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Six Asian students left bloodied, battered and terrified after gang assaults

Posted by te2ataria on March 30, 2016

Auckland Mayor Len Brown says Asian students are not targeted!

@*^%#!&^*, Mr Brown!

Four separate brutal attacks have left at least six Asian students, both male and female,  bloodied, battered and terrified in the last week alone.

“…on Thursday, a male Chinese student [victim no. 5] walking to Unitec in Mt Albert was set upon by two men who beat him so severely photos show his face and upper body smeared in blood.

“They kicked him and stomped on his head, breaking his glasses, and stole his laptop, before escaping in a car.”

Local Board deputy chairwoman Susan Zhu said the incidents have caused widespread fear among the Chinese community.

“Some students have raised the issue with me that they feel very scared to go out and lots of parents in New Zealand and outside New Zealand are worried.”

While there was an element of “wrong place, wrong time” Mrs Zhu questioned whether enough was being done to keep visitors safe.

“People have been talking about the city’s stakeholders, for example, the police, whose first priority is to keep the community safe and in these three cases they have failed to keep our young students – who are our guests and who contribute hugely to our city – safe.”

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Korean Teen Gets 18 Months

Posted by te2ataria on September 24, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

Tae Won Chung, the Korean student who stabbed his racist kiwi teacher, has been Jailed  for 18 months.

Had he been a pakeha murdering a black woman he would have probably received a lesser sentence.

The 17-year-old Korean student, Tae Wong Chung, stabbed his racist teacher after he insulted the Korean race.  Photo: JOHN SELKIRK. Image may be subject to copyright.

Why such long sentence for an act closely connected with the young Korean victim’s defense of national honor?

The answer of course is to do with New Zealand’s stagnant economy and the role of the fleecing judge in creating work within his corrupt industry. The government [toilet] spies had already submitted their report to the judge on the financial status of  Chung senior. [Dishonorable mention for the Korean Diplomatic Mission in New Zealand.]

 The evil, racist, ‘fleecing’ Judge Roderick Joyce had already raised the stakes by frightening Chung senior, saying that junior’s attack on his teacher had been “gravely reckless and could have proved lethal.”

The scumbag teacher didn’t disappoint, either. He too had got the message that Chung’s father is a wealthy man, or has good credit. He complained about, “deep knife wounds to my back which caused damage to my spine.”

He walked in and out of the courtroom “with a visible limp,” saying that  he had spent six weeks in hospital after the knife attack and his back still hurt a lot. [Well try some aspirins, or better still keep your racist mouth shut, next time, if you can’t cope with pain.]

“He told the court of the lasting image of Chung ‘standing straddled across me in the class with his bloody knife.'”Media reported. [I thought he was about to cut my head off, like we did to his fellow countryman!]

The student’s father, Ki Chang Chung, said he had difficulty finding words to apologise for what his son did.

“When I sent my son to New Zealand I was full of dreams but I stand here today because of his unacceptable, extreme behaviour. For his behaviour, justice has to be done and he deserves to be punished.”

Asking the fleecing Judge Joyce for leniency because of his son’s young age, he said: “As a parent I am really depressed and sad because his future is unsafe”.

The Fleecing Begins

Chung’s lawyers looked on in horror, when the felt the honest man could ruin their day. What no costly appeal?

They had been signaled by the judge from day 1 that Chung senior was a cash bovine and could be milked all the way to the court of appeals, possibly beyond. Yes, they too  had whiffed the smell of money all along. They said they would appeal the sentence.

This is just one of the ways in which New Zealand makes its invisible earnings.

Outside court, David Jones QC told media that a bail application would be heard at the Auckland District Court tomorrow morning.

It would be interesting to find out how much the legal theatrical has cost Chung senior thus far. Our guess? 60 – 70K including  fines and ‘out of pocket expenses.’

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NO ‘Yellow’ Babies without Prior Written Permission!

Posted by te2ataria on June 1, 2009

sent by an outraged reader in the U.S.

Married Chinese and Korean Students Ordered to Leave New Zealand Because They Got Pregnant!

Pandering to Neocolonialism: Shame on the Chinese and Korean governments for allowing their citizens fall victim to New Zealanded human right abuses, racial discrimination and insults!

At least two married female Asian students, one a Chinese Women, 29, and the other a Korean woman aged 31, who got pregnant while studying in New Zealand on temporary residency permits are being ordered to leave the country because they are NOT allowed to give birth to their babies there “even if they are prepared to pay the full medical and maternity care costs.”

The two students who face “removal orders” because they became pregnant in New Zealand called the decision to throw them out “unduly harsh and discriminatory.”

“One of the aggrieved students, a 29-year-old from China who is six months pregnant, said Kiwis criticised her country over its lack of human rights, but international students who became pregnant in NZ had fewer rights than anyone in China.”

She does not want to be named because she is appealing against her removal order and fears that her protest may jeopardize her appeal.

“My mother keeps phoning me to say it is no good to cry while I’m pregnant,” she said, “but I am crying every day because I don’t know what else I can do.”

She was amazed at the extent of Kiwi hypocrisy because they criticized her country China over its lack of human rights, when Asian students who became pregnant in NZ had fewer rights than anyone in China.  

“Sung Won Kim, 31, a horticulture student at the International College of Auckland, said she was ‘at a loss’ after being told she had to leave New Zealand by June 21, because, she says, her pregnancy means she will not be eligible for a further permit.”

“My husband is in New Zealand and runs a business in New Lynn. We have been paying for all our medical care and proven that we have more than $38,000 in our bank account.”

“We are prepared to pay the costs up front. We’re not expecting anything free or to receive any special treatment in New Zealand, so how can they do this to me and my baby?” Read more here…

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