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kiwi of the month: steve williams

Posted by te2ataria on November 8, 2011

Corporate-sponsored democracy in New Zealand more oppressive than the Chinese regime: This blog is filtered by Google, censored by New Zealand government and hacked by WordPress.

“shove it right up that black arsehole”

Steve Williams: The average difference between a respectable US pro and an Oz golfer

Fred Couples: I’d have sacked Steve Williams
Greg Norman: He’s not racist.

Steve Williams, left, celebrates with Adam Scott at the Bridgestone Invitational at Akron, Ohio. Photograph: Stan Badz/US PGA Tour

Is he the average racist kiwi or did it have anything to do with having to carry Tiger’s balls and shafts for 12 years?

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kiwi of the Month: Amy Knowles

Posted by te2ataria on March 2, 2011

NEW Zealand teenager and  the Christchurch earthquake

Amy Knowles, 16, described on her Facebook page how she enjoyed stealing ice creams from store ruins and mocked survivors caught up in the earthquake, the New Zealand Herald reported. [They have since removed the article and deny they ever published it!]

Amy Knowles, 16, a typical kiwi teenager.

She was visiting Christchurch when the earthquake struck last week.

“Stole Ice creams, got drunk and mished around seeing f***** up s***, earthquakes aren’t soooo bad,” she wrote.

“Haha people give me s*** about living in rangiora. F*** you all, i have power, water and can s*** and flush it.”

Other kiwis of the month: The kiwi landlords

No refunds for tenants who want out of properties

Some people renting houses and flats in earthquake-devastated Christchurch are getting little charity from landlords who want to lock them into leases and contracts.

One property investor told the New Zealand Herald said some people wanted “to pack up their luggage and leave the property owner with the mess. They just want to walk out.”

Nigel Lundy said some tenants were using the earthquake as an excuse to avoid their responsibilities.

Mr Lundy, manages 160 tenancies through his firm Metro Advances and said he would not allow any renters to break their contracts if their homes were still habitable. His company was charging six weeks rent as a break fee for those wanting out.

Tenant, Victoria Avilova, refused to pay the fee but while Mr Lundy relented, she lost her bond. She had been in the property for only four days before the earthquake and had signed a lease until October.

Mr Lundy said early leavers left landlords paying mortgages on vacant properties that generated no income.

He said property owners had lives and families and were not trying to make someone else suffer financially. NZPA

Anti-American Feelings Run High, Despite the Earthquake Help

Another disgruntled tenant , American exchange student Rosanna Cochran, was part of a group staying for around two months in Christchurch Central Apartments.

They prepaid their tenancy and had been their for four days when the earthquake struck.

Ms Cochran was evacuated to Wellington but the property’s owner, John Wally, refused a refund.

He said she was demanding and rude and wasted time in the middle of a crisis.

Real Estate Institute’s Canterbury branch head David Rankin, said landlords should not worry about filling accommodation as there would be a high demand for undamaged properties. NZPA

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11. Two Americans Beaten, Robbed and Spat on

Posted by te2ataria on January 7, 2010

sent by a reader

Battered Americans ‘lucky’ not to be urinated on!

Two Americans tourists were attacked, beaten and spat on in New Zealand’s “Fart Town”

Two American tourists , in their early 20s, were attacked by three New Zealand teenagers  were attacked, beaten, robbed and spat on in central Rotorua, known locally as “Smelly Fart Town” because of its strong sulfur smell.

The two Americans a man and woman, were reportedly “set upon by three assailants near Rangiuru Street about 11.25pm on Saturday.” A report said.

“They were bruised and scratched in the attack and had their belongings stolen, Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Loper of Rotorua police said.”

They should consider themselves lucky in a remote sort of way that they were not urinated on !

When the ‘chief justice’ of the country is openly anti-American, should the average pakeha thug be expected to show respect for the Americans?

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American Tourist Beaten, Robbed & Urinated On

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2009

sent by a reader in sewage city [Wellington]

US tourist viciously beaten, robbed and urinated on in New Zealand

A foreign visitor, believed to be a US citizen, was viciously attacked, robbed and then urinated on by a gang of 4 males and one female in Wellington.

The 24 year old man is in a serious condition in the Wellington Hospital intensive care unit with serious facial injuries.

