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kiwis Abuse Animals Around Globe

Posted by te2ataria on December 30, 2009

New Zealand couple Jasen and Vanessa Shaw face animal cruelty charges in the U.S.

A Texas based business owned by Shaws, US Global Exotics, was raided before Christmas and more than 26,000 animals were seized by the officials.

Animal welfare officials remove dozens of starving lizards from US Global Exotics’ premises. Photo: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

Many of the animals neglected by the US Global Exotics were dead or dying, AP said.

The owners allegedly starved hundreds of snakes to death, because the price of food hurt their bottom line.

The Arlington Municipal Court would rule on the future of the surviving animals this week, the report said.

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Duck found with an arrow through its neck

Posted by te2ataria on December 20, 2008

Depraved pakeha: Celebrating two and a half centuries of human and animal abuse in New Zealand

Cruel New Zealand’s “champion archer” scores third duck in less than a week

The third duck to be found with an arrow wound in the past week was taken to a hospital, possibly by a tourist. The other two weren’t so lucky and died of their injuries.

New Zealand Duck [duck with an arrow through its neck.] Photo: DAVID HALLETT. Image may be subject to copyright.

Here’s another act of insanity by New Zealanders

Cruelty to animals on list of shame
The Press | Saturday, 01 November 2008

A severely emaciated dog found wandering in Nelson in June is one of 50 examples of human cruelty listed on the Royal New Zealand SPCA’s annual List of Shame.

The dog, aged between six and nine months, should have weighed about 20kg but weighed 9.9kg. Investigations showed that it had escaped from a wooden run, where the starving animal had eaten polystyrene beans from a bean bag.

SPCA national chief executive Robyn Kippenberger said the list revealed shocking depths of sadism, brutality and callousness towards other creatures.

“A particularly chilling feature of the list is the number of incidents of cruelty involving children and young people, such as the two Hastings youths who kicked and tossed a young lamb.”

Among the victims listed were a Northland calf beaten to death after it kicked a farm worker, a dog from Huntly killed with an axe, a Napier dog bashed with a bicycle seat, a Te Kuiti goat burned alive, several cats shot with slug guns, and a small dog from Christchurch that was punched and stomped to death by its owner’s flatmate.

The SPCA was making progress in changing attitudes towards animals and securing convictions in cruelty cases, Kippenberger said. The annual appeal will start next Saturday, November 8. Copyright the author or news agency.


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