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New Zealand Murder Rate Highest in OECD

Posted by te2ataria on March 31, 2010

New Zealand Murder and Manslaughter Rate, highest among OECD Countries, Rose by another 25 Percent

In 2009, at least 65,000 violent offenses were recorded, possibly twice, even three times, as many violent crimes went unrecorded.

“Overall crime was up 3.5 percent and there were large increases in murder and violent crime, One News said tonight.” NZPA reported.

“If I am elected Prime Minister of this country in nine days time, I will immediately be carrying out an action plan for reducing violent crime,” John Key told the nation before the last election.

  • Some 65,000 violent offenses were recorded in 2009, up by nearly 10 percent on the previous year.
  • Murders rose by a 25 percent in 2009.
  • Homicides were up 20 percent
  • Serious assaults rose by 6 percent and minor assaults increased nearly 12 percent.

[The hundreds of motorcyclists and drivers killed in police chases are not included in this report.]

“We have a violent society and it has got more violent over the years and particularly amongst some young people who are unbelievably violent, and we can see it on the attacks on police and the fact that we have had to bring in Tasers,” Police Minister Judith Collins tonight told NZPA.

New Zealand is now officially the most violent country in the developed world

“New Zealand has been given a ‘D’ rating on a report card prepared by the New Zealand Institute, because of its high rates of violent deaths and child abuse.” NZherald  reported.

“This weekend, the United Nations Human Rights Committee expressed concern at New Zealand’s high rates of child abuse, and recommended the Government encourage reporting of suspected abuse, and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

New Zealand Institute said only Mexico, Finland, Hungary and the US had higher “assault mortality” rates in the OECD countries.

Killing rate in New Zealand is twice that of Australia’s,and 4 times that of Japan and Britain’s.

New Zealand Institute said the assault mortality rates were the “tip of the iceberg of violence in a country.”

For every violent death, there are at least 1,000 violent crimes, the Institute said.

The institute’s director said the D grade was “a failure for society as a whole.”

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