The assault occurred at about 20:30 last night near the Waitangi Park skate ramp in Cable St, Wellington, New Zealand, police said.

“This is a particularly vicious and callous attack. The victim was left with serious facial injuries and the group of offenders urinated on him when he was possibly unconscious.” A policeman said.

The attackers stole cash and other property from the victim, who “has no recollection of what happened,” due to the severity of his injuries, a report said.

When the chief justice of the country is openly anti-American, should the average pakeha thug be expected to show respect for the Americans?

Related News Links: http://www.police.govt.nz/news/updates/19883.html

Waitangi Skate Park, Cable St, Wellington
July 14, 2009, 3:24 pm
Police Appeal for Witnesses to Vicious Attack at Skate Park

Wellington Police are appealing for witnesses to a group who seriously assaulted a male near the Waitangi Park skate ramp in Cable Street, Wellington. The incident occurred on Monday 13 July 2009 at around 8.30pm.

Detective Sergeant Martin Todd said, “This is a particularly vicious and callous attack. The victim was left with serious facial injuries and the group of offenders urinated on him when he was possibly unconscious.”

A witness to part of the assault saw a group of up to five offenders surrounding the male as he lay on the ground. One offender was overheard one talking about urinating on the victim.

After the assault, the man was admitted to Wellington Hospital Intensive Care Unit. He is due to undergo surgery to serious facial injuries he sustained.

“The male had cash and other items of his property taken from him but due to the nature of his injuries, he has no recollection of what happened to him and where this occurred. We’d like to hear from members of the public who can help with our investigation,” says Detective Sergeant Todd.

The group is described as:

  • Wearing black hooded sweatshirts.
  • A female was probably part of this group.

Anyone who saw the attack or anything suspicious in the area at the time should contact Wellington CIB on Tel: (04) 496 3468 or in confidence on 027 248 5861.


Media inquiries:
Detective Sergeant Martin Todd
Tel: 027 688 7542

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Assault victim undergoes surgery
By MICHAEL FOX11:45, Jul 20 2009

The man who was urinated on after being severely beaten in a central Wellington pack-attack has been released from hospital following reconstructive surgery on his face.

The 24-year-old was attacked by five assailants at about 8.30pm on Monday night in what police called “a particularly vicious and callous attack”.

The attack was believed to have been carried out by the skate ramp at Waitangi Park.

Detective Sergeant Mark Todd said the man had suffered particularly nasty injuries.

“He’s been discharged from hospital remarkably, but he needs to see his doctor every day and there’ll be follow-up plastic surgery out in the Hutt.”

The man has undergone initial reconstructive surgery around his eye-socket and nose yesterday, with plastic-surgery to follow. More…

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New Zealander charged with what they do best: MURDER

Posted by te2ataria on June 6, 2009

sent by a reader in New York [edited by Moderator]

Background reading: What a typical ‘top’ pakeha [New Zealander] with university training is like and what should be expected of him/her. 

Another kiwi psycho commits tragic crime

A woman, described as “very kind and very smart,” who would probably wished she hadn’t married a New Zealander

Caroline Coffey, courtesy of her personal website (Cornell Daily Sun)
Caroline Coffey, courtesy of her personal website (Cornell Daily Sun). Caroline Marianne Coffey was born in Dublin, Ireland on June 20, 1980. Her parents Michael and Patricia moved with Caroline and her brother Paul to Pennsylvania in 1982.

Cornell graduate student Blazej Kot was charged with the second-degree murder of his wife, Caroline Coffey, 28, a Cornell researcher, New York State Police said.

The body of Ms. Coffey was found by hikers on a wooded trail in Taughannock Falls State Park. An autopsy revealed that she suffered a fatal cut to the neck, the Associated Press reported.

A park policeman on routine patrol noticed Kot’s car in a closed parking lot and found him covered in blood. Kot drove off and led police on a five-mile chase before crashing into a stand of trees. He was found with an apparent self-inflicted injury and police had to forcibly take an “edged” weapon from him.

When police tried to interview Kot, he led them on a five-minute chase before crashing his vehicle. They found him with an apparent self-inflicted injury, AP said. The police later found the couple’s house on fire, the report said.

