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Police murder two more men: One in custody, another during pursuit

Posted by te2ataria on June 1, 2019

Police murder man in their custody, while murdering a second victim during terminal pursuit

Nearly all incidents of family dispute in NZ end with the male being extra-judicially executed by police, either shot by the uniformed assassins, or murdered while in custody.

Another man has been murdered by murderous cops in, or on the way to Hawera Police Station, Taranaki, while in police custody.

“At about 11.30pm on Friday 31 May Police were called to a family harm incident at an address in Hawera,” the murderous police said.

Less than 30 minutes later, the 55-year-old victim was found “unresponsive”, and was pronounced dead by ambulance staff.

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Meanwhile, back in Counties Manurkau…

“Fleeing driver”murdered by police in pursuit

About 80 percent of police pursuits end in fatality, or serious injury and/or substantial property damage.

At 10:08pm Police pursued a vehicle, whose driver had been marked for extra-judicial execution by police, on Hill Road, Manurewa.

After a short period of time the vehicle was shunted by the pursing  police car(s), and the victim lost control of the vehicle, fatally crashing into a tree.

The driver and “single occupant” of the vehicle was violently killed in the crash.

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Police forced ‘speeding’ motorcyclist off the road who fatally crashed in Remuera, Auckland


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Corruption is in the DNA

WTF: ANZ bled Kiwis to the tune of $2 billion last year.That is over five times more than the predatory Air NZ, which cashed in $390 million in profit!

It’s about the top 100 most corrupt individuals, criminal organizations in NZ, again!

“Former BNZ chair calls for Sir John Key to be forced to resign from ANZ”

John Key the infamous bankster and a former prime minister became chairman of ANZ New Zealand in October 2017, shortly  after leaving Parliament. A few months later he joined the board of the bank’s Australian owners.

Former [corrupt] prime minister [and sociopath] Sir John Key should resign “or be removed” as chairman of ANZ over an incident that saw it censured by the Reserve Bank, a former top bank director argues.

Kerry McDonald, who was chairman of BNZ for 12 years until 2008, wrote to Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr saying he was “amazed” at the limited penalty imposed on the bank, arguing that Key, chief executive David Hisco and several others at ANZ should resign.  Read more…

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Wellington office workers sent home as more earthquake damage is discovered

Posted by te2ataria on December 15, 2016

Block of the ANZ building found to be unsafe after recent earthquakes

Hundreds more office workers in central Wellington were been sent home as more earthquake damage was discovered.

A block of ANZ [OZ-NZ’s most racist bank] building on Tory Street and Forresters Lane had to be evacuated,k and the workers were sent home earlier this afternoon.

So, how safe really is New Zealand?

That depends on who you ask, the Internet charlatans turned earthquake diviners, the dumb scientists, or the real experts.

There’s only one scientifically advanced organization on this planet that can forecast earthquakes with near perfect accuracy.

Unfortunately, we’ve been told they will not make their forecasts public after the silly stunts pulled by NZ authorities and the media.

See blog content for additional information.

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