians to remove men’s basic human rights. I have worked across the world and here it is the worse sort of sexiest laws. A women can hit a man and he is not allowed to defend himself. They will walk you right off the pavement.
    I speak fluent English having been taught in English School. Here I had to prove that I could speak Engish which means I had to complete NCEA courses.
    I had to redo my trade. This cost more than $35000.
    This does not include the money I spent coming to this country.
    Constant visa fees and stamp duty fees.
    I tried to upskill by going to university. I was told I had to do an entrance course that cost me $6000. As expected I passed with straight A’s. This means that it was a complete waste of time and money.
    For a long time I was working in a grocery store doing the night shift being paid minimum wage.
    Several times when there was no food at the foodbank I would go without.
    I slept in my car not being able to afford accommodation.
    I was harassed by neoliberal police who arrested me for vagrancy.
    Later the charges were dropped but that was only after I made a deal with the chief that I would not lay charges for them ruffing me up.
    I have APPROXIMATELY $20000 WORTH OF DEBT. I cant go back to South Africa because the exchange rate is $1 to ZAR6 that means it would take me six times as long to pay off this neoliberal debt trap.

    In South Africa I had a three bedroom brick house with garage and sleep out and a house that was nearly completely paid off.
    Here every hard earned sent has gone into the racist neoliberal governments coffers.

    If you can’t get into Australia don’t come to New Zealand go somewhere else or you will become like one Engineer at pack n save, pushing trolleys at minimum wage.

    You’ve been warned.

    If you come here after reading this true account of my life you’re probably deserve what you get.



  82. Jack said


  83. Maori-hater said

  84. Clint said

    When one uses profanity and ad homenem circumstantial and personal attacks in an argument it is immediately a human rights violation. I was hoping that the moderators of this site would sanction these people so that this site could be a serious platform for intellegent transfer of veiws. I do not tollerate profanity and bullking and will share my views with people who are committed to fighting the good fight.

  85. motherfucker23 said

  86. martin said

  87. martin said

    Exactly what are “ZioNazis”?

  88. So said

    [You have a wild imagination, bro. White Moderator DH]

  89. Intelligent White man said

    [If you genuinely believe your own lies, why does this blog bother you so much? Moderator D.H.]

  90. John Carpenter said

    I truly understand the points being raised and totally support your cause, I believe that what happened to the Maori people of old (and the despicable ghetto-ing of their children that continues to this day) is endemic of an imperialist worldview that blinkers many to the reality of their governments actions. BUT one thing that I cannot stand is using one groups racism to justify racism against that group, I admit I am of European stock but I did not choose to be here, I did not choose to have my ancestors complicit in the suffering of indigenous people. Telling poor European people that they should leave when they have no means to even feed their own children is just wrong, the blame does not lie with all European people, the poor of Europe were dumped in the colonies, the poor of Europe were subjected to genocide just as much as your people but the difference is that they were betrayed by their own leaders, there IS a group to blame and it is the rich white elite who have caused ALL the suffering, to their own people, to anybody they regard as expendable.

    Anyway, I just felt that me and mine were being unfairly attacked, my Grandfather and Grandmother have worked for Maori rights since the 50’s and I feel that it is a betrayal of their efforts when one starts to attack ALL Euro-New Zealanders as “theives, murderers”
    Also, asking a poor white person to somehow give back your land when they literally dont have ANY property? wtf? only 5% of people in NZ own 90% of the land, I guarantee they dont read your blog.

  91. Tyson said

    @ John Carpenter

    How are we still ghetto-ising their children? We pay millions and millions of dollars for purely “Maori Education” at all levels, scholarships that are only available to Maori. That is racism pure and simple. Rich people get there by working hard, try it sometime

  92. Likely to be another NZ refugee said

    As someone of mixed race (arab, armenian, british, french, irish,etc) I find that if I put in my full name in some places (as some of my name is middle eastern) I suffer discrimination on basis of race. It is quite common in New Zealand to be discriminated against, just there is a media whitewash. The government stays silent on race crime and so does the media, because they are more interested in generating tourist dollars than confronting or fixing the problem.

  93. BF said

    I’ve lived 18 years in NZ and unemployment is so bad that I have even considered going back to Hong Kong where I was brought up. I left Hong Kong with my parents when it was a British Colony and having lived 18 years in NZ, I cannot even get a job now. My dad who worked for KiwiRail is being laid off and my parents keep asking what next since I cannot find a job. I told my parents I’ll be unemployed if I stayed in NZ, so whats the point of a HK’er staying here, if he can’t get a job?