According to a police report, Mr. Kot caught the attention of an officer just before 10 p.m. Tuesday when he drove into a closed parking lot at Taughannock Falls State Park. He led police on a five-mile, high-speed chase before stopping. Officers said he inflicted a “life-threatening” injury on himself.

“Kot’s injury was life-threatening and he was transported to Robert Packer Hospital in Northern Pennsylvania. On Thursday evening, Pennsylvania State Police arrested Kot and he was arraigned on the murder charge from his hospital bed by Pennsylvania Magistrate Jonathon Wilcox,” the Cornell Daily Sun reported  New York State Police as saying.

Blazej Kot and Caroline Coffey

Blazej Kot and Caroline Coffey, from Kot’s facebook profile.

The scumbag who cut short Caroline Coffey’s life is photographed with her after their beach wedding ceremony in Costa Rica just a month ago.

Kot was remanded in custody at Bradford (Pa.) County Sheriff’s Department “without bail pending extradition proceedings,” police said.

NO decent university should enroll New Zealanders

Coffey was a researcher in biomedical engineering, and her husband Kot of Auckland, New Zealand, is an information science graduate student, Cornell University said.

“We are shocked and profoundly saddened by the news of this tragedy. We offer our support and condolences to friends, colleagues and family members of Caroline Coffey and Blazej Kot,” Vice President for University Communications said Thursday.

Our thoughts go out to the Coffey family and their friends for their tragic loss!

NO decent parent should allow their daughters or sons marry a psycho New Zealander!

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Anti-American pakeha Farts

Posted by te2ataria on May 17, 2009

Every now and then a new facet of puke pakeha anti-Americanism bounces to the surface

One amazing account is that of an English guy [known personally to a friend of mine] who wanted to start up an ecovillage in New Zealand.

He found a 250-ha plot of land in the South Island,  a disused clay mine that nobody else seemed interested in because of its hefty price tag,  contacted the estate agent and arranged to view the property. The next day he turned up at the estate agent’s together with an American friend. However, the agent made an unusual excuse and refused to show the plot when she realised one of them was an American. [I’m told the yank was a really nice guy.]

They persuaded the agent to mark the plot on a map, drove there  and surveyed the property. The next morning, the English guy called  the agent to say he was interested in the land, but she said the owner had changed his mind and was no longer interested in selling. She strongly hinted, however, that the owner was unwilling to sell to Americans. The English guy explained that only he and his spouse were the sole buyers and that his American friend would not be involved in the transaction, but that didn’t seem to convince the agent.

I wrote this intro because of an earlier comment posted  by kiwiyankee about pakeha anti-Americanism. Here’s what he wrote:

said  May 17, 2009 at 6:19 am

“Kiwis live in a fantasy world about their bigotry and racism”

This is the first time I have thought to get online and comment on the anti-american racist attitudes in New Zealand. My mother was a Kiwi and my dad was a Marine officer who fought in the Pacific during WWII.

I arrived here in 1964 and received a positive reception as an American. In 2003 I came back with my family and left for a bit but then returned. After another year and a half I cannot accept the general NZ attitude towards Americans (I won’t change my accent for you and I won’t turn my sentences into questions at the end – yes, I speak like an assertive American).

So I finally figured it out. Kiwis live in a fantasy world about their bigotry and racism, and other things. They are like the 40 Million other inhabitants – ergo – sheep (funny – the parody of Kiwis in “Black Sheep” is tragically close to the general New Zealand psyche at work – perhaps ‘work’ is a poor choice, as incompetence, cronyism and mediocrity find mutual comfort in their sheepish subjects).

40 years of the worst possible American TV programming has produced in these sheep a populace that equates ‘American’ with the most negative available American stereotypes. (try responding to a friendly “hello” with your American accent and watch the face drop and the attitude get quite nasty and manipulative – vicious – it happens too often to be coincidence).

The very sad aspect of their hatred of Americans is the fact that while they attempt to copy and adopt things related to America, they hate it (a German friend of mine found it rather strange that a weekend raft trip with her American roommate found him the butt of a relatively constant stream of American jibes from the several Kiwis present).

Unfortunately racism mostly anecdotal, but I am doing my best to present the objective observations. Now, couple it with the final part of the Kiwi dysfunction – they have what I call “small country syndrome.” It is kind of like the short guy with the small endowment who overcompensates with people who are taller and bigger than himself. This is quite a change.

