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New Zealand Kills an Argentine

Posted by te2ataria on March 11, 2009

An Argentine and a New Zealander were killed when their defective Tandem hang-glider folded and their faulty reserve parachute failed to open

Gerardo Bean, a commercial pilot from Argentina, and Andrew Scotland, a New Zealander, were killed after their ‘defective’ hang glider made a steep turn, the wings folded back and collapsed.

Site of the fatal crash. Photo: Otago Daily Times, via New Zealand herald. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The fatal flight was launched from an area known as The Knoll on the Remarkables (!) and crashed into Boyd’s Paddock at Kelvin Heights, a southern suburb of Queenstown, around 10.15am yesterday.” A media report said.

The Moderator believes the authorities would have found it extremely difficult to suppress news of the double fatal crash because one of the two victims was a New Zealander. Mr Scotland had been in Queenstown attending a conference, and had stayed behind afterward with his wife and  four others, all of whom witnessed the crash, to participate in the flight.

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