  94. BF said

    As a HK Expat, many HK people or Asians who come to NZ,leave NZ with a very negative opinion, I know a lot of Asians are unemployed, I am sure the moderator of this page can back this up.

  95. te2ataria said

    Asians are strongly disliked and broadly discriminated against in New Zealand at the best of times, let alone in our current, rapidly deteriorating economic climate.

  96. LowCarbFemale said

    Racism is alive and well in Aotearoa and the Pakeha are conspiritors willingly and willingly as most are. Most Pakeha live in afluent areas and most Maori/Brown live in poorer areas, racism in the form of culture and institutions is alive and well.

  97. Erich_Raeder said

    I met with some of the Hong Kong expats who live in New Zealand,I mean many youths want to go to Victoria University and learn mandarin and go back to Asia or Mainland China and one of them told me that when they rang up Victoria University they were told that it was for NZ people only,right I have a problem with that and I know in truth many Hong Kong Expats who came here when they were young want to learn manadrin and go back to Asia but they are being denied the opportunity to learn back their language

  98. Roger said

    [do you have a point? White Moderator K.]

  99. BF said

    Question,is this how NZ treats Americans,if so its very appalling:


  100. Alex said

    I rather see that list of Asians killed in New Zealand be released so it can silence the SIS, the paid trolls and the so-called government statists and skeptics

  101. Captain boat hook said

    “If people cannot let go of their hatred of their enemies, they risk sowing the seeds of hatred among themselves.” President Clinton.

  102. Stolen body/Stolen land said

    I discovered your blog today and find the comments interesting. The circumstances are similar on Turtle Island (what the indigenous people called “North America ” before the Europeans came. I see this word “racism ” battered about. My take on it is that it is impossible to truly be racist unless one’s group has effectively and systematically disenfranchised other so-called minority groups by imposing their cultural values through their established institutions. The trick is to take away the livelihood of those you want to control and substitute it with your own institutional values and statutes. It’s kind of like cutting someone’s arms off and then building metal arms for them that are functional. Then accusing them of being disingenuous and ungrateful for using these metal arms to put food into their mouths. Racism is seldom as obvious and blatant as it used to be. It is now more subtle and in some ways more insidious. It is like the wind that when strong enough can cause destruction even though the wind itself cannot be seen.

  103. Stolen body/Stolen land said

    I’d like to share a video that should be apropo for this blog site:

  104. Anthony said

    I fully concur with the sentiments expressed on this Blog. Why? I have relatives who emigrated to NZ in 1979. By degrees they became more and more arrogant, obnoxious and racist as time wore on. I’VE NO WISH TO GENERALISE ABOUT AN ENTIRE NATION OF PEOPLE AND I’ve never visited said country, but some of the attitudes expressed and reported here were typical of theirs! Eventually I ceased contact with them completely because of the above and for other reasons. What frightened me the most was was how they seemed to be completely brainwashed by their whole situation and how they continually suggested that others should do the same as they as though NZ was the promised land and everywhere else was of no consequence whatever!

  105. BF said

    Found this video on youtube, is it any wonder why Asia still hates the Europeans, yes they destroyed China by using the Opium War:

  106. I'm a smelly unwanted cunt said

  107. Ramus said

    Mate, the amount of censorship on this website is a joke.

  108. BF said

    I am going to say to anyone who comes to New Zealand, be it Asian or not, that coming here to even look for a job is HELL, that’s right HELL. I know of many people who have come to New Zealand with majors in Information Technology, Engineering, etc who are not doing the jobs they dreamed of but instead are reduced to working in farms, cleaning, retail, etc and the wages are terrible. Many migrants regret ever coming to New Zealand.

  109. Mediasearch said


    Black Lives Matter: Indian-American man says NZ more racist than the US
    6 Jun, 2020
    An Indian-American said he was the subject of more racism in a week in New Zealand than the entirety of his life in the US and more than 30 other countries he’s visited.
    The man wrote about his experience during his visit to New Zealand in a post on Reddit, which has received more than 2000 comments in just a few hours.
    [The post has since been deleted, allegedly by the author(!)
    Whanganui cafe wouldn’t let my Māori mum use toilet
    6 Jun, 2020

  110. TruthDig said

    [Racism? What racism? We’re just a heap of third-class white supremacist trash! –MB]

    University of Waikato launches taskforce to address racism
    26 Sep 2020
    Academics who made allegations of racism at the University of Waikato are welcoming the outcome of an independent review.

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