In 1964 I remember watching my first All Black game – I don’t remember the visiting team but I do remember the crowd going just as positively wild with the opposition as with the All Blacks; I remember when the term ‘fair go’ was commonly used (not just as a pathetic TV consumer show) to reflect the Kiwi sense of fair play and egalitarianism; I remember my pride towards New Zealand in its attitudes – my mother professed their existence and she was a proponent – my old uncle Joe Gibbs who lived with us and shared my room for a year – he was called ‘the last great bushman’ of New Zealand – the guy who spent half his year in the bush and the other half on the wharves (he was 89 and we went up to the Tararuas for his birthday that year) – yes, he had been part of the unions and workers rights in the 30s and beyond.

That is all pretty much gone except for the fresh occasional breaths of dyed in the wool Kiwi dinosaurs I see in my travels through New Zealand society these days. I have had enough of it – then they had the stupidity to elect a transparent idiot (try charlatan, flim flam man, – guy worked in the United States for the Federal Reserve bank) who used the George Bush playbook to get elected and even now is using the same playbook to decimate what triflings of prosperity are left in New Zealand – to benefit his wealthy brethren.

Admittedly Helen Clark and Labour were stupid  enough to let it happen that way, but really, how could Kiwis not see it? Sheep – watch them. Watch the favourite racist TV commercial of Kiwis – the ASB bank commercial – you know – the fat, crass, stereotype of American capitalism who bullies his obsequious Jewish assistant? That New Zealanders could fall so low is a tragedy, and that they can’t see it and actually defend themselves – and viciously attack anyone who disagrees points to a highly dysfunctional society. To survive on a personal level I have to leave it.

[Paragraph breaks and emphasis were added by Moderator.]

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Another foreign student kidnapped, beaten and robbed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on August 7, 2008

submitted by a reader

The Multi-billion Dollar ‘International Student’ Recruitment Racket

Another foreigner, this time a homestay student, was kidnapped, beaten and robbed by a group of men in Auckland, New Zealand. The teenage victim is believed to be a Japanese or Korean national.

Somehow news of the violence against foreigners in New Zealand fails to reach the visitors or parents who still send their teenage children to this country to study English(!) This is despite the fact that the foreign diplomats, who are supposed to protect the interest of their respective countries, are fully aware of the ongoing violence against foreigners visiting in New Zealand.

Lots of money to be made and no one’s looking!

“International students” recruitment racket (ISRR) is big business in New Zealand and staff of the foreign embassies have a big stake in the swindle. The total expenditure by all international students studying in New Zealand, including the expenses incurred by their families who visit their kids, is about NZ$2 billion each year.

Foreign students do NOT accidentally turn up halfway across the world to enroll in New Zealand schools to learn English [imagine speaking with the ridiculously incomprehensible New Zealand accent;] they are mercilessly recruited by “education agents” who have no concern for the students’ mental and physical safety, or general welfare. ISRR is extremely profitable. About 15 percent of all school fees paid by foreign students is claimed by those agents. Who are the agents? The so-called education attachés, diplomats, or their representatives at the foreign embassies in New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly, those foreign diplomats who profit from ISRR in New Zealand, would never kill the goose that keeps on laying the golden eggs. Instead of warning their governments about the inordinate violence and advising them against sending their nationals to New Zealand, they go out of their way to promote the “foreign relations” scam by way of the multi-billion dollar international student recruitment racket!

As for Saudi Arabian “students” who “study” in New Zealand, well that’s an entirely different anti-American ball game. [Coming soon!]

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Happy 4th of July!!

Posted by te2ataria on July 5, 2008

Anti-American NZ Judge Chooses Independence Day to Give US Student Long Sentence

F**k USA” Judge Stephen Harrop jailed US Student for 2½ years for a fire he started unintentionally.

Bennett Alexander, 20, has been expelled from Victoria University, his student visa has been revoked and he faces deportation.

Alexander, who probably comes from a wealthy family, was granted bail pending appeal to the High Court. Judge F**k USA” Harrop is concerned the NZ$1.24 million in damages [way too high an estimate] could not be recovered. So it seems the Alexanders would be blackmailed to buy their son’s freedom!

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Why are New Zealanders sooooo anti-American?

Posted by feww on April 7, 2008

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